Communicating with fear

People tend to freak out when they are scared about something. Fear creates a lot of chaos in our minds, so the heart gets lost in translation and we just panic. The media loves panic because it sells. It is a vicious circle and often far from the truth.

We tend to scare things – or animals or other beings out there – that look different from us or simply seem weird in our eyes. We like things that look comfortably like us. When somebody looks different, we begin to think that he has some evil agenda. Like spiders. We kill spiders because of it all the time. Some people kill cats because they are trying to take over the world. And because they are evil. Come to think of it, we even kill people who think in a different way than we do.

[That’s why I’m not using my name online anymore. I think differently! Besides, the mob has already killed me for it in a previous life. I am not walking down that path anymore. Consider the lesson learned…]

What makes the fear go away? The moment we begin to talk and communicate with the weird dudes. It takes just a few minutes to see that we are the same, we’re all here to learn different life lessons before we leave this planet and maybe even make some plans to come back from other planes of existence when we are ready… Like we have already done so many times. (Recycling our physical bodies as we do.)

The same goes for animals… even species that extinct. So don’t panic. (Screenshot via animal and nature communicator Penelope Smith. More later.)

Also, let’s not forget that we all work for the bigger picture. Life is never just about one single life on earth. We work for the highest good of all. (Also the creepy dudes.) Somehow humans completely forgot about that. In addition, we forgot that karma is a bitch. Sometimes it is karma kicking your ass. Even your thoughts create karma…! Karma has a very long memory. It keeps on going forever. Karma is much worse than your mother-in-law. Trust me. Karma. We never remember that one, do we?!

Animal communicator Penelope Smith has done what I wanted people to do years ago: she communicated with viruses. The viruses and bacteria and the like are creepy looking (living beings) we can only see with microscopes. We fear them like there is no tomorrow. What is up with them?! Penelope has posted about this subject again because somebody was asking her about the corona-virus.

Read and think about it. Give viruses a chance. They are doing their work, they are helping us to evolve and they are also clearing and recycling, trying to restore the balance, just like any natural catastrophe out there.

Are you thinking about Australia now? Well, Penelope is ahead of you. Check out what Spirit of the land of Australia had to say… It is a long post and it makes you think even longer, so go and make yourself a cup of coffee first.





Virus talk: my post about the same subject in 2018.


Comfortable confidence

Very useful video for people who struggle with their confidence while practicing animal communication from wonderful Cara Gubbins. I shared similar thoughts in my post Embrace your intuition. I am one of those people who resist keeping a journal… but you should do it. Do as I say, not what do. :o}

Ask The Cow

The most amazing book ever is available in the Kindle store! This is great news and I just found out and now I am telling you. I love, love, love this book and have been thinking about re-reading it. Consider it done. Join me! Valentine’s came early this year!

The Universal Cow of Love. Art by me.

Rita M. Reynolds has written an amazing book based on the conversations she has had with her beautiful and wise cow, Christina. Christina did not ask if Rita wants to take her into her life: she just came and stayed – like any teacher who appears, when the student is ready.

Read an excerpt on her page called “Build me a snowcow“. ‘

This is one of the best books I have ever read… You will never look a cow with the same eyes you did before you read this book. That is the beauty of all animal communication books: they open your eyes. If you are ready to open them… and probably you are, if you are willing to grab a book like this!

‘Ask the cow’ is a perfect book to remember in this month of February, as Valentine’s Day is getting closer… You will see why after you have read the excerpt I chose for you below…

Have you ever thought that animals might sometimes draw something, like hearts?

Or that they might also meditate?

Expect the unexpected every time you open the door to the wisdom of animals. Things are not as they seem to be.

Human eyes do not always deliver the truth, it takes a heart to see behind the illusions. Leave your preconceived and/or old ideas behind and open your heart to surprises.

Here’s what happened to Rita on one day in October when she went to see her precious cow:

I found Christina in front of the barn, deeply involved in drawing an enormous heart with her nose. So complete was her concentration, at first she didn’t notice me as I walked up beside her and stood quietly, admiring her work. What an elegant heart! A simple depiction of such an universal symbol, yet with all the appeal of the most ornate heart ever created. She blinked her long white eyelashes and swung her head toward me.

