They’re not going to listen

I know the feeling… Wait… Sometimes I think that cats act like this! :o}

Read the whole blog post by animal communicator Julie Snouffer. There are other animals speaking as well and they might not be as pessimistic as Sophie. These words just hit a chord  in me. I do have a very pessimistic bone in my body. Sometimes it aches and reminds me that it is still there. Maybe it will be removed surgically by the bright rays of the sun when the spring finally comes to these latitudes. At the moment snow is all we got. Snow! Want some?


Busy spirit cat

In the middle of animal communication session with Mr. Zorro, my late cat, Mr. Purri came through to send some words of comfort. What a blessing to have such great (spirit) animal friends.

I’ve been thinking about Purri lately, so I guess he is working his magic. At least Zorro has been purring much, much more than he used to do. He has done a lot of spiritual healing while living with me. His emotional scars from his early life are slowly vanishing. (He was “childhandled” as a kitten and he still does not want to be too close or touched for a long period of time.)

If you ever feel like your spirit cat or dog or horse is close to you and sending you sensations of touch or smell or even as an unexpected thought or memory, be sure that it is very real. They are only heartbeat away from us! Animals can also visit through the bodies of other (living) animals in our life.

For example, Mr. Zorro is suddenly sleeping in my bed for two weeks — and then he stops it for months, until suddenly he does it again, to my puzzlement. I have no idea what he is up to, but I can feel his energy and it is so strong my wool socks roll in my feet. Whatever magic he is up to — with or without his spirit friend — it is a powerful cat energy potion.

The backyard birds

When you do things with love that love always returns right back at you. In so many ways you are not even able to think — if you think with your brain. :o)

It makes you purr, I promise

It was the easiest thing ever that I ever did, to go back to Amazon and click 5 stars to this book by Deanna Chestnut I bought just 10 days ago. Some books take forever to read – one chapter at a time – but this was not one of those. I lost sleep while reading it, I laughed (a lot) and cried like a river, especially towards the end. I also began to feel sorry for myself at 90% of the book because I knew the book will end soon.

It is a life story of a woman who hated cats and had a change of heart with one magical encounter with a cat. Deanna took her time to learn her lessons of love – those that religion or science never managed to deliver – but she made it. And it was such a rollercoaster ride when life happened in between the lessons. Deanna is using her sense of humor in perfect portions while serving this great book for ALL animal lovers, especially for those who want to give cats a chance – or are already happily ever after in love with cats.

It was easy for me to identify with the story because I used to hate – or maybe not hate, but fear – cats when I was a kid. One cat attacked me and scratched my hand when I tried to pet him. (Yeah, nobody told me HOW to touch cats and read their body language.) It took 20 years for me to get my first cat (thanks to my lovely friend) and I was in love in no time with these beautiful creatures with crazy ideas in their smart heads.  (It was my soul cat, Mr. Purri’s first appearance in my life, as a female cat).

The icing in the cake is animal communication. Deanna is consulting several animal communicators while living la vida loca with her cat friends and she is also attending AC classes and even manages to communicate with animals herself, proving herself that she can do it. (Heck, we all can do it, if we bother to practice.)

I recommend this book with all of my heart. It was entertaining, it was informative and it was creeping into my heart from the very first chapters. I had difficulties to put it down. It is safe to say that this is one of the best books I will read this year.

Earth is having fever!

In Animal Wisdom for Mankind horse says via Dawn E. Hayman:

Is the planet dying? Hardly. — You get a fever and say, “I am sick; I have a fever,” when in reality, you should be saying, “I have fever; I am healing.” Heat is a byproduct of healing. The earth is also getting a fever and the temperature is going up. Again, you are looking at mere seconds in her lifetime, but she is monitoring her vitals. She is listening to her cells and to the many creatures who report to her what they know. –Deeteza, Arabian via animal communicator Dawn E. Hayman.

Earth is much wiser than we think. Like animals, she is also living, breathing, thinking, feeling being… We dismiss nature’s (and animals’) ability to heal themselves. Earth has healed herself numerous times, share the animals. It She will do it again.

She can easily heal herself from this ‘virus’ called humanity… We can help simply by giving her space to do it. We also need to go with the flow, not fight against it, because there will be changes — life is all about change. Change is what makes life evolve.

