Audiobook for pet psychic wannabes

Very useful audiobook for everyone who wants re-connect with their innate (yes, you heard me) ability to communicate with animals (even if they have passed). There are several techniques and only by practising you can find out which one works for you. Beth Lee-Crowther (UK) knows what she is talking about. The book is also perfect guidance to the world of animal communication and helps you to understand “how things work”. — If you happen to have your very own meditation schedule, you are half way there. 👍 Meditation is the key to your heart and your heart is already connected with everything in the Web of Love… Because we are made of love.

Oh, but you’re a sceptic? See how things turned around with this sceptical person. 😃⤵️

Distorted mind creations

“Because we are not driven by the mind, we do not get stuck in its creations. The mind gets caught in what it creates (and in humans, it is out of fear) – not in what actually IS. Distorted mind creations cause separation from each other.” — Gorilla via Sandra Mendelson.

These are my favorite quotes from Sandra’s latest post.

Fear is the greatest motivator in human beings… Animals know it so very well. (So do advertisers, drug companies, mass media, politicians, banks, your parents, your boss, your own head. The list is endless.

Remember how lion said that fear is what kills us – not covid in 2020.

Just think how the world would change if we began to do things out of love, not out of fear… Think about how You would change. And when we change the whole world changes.

Frankly, there is no other way. That is how we can do it.

What a nuisance, LOL.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

At least today, do something that you Love to do.

Plants That Speak, Souls That Sing

Do you think that animal communication is getting old? Since it has been around forever, like from the 70’s when the mother of all animal communicators, Penelope Smith, began her magnificent career…

Well I kind of felt for a while that there is nothing new to me in this field. I know pretty much everything about AC. (Not everything but you know what I mean.) Animal wisdom does not surprise me anymore. It’s same o’, same o’ and there comes a moment when you just stop oohing and aahing.

Do you ever feel that way? That you need to learn something new about the world…. Well, get this. Get used to the idea of plant communication next! :o) — Many animal communicators over the years have communicated with plants. It is no biggy. Plants have a lot to say and they are healers and amazing wisdom dealers.

Care to try? Check out this cool book by Fay Johnstone. YouTube.

Never just a pet…

It is easy to think that pets are just… pets. Harmless, lazy and cute. They just eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat. Consider this as your reminder that many of them are hearlers as well. — Joy is always very healing and needed in life. Some pets just bring us joy – loads of it. (Good grief we do need it!) They surely are masters as heart openers… The walls around our hearts crack like nuts in a nutcracker every time we look at our pets, LOL. But Ashes the dog spills the beans in Suzanne Thibault’s book and talks about spiritual healing.

Did you know that animals protect you on a spiritual level? Because we can read and sense energy, we know when something that is not healthy for you is hanging around needs to be cleared. Some animals are healers and can shift that energy for you. All you have to do is to be aware and accepting of this gift of loving healing from your pet. You can also ask for Divine holy protection of your entire life.”

–Ashes, Great Pyrenees-Mastiff Mix in Animal Wisdom Tales by Suzanne Thibault (Messages of Love From Pets and Wild Animals. 2019.)

As I visited Suzanne’s page I noticed that she has published another book.

Purrfect Voices

Jenny Shone has also published her second book recently. There seems to be a particular lion who has contributed to this book. Oh, I just wish I had all the money in the world and could buy all these lovely books and bath my soul in animal wisdom. :o) Go, click stuff and bath your soul in whatever wisdom you choose to listen to. I choose my wisdom dealers very, very carefully these days and they are not human beings… Can you blame me? Hardly. Check your local news to see my point. *rolling eyes*

Lifetimes Together

Hey, there’s another book with the same theme than my previous post!

I find it hilarious that we come here on earth time and time again, to play with same souls (or soul groups) and usually we have no clue at all. One of the best ways to find out what is going behind the scenes is to read books like this one. They can shift your focus to the next level of understanding. Live and learn they say. In this case the saying goes: read and learn. (Applies to animal communication books only!)

I know I have traveled back and forth with many cat souls. (Yeah, some dogs as well.) Nothing more precious to me than a soul cat. What about you? Are you ready to open your human heart for information like this?

It takes one animal communication session with your pet to shift your awareness. That’s how I learned about the magic of having pets in your life. Animals have the tendency to help us evolve as souls. Sometimes they come to our life to offer us some very peculiar lessons that no human can deliver… They know what they are doing. They sneak into your heart and burst it open from the inside out.

Sometimes it hurts. Healing processes often do. — It is spiritual equivalent to stepping on a lego: first you are playing with legos and having the time of your life and the next thing you know you are standing on one… :o] Boy it hurts! But it is part of the process. You better just get used to it.

(Insert eye rolling emoji here.)

Many of us are the same. We get a pet, we lose a pet and swear we never, ever get a new one.

Surprise motherfucker: the next year you have a new pet – or even two!

Pardon my French. I had French lessons is school. :o)

Find out more about the author of Lifetimes Together on her website.

A Thousand Lifetimes

I think I am going to buy a book.

What do you think?

I feel like burying my mind deep between a good old AC book.

I’m a bit shocked with the plot twist in Ukraine. The pictures of people leaving their homes with their pets is something that is very hard to watch. Even harder when they have to leave their pets behind.

The angels are busy these days… Also AE Fhelyai who is the angel of animals. His color is yellow.

Loki sun bathing and enjoying spring vibes.

I bought a new blanket for my cat this week and it was yellow: both for Ukraine and for Fhelyai. The colors of Ukraine’s flag are absolutely stunning. I’ve been using that color combo a lot lately, completely unaware of the flag. By now I think the whole world knows what are the exact colors in Ukraine’s flag… 🙄