“What do you think?” she asked hopefully.

“Lovely.” I replied. “But may I ask, why a heart?”

“It’s a valentine,” she stated.

While I tend to lose track of time, it seemed to me that we were eons from February the fourteenth. But to be polite, I asked, “A valentine for whom?” “Earth,” she said quietly. “She’s having a rough go of it right now; I thought I would let her know I was thinking of her.”

“That’s thoughtful of you. Is it like a card for Earth?”

Christina didn’t answer me. Instead, she began to walk around the heart, drawing a circle with her left hoof. When she returned to her original starting point, she looked skyward, closed her eyes, and pointed both her ears forward. “There,” she said opening her eyes. “Delivered- and received. She was most grateful.”

Rita M. Reynolds: Ask The Cow; A Gentle Guide To Finding Peace, Page 43.

Update and Repost in 2020.

10 books!

It is really hard to pick one book if you have about 250+ books to choose from, especially when we are talking about animal communication.

Of course, you might have your favorite animal communicator or pet psychic out there and go for it.

With me it is different.

They all are my favorites.

Because they speak for animals.

Some animal communicators probably think that I am an idiot because I am rooting for all of them. I also advise people to follow their gut wisdom when choosing an animal communicator. Fame (oops, almost wrote ‘face’… same thing ;o) does not necessarily mean that the animal communicator is right for you. Fame is nothing. Fame is an illusion. It is the people that matter and the chemistry. If you like that person, book a consultation for your pet. Simple.

Pet psychics/animal communicators do not have some hidden agenda, they just want to connect animals and their people. They also share a deep concern for wildlife and earth. That kind of people we need in this world.

I also like them because they are so goddamn brave with their choice of profession. :o)

[Well, Amelia Kinkade is my first AC author. She blew my mind from the very first page and I never forget what I felt when I finished that book. But that is a different story… That book is on this list, too.]

I made a list of 10 books that touched me deeply, all for various reasons.

You know how it is with people. You never really remember the exact words they said to you, but you definitely do remember the feeling they made you feel. (That is the little empath inside us.) These books made me feel good, they inspired me and they made me start this blog, and EK-blog 12 years ago.

  1. Educational. Funny. Powerful. (You might as well laugh while you learn to understand intuitive interspecies communication… However, this book also makes you cry — or communicate with animals….)
Christ on a cracker! This lady can write.

2. Conversations With A Pigeon. Amazing animal wisdom from a bird we all recognize very well! Spiritual. Nudges your heart.

3. Comforting.

If you happen to have a pet sized hole in your heart. Informative as well.

4. Cat wisdom only.

Maia Kincaid writes great books.

5. Touching.

6. Spiritual. Informative. Stunning.

7. Informative.

Whatever you think about horses, you need to hear this.

8. Interesting and informative. Q&A book.

9. Spiritual. Informative. Lovely.

10. Star Origins And Wisdom of Animals (Jacquelin Smith)

Spiritual. Read something else first. Then come back. This is very spiritual animal wisdom book and I feel that you gain more from reading this if you actually are walking down that stupid spiritual path… :o)

Anyway, these are just humble suggestions.

I have probably written some reviews on Amazon but I am not big on reviews. You only know if the book was your kind of book when you actually read it. The good thing about AC books is that they never really disappoint you. You always learn something new about animals, and yourself. Animals are heart openers also on paper!

I have dozens of AC books and some of them are still waiting for me to read them and I need to buy 20+ books this year to fill my Kindle and my bookshelf…

98% of my books are AC books.

Crazy cat ladies might die and get eaten by their cats but I and my cat are going to be buried underneath a shit load of animal communication books when the bookshelf collapses…

Go. Read something.

Animals are heart openers also on paper. #animalcommunication #books #pets #reading

Talk To Me Pet

New Kindle book for all those who are ready to take the steps towards becoming an animal communicator. It is obvious that all the animal communicators absolutely love their job… And why wouldn’t they?! Their customers are happy campers, both animals and their humans…!

Many people dream about becoming an animal communicator. Often these people struggle with the practice routine. If this is you, try thinking outside the box. After all you already are outside the box. Animal communication as a profession is still quite “out there” in the world among the muggles.