Mind always tries to fight against the current (all in vain), while heart goes with the flow of the river — that’s animal wisdom for you as well.

So let’s roll with it, with open hearts, and stop blaming each other for “killing the planet”. That is fake news! The planet is going nowhere! She has been here forever and her inner wisdom excels ours easily. We should give her some credit for that. Even animals know better.

Climate change has been discussed among animals. They say things are not as they seem to be in our human eyes.

Things rarely are…

On the other note, check out this goat wisdom and become an “over-seriousness-fixer” in the world, just like Luna the goat.


Take a moment to ponder this

Do yourself a favor and ponder about this quick message from a bird.

I asked this bird (I’m told it’s an osprey) why he was sitting on a cell tower:

“Nothing can really harm you if you let it all pass through you as we do. Human thought and resulting emotion block your energy and make you sick.”

~ Bird via Sandra Mendelson

Source: Animal communicator Sandra Mendelson on Facebook. Her book We Walk Beside You was one of my favorite books during last year. I pick it up often.

Also medium/seer Lisa Gawlas has mentioned how our thoughts/emotions affect our biology. Worth pondering what to think — and what to feel. Thoughts have the tendency to make us feel feelings that are not exactly healthy for us.


Brave new year, brave new you!

Justice the cat shared his message with animal communicator Faye Rogers on Christmas Eve 2014. — Faye reposted this message recently on Facebook and I think it is very good idea: animal wisdom never gets old.

 Happy New Year, 2019! 

justice the cat speaks about 2015


Life plays out in scenarios – scenarios of magnificence, scenarios of magnitude and this is a strange message to be sharing today but it is also a message of specialness of beauty.

Cast your mind back in time.

I am not asking you to seek the past but to cast your mind back graciously for a minute or a blink of a second and see the past scenarios play out like a vivid video of importance – then cast your mind forward in time – hey, this is like being a bit of a time traveler and then see the future unfold and you can actually do this with some ease, and sure you can make your own make-believes in the future but how often do the make believes come true beliefs and turn into energy scenarios of magnitude of importance.

Hey, a bit of a cryptic message but bear with me, and cryptic is good because it also allows you to put your thinking cap on, and truly think – not mental thinking but truly think and being in the heart and truly thinking – heart of emotional & heart of mental tied together as firmness and beliefs.

There have been inventors that have come to the world and their inventions have altered the face of the world, due to the gifts they have presented and yes, some inventions have had dreadful consequences but hey, you humans have also got to learn about responsibility and that all actions have some consequences but I am not going to chat about destruction today.

Instead I am going to chat about the power of the mind, the ability to transform, the ability to be inventive, the ability to be imaginative and so therefore all thoughts are held in energy somewhere.

What you think today is so powerful so life changing also it’s not always about change your thought patterns because there is always room for errors.

Some people advice ‘watch your tongue OR watch what you speak’ and they maybe do not mention ‘watch your thought patterns’ but maybe they do mention ‘watch your thought patterns because you might create’.

The tongue or what is spoken is only what another or others will hear but if you speak some powerful words of meaning or powerful words of harm then these will be taken up by another and these will play out in the other’s consciousness of where they yes could shrug off, or where the thoughts could start controlling them, and then the roll on affect as they in turn they might cast these same words to another and then the another casts the words to another and so on…

There is always rooms for errors and believe me on this, because if you became swamped with all thoughts of negative that another has presented to you then how could there be room for more – think about this!

The divinity in all of us doesn’t make it hard or difficult as the divinity in all of us allows for errors and allows for ‘he or she doesn’t know’ and this has to be erased so that there is room for more.

So just maybe there is also an ethos for errors – hey that is a great thought ‘error ethos’ held somewhere as all energy is stored somewhere.

So, maybe the errors are shifted away that will not serve you and this happens naturally as the divinity of self wants you to excel & doesn’t want you to be clouded with the negative but wants you to excel with the possibility of make-believe of all that is possible. *

Make-believe of all that is possible – now that certainly doesn’t make much sense does it but remember that inventors came to the world and are still coming to this world and who would believe that their inventions could come of possibility and become reality of what is seen as real.

