Meditating with animals

Animals are very good at meditating. They are perfect guides and company to do it, so go for it. You might think that this is just another coffee table book, but the reviews on Amazon seem to praise it. Great gift idea for animal lovers, even if you do not have pets. — I bet you can just as well meditate with a fly, or a spider, if you have the guts for it. And why wouldn’t you? Spiders might spend hours sitting very still in one spot. They meditate the shit out of you in no time. :o)  Kindle Edition (US). (Hardcover is available as well.) More about Pamela. (If you need more reading material for the summer, check out the latest finding in Animal Communication Books blog, if you like whales & elephants.) Animal wisdom is just a breath away… Relax, breathe — and listen.

A really nice hind end

How can you not love what they say? I have read Laura’s old blog lately. It is really hard to resist this handsome James Bond with great temperament and a really nice hind end! Put that line on Tinder and it is a date night for you! :o]

A dog from Titanic

I translated this animal communication session with a dog from Titanic today. It might be unclear who the dog’s human daddy actually was, but the story was very touching. It might make you cry. (If you are like me and you have a sensitive bone in your body.) Nevertheless, thank you talented Laura for this interesting post and thank you, sweet doggy. May the angels scratch you behind your ear! 

Laura Stinchfield can be found via these days.

Wish upon a star

See the rest of the wishes Spring Farm animals made in December, 2016. The animal communicator who communicates with these lovely animals is Dawn E. Hayman. Her book is filled with animal wisdom from this very same farm.

Needless to say this Kindle book is on my wish list now, so I am making wishes just like these sweet and wise animal doctors ordered. Have a good day and enjoy the wisdom. I know I did. I have spent the whole day translating these words for my Finnish readers. :o)

Learn to see with the heart

One of my favorite animal wisdom quote from Ellyn Elizabeth’s blog. This is what the Web of Love is all about. Learn to see (and listen) with your heart. That is the key to a BS free world. No spam. No liars. No idiots… because Love is never blind. Love is the ultimate Seer… The rational mind is blind — if you let it wander in the world all by him/herself.

It takes a heart to see the whole picture. It is dangerous to trust the arrogant Ego as well. Your Ego always wants to be right, no matter what the cost, so sometimes it makes you see what you want to see, not the real truth in the core of the matter.:o}

“You don’t have any idea what you are doing to this world and we are crying out for aid, where are you? You measure ice with your tools (if you can call them that) but you do not take in the state of your hearts.”

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ ]

Yup. The rest of the messages from animals are pretty powerful stuff as well. Big words in small bites. Let them sink in. One quote at a time. Read them often. Thanks to Ellen for posting them. I have enjoyed these lovely posts a lot lately and will share the love, like I always do. I guess I like to think that even if one person a day reads one message from the Animal Kingdom and his or her perception of the world shifts – even a little bit – then my work is done here.

I am still foolish enough to believe that people can change for the better.

Yeah, I am a dreamer.

I am not alone…

“We are your most immense supporters, your greatest allies in this war against pollution. We can show you ways past it. We can show what you do not know. You have only to get past your egos and allow a teacher other than your own kind. Have only to listen. Let it be known we are ready when you are. To commune. To be united in combat against what is destroying us from within. We are waiting for your next move.”

Mountain Gorilla via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ ]

Oh, I almost forgot.

“Our minds and our hearts are one as are you all, if only you would allow yourselves to see. Stop waiting for permission: wake up.

Polar Bear via animal communicator Ellyn Elizabeth [ ]

Well put. You do not need permission from anyone in order to wake up, to see with your heart.

Talking Chicken

Wild Magic Reiki & Animal Communication

Animal Communication can be weird. It isn’t something you control, but rather something you become open to.

You acknowledge that animals will speak with you, and at times through you, just as people would: often without warning and little or no preamble. They can be just as opinionated as humans, and often just as silly.

For example, one of my dogs once asked if I was going swimming as I was sinking into the bath tub full of hot water. He was quite curious and confused at the concept of soaking in a bath. He also considers hiding away in what I’ve dubbed his man-cave (aka under my bed) when I’ve been away “delightful”. He’s a Parson Russell Terrier, to be clear.

One of the aspects I’ve had a harder time grasping in my journey with animal mediumship is the reality that not all animals who speak with me are in the room…

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Do you trust me?

Great lessons about trusting your horse/pet… bordering your human uncomfortable zone — a lot. Not easy to let go and just trust, but it is a lesson worth to give a go. You might learn something about yourself, too. I love it when horses are simply… friends and you just hang around together and explore your inner worlds and outside worlds.

Smell the flowers!

Some tortoise wisdom to cheer you up! Two tortoise quotes from the latest book from Stacey Clarke. The previous one was Living With Reptiles. Both available also on Amazon UK. I stopped and enjoyed reading these two books a lot. As a person who has no idea what is going on in the head of a tortoise – or a snake for that matter – I felt these varied thoughts from other species were just as good for my soul as a varied diet Spot mentions above. :o]