But things are changing, and You are changing the moment you begin your journey. When you make the effort to actually practice you send a powerful message to the Universe that you are ready to walk down your chosen path. That kind of attitude unlocks all the energetic blocks. So you just need to begin… (I am not sure if I am talking this pep talk to You — or to myself, haha.)

The second, biggest obstacle, is the trusting part. You really, really, really need to trust your intuition as you keep on practicing. It is hard as f__k but keep going. Giving up is not an option.

Don’t do as I do, do as I say…

Larvikite – Norwegian magic!

Some healing crystals that might help you with your intuition and connecting with the animals are mookaite, quartz, amethyst, peridot, blue tiger’s eye, sodalite, angelite, malachite, charoite, moss agate, blue kyanite, & dalmatian jasper (very good healer for pets and animals – just make sure they are not able to swallow the stone!). All the jaspers are great companions, there are loads of them and make sure you choose the one that you feel drawn to. [There is a reason for it.] If you are bombing yourself with doubt and negative thoughts about your progress, try wearing larvikite. It dispels the ugly mood and it also works to enhance your psychic abilities. It is a grounding stone and helps you to center yourself.

Many other options! Google is your friend.

That’s it for today.

Thank you for reading… animal communication books!

Lucky day for horse lovers!

Because you get to know what those beautiful creatures and teachers among us think. To me, horses seem like gigantic, warm and powerful love magnets who heal and teach wherever they go. (Just the presence of a horse is healing. You do not have to do something with a horse… Just be there… like a human BEING that you are. People of all ages are drawn to them at various stages of their lives. If you are one of them you are about to learn something, so listen to your heart in order to know what it is.

Especially the second one of these two Kindle books is calling my name but if you love horses you might like to read both. I remember seeing one of these years ago. Sometimes horse whisperers are “just” (sorry about that – I am all for AC business here on Tailbook) people who have studied the body language and/or behavior of animals and read them like an open book for that reason — Rosalyn is not one of them. She actually hears the horses speak. How it all began is a pretty amazing and funny story.

I like the way she calls herself “horse empath”.

[She activated her natural empathy (I call it that — I have come to the conclusion that we all are empaths — more or less) by accident when she fell off a horse. She was ok and laughing but the horse was pretty upset. :o) Nobody had fallen off him before…! True story. See below.]

I just leave all these goodies here and gallop back to Kindle store.

The Magical Language of the Heart

Hello again! I am sorry about being so capricious blogger. One second I am gone for weeks (or months more likely) and the next one I post 4 posts in one day. 

That is not a very friendly way to blog but I can’t help it.

You see, I just found the coolest lady, and she does not only communicate with animals and plants but also with stars!

I like the sound of that.

Diane as a teenager, with her beautiful, white cat.

Diane Samsel has published her book The Magical Language of the Heart in October 2019 and I have played hide and seek with it but once it is found, it can never be unfound… Diane is an animal communicator, artist and astrologer. She will teach you in her book the skills needed to become an animal communicator. There’s also a new section about using astrology in AC or when locating lost animals. (That is very interesting. Astrology is Greek to me but in this case, I might like to take a look at it with fresh eyes.)

Are you going to read this book? Because I sure am!


Note: The new “Block Editor” on WordPress is not very intuitive or user-friendly. I hate it. However, it has some nifty new features I need to learn, so, bear with me if I post something weird.

No pun intended.


Animal Wisdom Tales

Animal Wisdom Tales on Kindle Store (UK).

More about Suzanne Thibault.

Check out her blog as well, where Abby the dog reveals the purpose of pets in our lives:

Abby said :

“Animals help you to tap into a part of your heart that you might not be able to reach yourself. That part of you is the divine love you hold inside to share with others. Your relationship with a pet is based in unconditional love which helps you see the truth of who you really are. The real purpose of pets is to surround you with love, to help you express more love.”

I have once heard about a similar situation in a cat household. The cats said they are giving their human mom some lessons no other human can ever give to her. It was their job, and theirs alone. So, never underestimate the power of pets in our lives, not even if you are not a pet person. No-pet people just get their lessons delivered elsewhere.