Who could believe 500 years ago that there would be motorized machines that ran on fuel or solar power, that there could be ease of travel or that the world was round as some were still struggling with the concept that the world was round even 500 years ago due to what they had been educated to believe but if you stretch back further in history there was great minds who always suggested the world was a sphere of energy and not flat but their viewpoints or teachings wasn’t held up as accountable as science didn’t have ways of measuring – inventions – so therefore make-belief that all is believable and this is the energy of 2015 2019 that many will be stepping into if they truly belief.

2015  2019 isn’t about failures, 2015 2019 will be about being unstoppable, and just know that you have the power to change your outcome. If your health is poorly focus on your health with all your might – focus on the ability to self-heal and also follow the medical path that is offered to you as the medical path that is offered to you is also an invention – focus on your needs being fulfilled on all levels and focus on your own beauty and not surround yourself with what no longer serves you as the ethos of errors has cleared the old energy and not held the old energy in storage that can come out and haunt you and it will only come out and haunt you if you allow this to happen…

As you walk see every footstep as creation! What are you creating? What are you doing? Are you walking across the golden path of absolution, is every footstep that you are placing on the earthly soil is this of opening up the golden light of the universe stored within Mother Earth…

And the Golden Age is actually here.

Some have cast the Golden Age maybe a decade or even further ahead but the Golden Age is already here and therefore majority are blinded and not able to see the Golden Age is here as they are still seeking and waiting and waiting and waiting rather than celebrating the Golden Age is upon this planet for many, yes for many not for all as some are still cast in the old energy, the old way of being but for the ones that are in the energy of the Golden Age and this will give you more conviction, more imagination, more possibilities.

Imagination is energy of creation believe me on! Imagination is energy of creation all that is possible, all that is truly of splendid, all that is scenarios of importance that have come of being are due to imagination and creation but then there is also scenarios of magnitude awaiting one or have been experienced but that is relating to how big you are and noting this. “Hey, I am actually a scenario of magnitude and I am unstoppable due to my energy I am of the divinity energy, every cell internally sparkles with energy of divinity, I have been walking in this physical body but I have been healing the past due to the cells also capture the past and this is the energy of magnitude”.

Can you arrest magnitude? No you cannot as magnitude is bigger than you can imagine. So noting that you have walked a long journey of magnitude in this bodily form that also encompasses all that you have been at any time…

Turn to heart to celebrate the festivities of the magnitude of the imagination of all the possibilities that come true due to make-believe.

cat quote via faye

Faye, I will not answer your questions today relating to ‘do I copycat (mirror) my caregiver’ and yes, this question is important, but I prefer my message today to ‘capture magnificence splendor creation possibilities suggestive imagination that leads to all possibilities’……what is the old adage ‘all roads lead to Rome’ and this holds so much truth, not necessarily relating to Rome, but once Rome was sighted by some as the center of the Universe and that life couldn’t exist without Rome but in the bigger sense of this suggestive thought ‘all roads lead to the divinity exposure of self, so that all can walk the golden road to all that is’.

Thank You, Justice. And Faye: you maketh magic.

*Sweet! So well put, Justice!

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Furry Christmas message

What would be the best gift you could get from your pets this Christmas?

A message! Check out your local animal communicator or pet psychic and blow your mind. I can show you why, because Cathy Seabrook asked what the pets would say to their humans for Christmas. (<–There’s a message from a horse as well.)

I borrow this wonderful message from Cathy’s website to wish you a happy December 2018!

Keep up the good work. Shine your light like there is no tomorrow!

Now, listen to the pets…

We have been waiting for the chance to wish this wish for you!

Know that we get the nuance that is Christmas to you, but we respect it daily and momentarily, for it is our nature to know intimately the steps of God with us.

We marvel at the festivities that come, with their stimulation and aggravation – for yes, we like to pee on the tree inside, so fresh and nature real, smiling at our energy so brilliantly.

And we get lost sometimes in the commotion that our people feel now, for there is frantic movement all around us.

This is the time we hold the space quietly for you, the reverence for heart and thought – for notice how very little we get involved in the worry and fretting that somehow came with  Christmas.