Pets are not the only ones who are teaching stuff & unconditional love. But in my not so humble opinion, they are by far the best teachers of all.

Oh, and one more thing: A fellow blog post about a lesson given by cats!

Straight into the deep end

This is a lovely video about a woman who takes the plunge and jumps into the deep of animal communication with her cats. Well, one of them does not think that he is a cat… [Maybe he is god, just like Kitty said. He certainly looks like one to me.] A lovely dose of cat energy — which I miss so much right now.

The animal communicator on the video is Dale McCarthy.

There is a lot of things happening during this session – and outside of it. There are several things that I absolutely loved but what I loved most was how the cats shared that their mommy’s energy changes when people come over. She is not herself, she is trying to be something that she is not on the inside.

Very clever cat friends! — That is the reason why I do not like inviting people to my home. I meet people in a cafe rather than my own home. Home is a sacred space to me – especially when there is a cat (god) living with me – and I like to keep it that way. I can be whoever I am in my home and I can always blog about it, haha. Much more convenient. :o)

Embrace your intuition

Where to start when you wish to communicate with your pets on a soul level? On the higher level of exchanging energies with each other instead of words. So many books and guides out there, so many animal communication workshops all around the world, every day!

Sandra Mendelson shares some good tips in her latest blog post. Her dog, Mr. T, reminds you about the most important part of communicating with all life: trusting yourself. How hard can it be? Let me tell, it is very hard indeed.

I have had many experiences with instant knowing (paracognition) during the last year. It happens during everyday life but sometimes also with animals. They are very accurate sensations. Sometimes the knowing is several minutes apart from the actual happening, sometimes couple of days. Do I trust them at the moment they happen? Nope. I am just in awe when I realize I actually knew it would happen (whatever it was). I might curse. Or just hit my head against the wall if the inner knowledge I had could actually change the outcome for the better.

I am quite aware that with some practice, I could easily learn to trust my gut, so to speak, to harness my natural talent of empathy. Alas, a big part of me is still resisting… Animals in the neighborhood seem to sense my struggle. They greet me wherever I go and hop to check if I am finally opening up to them, ha ha. I pretend to be busy… :o)

This kind of communication, pure feeling of k-n-o-w-i-n-g is very fast. You do not have time to blink your eyes, and you definitely do not have time to form fancy questions for the animals. The answers often come before you manage to form any kind of “civilized” question.  If you expect to hear something or concentrate on forming a loooong, detailed question, you could completely miss the answer. Preconceived ideas about the animal you try to communicate with or about your own, personal style to communicate intuitively with animals must be all thrown away. Right now.

Be in the present moment. Never expect anything. That’s when paracognition hits me. It helps if I am not trying at all… :o) Trying to do it blocks me, so maybe that is one reason why I am so reluctant to practice. I am still in the process of finding the best way for me to work that magic.

We are so used to using only our 5 “normal” senses that we completely ignore the best part, our natural empathy, and all the silent, innate wisdom. We use this empathic language without words fluently upstairs, but never downstairs… These are things we should teach in school because children are naturally open to animals. Before the age of 3, they might hear animals quite well. After that, they learn that adults do not work like them at all and adults also never believe what they try to tell them.

Laugh at them once and they close their hearts forever. It is a pity.

Try practicing with a squirrel, just like Sandra suggests in her blog. Make that squirrel pee in his pants! Animals are so used to us completely ignoring them that they actually might wet themselves if we actually talked to them and listened to them to hear their messages… I am trying to slow down my pace next time I come across a lovely squirrel. I promise.

Reincarnation and cloning of pets

Have you ever thought about cloning your pet? (I understand that it is actually possible these days if you have a big budget it requires.) Coryelle Kramer explains in this video the difference between cloning and reincarnation. It is good to understand that the soul that “runs” the cloned body might not be the soul of Your Beloved Pet! (It is possible, of course, but you never really know what kind of soul lessons both you and your pet have chosen for each life… You never really know… b-u-t with reincarnation you do know. It is the very same soul but it might not look the same, it might not even be the same  species…! Duh!)

I have personally experienced reincarnation of my cat (at least once that I know of) and it is a bit weird because the personality was not the same at all. (But the sense of humor was…) However, the timeline was about 15 years (in earth’s time) so you have to expect that the soul has grown a lot during this time. Who knows how many incarnations took place in between, when the cat was not with me?!! Who knows what he learned during that time and even on the other side?

I loved him the same, though. Just like I loved her when I was younger. I loved, loved, loved and that is all that matters. Love.

You can love a clone, too. It is happening on earth right as we speak. They are not soulless beings. All living beings have a soul!

Listen to the soul of a horse speak here. He is telling you with big words that he has a soul. It is 2020! It is time to understand that animals have souls too and they are gentle, wise souls, filled with unconditional love and they have a lot to teach us and that is one of the reasons they are here with us and they want to return to us, again and again. Reincarnation is happening more and more these days, says Coryelle in her video.

I am still waiting for the right moment to find my next cat. I can’t wait to get to know him or her. What a joy it will be to look into the eyes of a cat once again.

Christmas is an inside job

Animals talk about Christmas in Dawn E. Hayman‘s book Animal Wisdom for Mankind. Animals know exactly what Christmas is but they do not celebrate ‘Holy Holidays’, their celebration goes much deeper, it is an inside job. When animals sense that the energy of magical winter solstice is getting closer they celebrate life and the love within it. They also ask us to do some soul searching during this season of rest and visioning, before the next season of growth begins… They remind us that Christmas is a time to acknowledge the gifts we are in each other’s lives. (How come animals always know what to say?!! This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard from the mouths of animals!)

Whether you live in a barn or a high-rise in a busy city, there is a quiet humbleness about Christmas that is there for you to find. It is not in stores, it is not even in places of worships, but it is within your very own heart. It is compassion and love for all living beings, and an understanding about the spiritual world within and around us. That is the meaning of Christmas.

–Animals from Spring Farm via animal communicator Dawn E. Hayman (Animal Wisdom for Mankind. Kindle Edition. 2016.)


Two books you don’t want to miss!

Good news! Laura Stinchfield, a wonderful soul who has helped animals and their people to bond on a deeper level for years has published TWO books this month. At the time of this post, they are available as paperbacks on Amazon.

Oh boy, these are the books you will not want to miss. The table of contents makes me drool already. It will be a feast of animal wisdom. :o) There is always a little party in my heart when I see new books like this coming out.

Have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday, wherever you are!

Take some time to read books that matter and share the love with those who are ready to accept this kind of wisdom into their hearts… Be the change you want to see in this world.

The empath bone

“I think we all are empaths.”

Empathy is a great tool for intuitive interspecies communication / animal communication. (Because animals are empaths.) I also think that quite many of the professional animal communicators out there are empaths. I actually think that WE ALL ARE EMPATHS, it is our true nature, but it is not a very accepted trait in the modern world and it is taken away from us as we grow to be adults. On the other hand, being sensitive is very hard and painful at times, so it is much easier to live your everyday life if you just turn it off or wear a mask on your face to hide your true colors. You learn to hide your pain and act like everybody else around you pretty soon if you are in danger of being ridiculed.

I get that. I’ve done it too. I am still doing it… because I have that empath bone in my body. (Heck, I think all of my bones are empaths and they dance to their own tune like I was still in the 80’s and it was a Saturday night…)  My intuition is very sharp and clear, but it comes and goes as it pleases and frankly, it is more pain in the ass than helpful. It is way too random. I haven’t had the energy to tame it. I usually “know” something is not quite right and then I do it anyway and when things turn out to be ugly I just shrug my shoulders. And probably curse. I knew it was a stupid idea. But I did it anyway. Too late to cry if the milk is already spilled. So I am not the right person to tell you how to survive in this world as an empath, haha. Hell no.

There are lots and lots of books about empathy and (hyper)sensitivity out there. It might be hard to choose from them. It almost seems like being sensitive is a bit trendy…? Huh?! Everybody is talking about it. Could it be that the world is changing? That people are not burning intuitive and sensitive people on the stake anymore? How strange!

One of those books caught my eye because the author is an animal communicator Wendy Wolfe. I recognized her name and stopped by to read more. The book description hit the right note and I began to wonder if someone has written a book about me without me being aware of it… Yeah, raise your hand if you are an empath! Me, me, me, me!