Worry not dear loves.  Be as us, your worry-notters, knowing the wellness of all life, the wellness of you and your futures.

If we could give you a Christmas gift now, it will be to say this:

See how love came down to show you what animals have always shown you, benevolence and an ability to NOT see mistakes in you.

This is the Christ child, seeing the fullness of your brilliant inner being, foremost, and prominent, shining in His eyes.

This is how we, animals see you. Yes we do!

And if you make a boo-boo, we say, “Did you make boo-boo darling? Well never mind, for every moment is a new chance to be all you came to be.”

This is our message to our beloveds. And thank you for asking for our message.

– Pets via animal communicator Cathy Seabrook, D.V.M. (Remember, her books are fantastic!)

What I love about this message is that it is practically impossible for pets to see our faults… They see us the way we really are: as multi-dimensional beings of light! They watch us rush through our daily lives with their angelic eyes and they see love, light and more love. It is pretty much the only way to experience unconditional love for us humans in these modern, civilized times… and that might be the way why we love our pets so dearly.

It would be great if we humans could do the same: watch the world through the eyes of an angel, fairy, dog or cat.

It seems like mission impossible for humanity to reach this same kind of state!

It would make a big difference, because we would finally stop judging each other, or judging ourselves.

This might come as a shock to you, but God never judges us either… The only being on earth who thinks that s/he has the right to judge others, is human being. We all know it. It is not the latest news, I know. (It is not fake news either! :o)

What could we do about it? Shine our light! Live and learn! Our time will come…

If you feel like doing some soul searching, read this inspirational and educational message from a horse (via Sandra Mendelson), because he really nails it. The only truth you ever need to find in this life, is the truth inside your heart.

Like Sandra says, animals are always one step ahead. That goes for spiritual evolution as well.

They (animals) are the teachers, we are the students — students of love.

I hope you find sparkling light from places where you never expected to find it during the Holidays.

Virus talk

Years ago, while we published The Power of Silent Wisdom e-mag, I wondered why animal communicators do not communicate with bacteria… I mean, c’mon, they are living (micro) organisms and we have been communicating with animals, plants and stones and healing crystals for ages! I still haven’t seen much discussion about this in the animal communication community.

Maybe the world is not ready for it. Sometimes I wonder if it is even ready for animal communication.

The truth is that every living thing has a consciousness to talk with.

If stones talk… well… bacteria and viruses certainly talk back, too. When we show pictures of bacteria or viruses in cartoons, we often give them eyes, hands and feet… and an ugly mouth with lots of teeth in it. We monsterize them, think of them as evil and horrible and we want nothing else than to kill them. We know they are alive… and they are coming to get us.

Is that true? What if those tiny little bastards (sorry viruses) actually have a mission on earth, just like we have?

While binge reading Andrew William‘s (medical medium) books I also began to wonder why we are so damn negative about bacteria/viruses. We try to kill them in every way we can. It seems weird, because they are here and now, with us – inside us – and mother nature has been wise enough to give them life.

There is no random crazy business going on in nature. The only random crazy business is orchestrated by humanity… We have a goddamn monopoly on random crazy business!

So, ta-dah! Let me tell you that animal communication and plant communication is getting old, when we begin to talk with… viruses! Yes! There is a purpose for viruses as well and  animal communicator Penelope Smith reveals what viruses are up to in her blog. They play very big part in human (spiritual) evolution… Gulp. (Fear not.) Just click and read!

DAWN: And is there something they (viruses) would like us to know about working with them more consciously?

PENELOPE: As soon as you ask that, they (viruses) say, “Don’t be afraid of us. Love us. We are of your self. Love us, for we help you.”

Penelope Smith’s blog post: Viruses Reveal Their True Mission

The law of attraction points out that if you say NO, you turn yourself into one big energetic magnet and get exactly what you said NO to. Fear is the same thing. Fear manifests easily and fear is the opposite of love! They say you can not win with hate, you can win with love. Love is so much more powerful tool in everything in life, than hate is.

By declaring war you have already lost your fight. Love is the answer – no matter what the question/problem.


You can cure your cancer with love, but not with hate, but who has the balls to say s/he loves cancer??! Just hearing the c-word makes us feel fearful, awkward and uncomfortable. We try to kill it so bad, with so horrible medicine that you probably die because of your medication! That’s how desperate we are with the c-word.

We surely have a lot to learn from the discussion Penelope had with viruses. It is true that sometimes somebody dies while they (viruses) do their work on earth but they always concentrate on the bigger picture: this is evolution we are talking about. Evolution of the whole race is more important than one life. Besides, we know how to die. We master it very well. We have probably died hundreds of times in our previous lives. And we come back. We always come back… because we love this crazy planet. Just like viruses do…

Love (nature) works in mysterious and misunderstood ways – until we begin to communicate with the so called enemy.

Now, who’s ready to talk with cancer?

The healing hooves

Don’t you just love the sound of a galloping horse? There is a reason for it. Jack the horse explains it in animal communicator Anne Angelo’s blog post.

The sound of horse hooves striking the ground soothe the human heart.

Jack the horse via Anne Angelo

I have always thought that there is something magical in that sound. It is soothing and comforting and puts you in a soft trance. I love it! God works in mysterious ways and horses are just one part of his plan for humans. We might not even know why we love horses, but horses do… It doesn’t matter that we are sometimes clueless with all the magic around us. Just love your horse with all of your heart and let him or her heal you… Love is what matters.

I have always thought that there is something magical in that sound. It is soothing and comforting and puts you in a soft trance. I love it! God works in mysterious ways and horses are just one part of his plan for humans. We might not even know why we love horses, but horses do… It doesn’t matter that we are sometimes clueless with all the magic around us. Just love your horse with all of your heart and let him or her heal you… Love is what matters.

Are we ready?

Every animal communication book out there is important. Everyone of them makes a difference. As they say; when the student is ready the teacher appears. It is all in the heart: when your heart is ready to receive animal wisdom you are going to be guided towards it. Often the best guide is the beloved pet(s) in your house.

One cat says in his memoir that humans are ready to accept pets as their teachers in this time.

Are they really?

Sometimes it makes me wonder when you see news about people throwing cats out of their cars in the middle of busy highways… Well, people do much worse to their fellow humans. I am afraid there is a hidden lesson also in there, in those unbelievable acts of cruelty, so I try not to judge. The lessons might get tough until we learn to live as Love, the Love that we are in truth.

I just wish animals did not have the need to sacrifice themselves anymore in order to teach us these tougher kind of lessons. (Applies to humans as well.)

However, death is just as important lesson than birth. We should learn to celebrate them equally.

And as the sage cat says: there is no death

(Death is nothing but a human construct, says the skunk via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson.)

When you remember that there is no time in spirit, not like we humans perceive it here on earth, then it might be easier to understand that what goes around comes around… in a blink of an eye. Consciousness lives on, only the body takes new forms. Once a monk, then a cat. Simple as that. :o}

If I was to be born as a cat in my next life, I surely hope I choose my person wisely.

If I don’t I probably have relatively good reason to choose an idiot as my person…

Some zebra wisdom to nudge your soul

I found this nugget of wisdom from animal communicator Sandra Mendelson’s blog. — Spend a moment to enjoy the original post. What a great post. Makes you think! Well, animals always find the right words how to nudge our soul forward on our own – human – life path. Words like these are pure gold for those who are ready… to listen.

Do animals have organized religions? Hell, no. Do they know God? Hell, yes!

They know God so much better than humans. Like always — we have a lot to learn from Animal Kingdom and if we do not start to really listen to them, we have to be reborn on this crazy planet again and again and again and again…  Yup. Maybe even as a zebra. ;o} (Not a bad choice, I guess.) –L

Heaven doesn’t suck

Read the wonderful original blog post here. (Tony is actually very beautiful black cat.) I made the picture above just to emphasize the good news. :o)

“Mom, if I stay here with you and my family on my beautiful farm with peace and good health that will be great. But if I go to heaven — that’s great too. So basically Mom, I’m in a win-win situation here, either way is going to be wonderful.” He said: “Mom, HEAVEN DOESN’T SUCK!”