This book is a must-read. If it hits the right note in your case, maybe you need to read it too — because there really is a way to turn that curse of the empath bone to one big blessing.

Hold on to your brain

Halloween time of the year! I have just the post for you. Hold on to your hat – and your brain – while reading. You might be surprised by what I am sharing.

‘Animal Afterlife’ is another book that I chose to bury myself into during these weeks of missing my late soul cat(s). I know I need some time to heal myself before I find another cat friend to keep me company. (Mr. Zorro’s advice was that “take the new kitten whenever your heart feels ready.) I thought to myself that my heart is not ready but my mind is: this house seems so empty. I might be wrong…

I’ve felt the sorrow of separation in my body, before and after Mr. Zorro made his transition. (I felt that he was getting ready to go and he was preparing me, just as much as himself.) I always thought that he took a little piece of my heart with him when he went Home but Leta Worthington shares pretty interesting stuff from one certain dog in her book… Bishop the dog reveals that soul pets do take (energetic) part of their humans with them as they transition, but it is not from the heart, it is from the brain…!

The pain and sorrow are not the only reasons why we feel lost and broken — we also need to adapt to some physical changes. I am not kidding… The energetic “void” in the brain can be felt in the body. It is very real and it can be challenging, says Bishop.

Well, it feels very real! Some days more than the others. I was wondering about it a couple of weeks ago when my body felt like a bag of potatoes, gravitating towards the earth. I was wondering what the hell is going on? It’s a dark and stormy night, this soul pet business. I had already thought that the worst was over! I knew I was healing, already letting myself dream about that new kitten, who is going to destroy my curtains.

(I am quite okay at the moment. Not a bag of potatoes anymore.)

You can read the story of Bishop and his human dad from Leta’s wonderful book and there are many other pet afterlife stories to soothe your wounds, both physical and spiritual if you have lost an animal friend recently.

Me, I feel like I am only half a woman without a cat in my life. No matter how heartbreaking and brain-eating soul mates they are — I love them!

Read (animal communication) books. Eat candies. Walk in the fallen leaves and most of all, enjoy your Halloween!


Soul Dog makes a big difference

I usually read books written by an actual animal communicator or a pet psychic. I get bored if I have to read scientific and/or skeptic speculations about intuition and animal communication… I know this shit works so you do not need to convince me, babe. (Elena Mannes did it anyway!)

To me it is all about Love and love knows its shit. (This is one of those posts when I say shit a lot. Sorry.) Not the love that they write songs about but the love that dwells deeper in the soul and which is unconditional. That is the love animals bring into our lives every day. They teach us a lesson or two… These days, on this crazy planet, it seems like animals are slowly but surely waking us up from our Sleeping Beauty nap that has lasted for eons. I think we made a really bad deal when we made the collective pact to forget all about unconditional love. But you know how it is on this planet: live and learn. Live. And. Learn. And we do! Sometimes it helps when you read a good book, just like Soul Dog.

My own story began in a very similar way than it happened to Elena Mannes. She was reluctant to take a dog, almost fearful, just like I was fearful of cats (the reason got revealed when Mr. Purri arrived) — until I got my very first cat (Mr. Purri’s first incarnation with me, as a female cat). That very first cat in my life gave me a lesson no human ever could have given me. It may have taken me decades to understand the profoundness of having a pet, a soul pet to be precise, but I got it, eventually. So did Elena. Thank god she was clever enough to write a book about it.

In Soul Dog she has gathered loads and loads of information from many areas of life, yup, even from the scientific side of life. She shares these bits of information with the reader so eloquently that you do not even notice. I naturally enjoyed all the animal communication parts! You just keep on listening, excited to hear the next plot twist in her life with Brio – even after Brio’s passing. The communication sessions after Brio’s death felt quite comforting in my own grief after “losing” my own soul cat just recently. It doesn’t matter that the book was ‘a dog book’, it speaks the universal language of pet lovers.

I came across this audiobook  and listened to it in two sittings. (Is that how you say it in English? In two-sittings? I usually read audiobooks in bed… while snoring… ha ha… But there were no zzz’s with this book. It was way too well written for snoring while reading.) I also found the audiobook narrator very comfortable for my sensitive ears. (It was easy listening with 1.25x narration speed.) (It takes about 6 hours of your life and every second is sooo worth it.) To my own surprise, nothing in this book rubbed me in the wrong way. I highly recommend it to all those who are quite new to the world of animal communication but love their pets dearly… Like most of us do.

Heck, long story short: I recommend this book to everybody.

Yes! Love is magical and it works in mysterious ways, sometimes in furry ways, but it works. That’s all we need to understand. It is not fuzzy logic, it is furry logic! :o] Stop shitting yourself up trying to explain it “rationally”. Your heart knows what it is all about.

Thank you, Brio! What a lovely dog you are! You made a big difference for your human Mom but now you make also a huge difference for the readers of this book. Give my regards to my soul cat (who is probably supervising this blog post right as I write it).

Conversations with Dog

Conversations with Dog by Meg Adamson has gotten some pretty good and happy reviews on Amazon. Meg is a spiritual mentor and an animal lover. — The book seems to share a similar message to the one I have tried to share with you for years in this blog: the emotional, loving and energetic bond between our pets and us goes far beyond the world we see with our limited physical eyes. We find magic whenever we connect with an animal on a soul level, with a heart.  — Love is, love has been, and always will be the carrying force in interspecies soul contracts, including soul contracts between animals and humans.

I was happy to notice there will be more interesting books about soul contracts with our pets to be published next year! One year, one book at a time the animal kingdom shares their wisdom with those who are ready and willing to listen.

Goodbye and hello

As painful as it was, I had to let go of my cat friend Zorro in September. His health problems finally caught up with him and I noticed that the zest for life and the will to play with little Christmas baubles was gone.

Tough decision. We both knew it was time. We talked, we cried, we said goodbye.

Well, it is never really a goodbye… but it hurts like hell! I have a cat-shaped hole in my heart and I think I have to find a new cat friend to fill it with! I hate my empty heart. I hate my empty place.

I asked Mister Purri to greet his friend when Zorro returns to the spirit and this is exactly what happened. An animal communicator shared that this ‘gorgeous looking, fluffy and beige cat’ came to meet Zorro first… That’s Purri alright, no question about it!

These two cats share some kind of special connection and they have both shared many lives with me. Zorro is even very eager to come back someday: he said he had the best life with me in the physical form because he was able to be 100% himself. At the moment he is in a ‘standby mode’ and ready to come and meet me whenever I need his energy.

I miss him most on the mornings and the evenings and I know he is here whenever sorrow crushes my heart with its iron fist. I am still in the process of healing.

What it comes to this next kitty of mine I have a name for him or her. I have been calling for the next cat friend and I do trust that the Universe will deliver. I have asked my two lovely cat boys on the other side to help me. They have surely heard about it. They said via animal communicator: ” “Do not set any ‘expectations’ for expectations only create limitations to your perception, just keep an open heart and trust in the Universe and trust in us.” They continued: “Beautiful things can come from unexpected places at unexpected times, to let it unfold like a blossoming flower unveiling its beauty for one to marvel at.” 

That’s exactly what I am going to do. I am going to relax and wait for the magic to happen. Cats always know their way to their human and when they make up their minds, nothing is going to stop them. That is what these two amazing boys have shown me from the very first moment they came to my life. They both appeared out of nowhere, like a bolt of lightning, and I had no saying in the matter. :o)

Thank you for every second you shared with me, Mr. Zorro. And Mr. Purri. I love you both sooo damn much. Love you, love you, love you.

Heart to Heart Connections

Janine McCarthy has written a book for animal lovers who wish to learn to connect with their pets on a deeper level. This book offers 3 crucial lessons for all animal communicator “wannabees”. — I am going to buy this book later this year so I can only share what I’ve seen on Amazon (Kindle Edition UK).

Check it out! (Meditation is a good way to begin because you really, really have to empty your head from all expectations (they become limitations!). — Scanning, on the other hand, is an energetic tool many animal communicators use to check out if the animal has actual pains somewhere in his or her body. — Tracking missing animals is one of the most common reasons why people contact animal communicators and/or pet psychics in the first place. It is a very useful technique and you can learn it too.)