— Tony the cat via animal communicator Shirley Merrill (his human) just before his last visit to the vet

Another important blog post from Shirley’s blog is the post about the energies we lash our pets with. It is a good reminder that pets are stuck with us – for better or for worse. Sometimes we forget that pets/animals really see, hear, feel, sense and understand everything we do – at home or at the office.

Our stress is their stress.

Walk it off. Play it off. Laugh it off. Or cry it off.

Peaceful death

When it is time to go — it is time to go.

Not one soul leaves this planet and pops through the veil to the other side, if it is not their time.

It is exactly the same with animals. They always leave this earthly place at the right moment. Often it might seem chaotic or even horrible or painful for us humans, but they usually leave in peace. Death is always natural. It is like its opposite: birth — nothing is going to stop it when the time comes.. Things are going to… and will… pop.

This is what happened to my cat as well. One minute all was well and the next he took his last breath. In my grief and sorrow it would have been easy to blame the vet for the sudden death. Boy, how much I wanted to blame someone: her or me or God or anybody. Soon I found out that it was his time to go and the damn cat was actually in a hurry! They were already calling for him to come back Home. I did intuitively understand all this in my heart and wanted to respect his soul’s plan. But it did not help with the pain. It hurts like hell when they leave this plane, often so very quickly.


Penelope Smith has written a blog post about pet loss — the emotional humans who are left behind and the peaceful animals who return back Home.

She shares cat’s and dog’s perspective on their death (in the fire).

If you have ever suffered from horrible guilt for your pet’s death, this blog post is for you.

There are many things in life that we are not able to control: death is only one of them. We just need to go with the flow: which is exactly what animals do. They are masters in living in this moment and they do not look back or forward. They are here and now and handle things as they come.

Penelope has been communicating with animals for decades. She is one of the very first animal communicators out there. She has shown the way to hundreds of others. She has written many, stunning books about animals and their inner life.

For your ears and your heart

There are not too many animal communication related books available as audio books, but there are two books worth mentioning over Audible. The first one is The Amazing Afterlife of Animals by Karen Anderson. She is a very well known animal communicator / pet psychic and the reviews of this books are very good indeed. If you need comfort after you have lost your pet, this book is great for you. Karen surely knows what she is talking about.

So does Danielle MacKinnon. Her book Animal Lessons is also available as an audio book at the moment. This book is an eye opener for all the animal lovers out there. They are great teachers and guides — helping you to grow and evolve while you stay on earth as a spiritual being “trapped” in a physical body. Pets are not just pets. They are furry magic and they are here for you. There are many lessons in life that other people are not able to teach you — but pets can.

More AC reading material in Animal Communication Books blog! Do yourself a favor and get to know more animal wisdom. It will transform your life. I’d bet my hat on it — if I had any.

The leap of faith lead to no more fighting

The Dog Tarot

Lovely article by a woman who was not a believer of animal communication. That did not matter in the end: her dogs stopped fighting. Sometimes things click when you step away from your comfort zone and just go with the flow.

It is quite common that when you do not believe too much in intuitive interspecies communication you end up consulting two or more pet psychics/animal communicators.

(I have actually heard stories that people consult 10 pet psychics until they are willing to admit that it works.) Human head is one hard nut to crack! :o)

Sometimes we look for the answers in our head, when we actually could do better if we consulted our heart. It might save us time, energy and money. Llama says the very same thing in animal communicator Sandra Mendelson’s blog post on May 10th. We tend to look for answers from the wrong place: brain.

Listen to your heart. Using your inner guidance makes life a lot more easier. Always.


Unspoken messages

Richard D. Rowland is a cancer survivor like no other. He believes in magic: “Magic exists, coincidences don’t. Hope is always there.” — Richard D. Rowland. He also believes that animals are much more evolved beings than humans and that we can learn a lot from them. — That is pretty much what I have been trying to tell you for a decade… ;o} Anyway, this book (paperback on Barnes & Noble) has pretty good reviews on Amazon (Kindle Edition) and it is obviously well written. If you are struggling with cancer or similar life threatening disease and you are an animal lover, this might be your perfect summer (winter) reading this year. (Richard is a horse lover, as you can see from the cover of the book.) There are no coincidences, so if you feel drawn to this book, there is a reason for it.