My Most Comical Moments as an Animal Communicator

“I wish the dog would go to hell.” — A Cat.

No small talk in the world of animal communication. I like that. ;o] –Lumen

Laughing Soul

Animal communication is a very rewarding to share with families. It is also hysterically funny at times. Here are some good giggles I have gotten over the years.

Having my tit mistaken for a squeaky toy ranks right up there! The dog was out of his wee marbles with bliss that we were going to talk, and also feeling anxious. As his stout body swirled in a circle next to me, attempting to climb onto my leg and slobber all over my head, he suddenly chomped down onto one of mine bosoms. I flopped back onto the couch and lost it cackling!

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Lorrie the pet psychic in the news

Slowly but surely pet psychics and animal communicators are seen in mass media to share the magic with puzzled “muggles”. Lorrie the pet psychic has been featured on This video is a quick peek to the life of a dog –and his daddy. This dog is truly worried about his dad! Pets! They know everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. :o) When you visit Lorrie’s page, you can read a little love advice if you are looking for love (human love or pet love).

It’s August!


Time is definitely not what it used to be. It feels like yesterday (2 months ago…) when I posted a quick note for you that this book is available for pre-ordering – and now it is available already. It is weird.

No, I did not die and fall off from the face of the earth.

I was just enjoying the summer with my man, Mr. Zorro.

In the spring I was hoping that we get another summer together and that we did. I am so grateful! 

But let’s get back to business.

Diana Cooper’s The Archangel Guide to the Animal World is very interesting book for animal (and angel) lovers. It helps you to connect with animals in meditation and tells you which angels to ask for help with certain species — and so, so much more!

Like always, Diana Cooper is delivering pretty amazing information. Some people might raise their eyebrows while reading Diana, but if you are walking down your spiritual path, you are in good hands with her. (Frankly, I haven’t read Diana very much during the recent years. I choose my wisdom dealers very carefully these days.) Anyway, as you might guess, the books that talk about animals and their mission on earth are always the ones I notice.

As you can see, I browsed straight to the chapter (7) about cats and added one big bookmark there… I will return back later. (After I have posted this post online.) (I wish I could discuss about this chapter with Mr. Zorro… ;o} He’s been feeling pretty fine during the summer and eats hay (grass) like a horse. Then he throws up. Which is very unhorselike Then I clean the mess.)


If you are a dog person, you naturally gravitate towards the chapter 10…!

And for some strange reason, I wanted to share the message from the snakes with you today as we face the 8/8 portal. Which is just another big step on the ladder towards higher energies on earth. We will get the hang of it… or die trying. :o]

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going back to reading this fantastic and interesting and cool book.

I hope it inspires me to post some new stuff for you later this fall. If not, kick me.

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Archangels & Animals

Exciting book to preorder (out in August, 2017) for those of us who love both angels and animals. Diana Cooper usually shares profound messages in her books — no matter what the subject — but this book is one I am personally waiting for. There will be 44 different animal species (or other beings) explained. See what Diana says about the book on her site.

Here’s something to ponder this summer, when you are out and about and come across one of these creatures.

For example, rabbits from Orion are tuned into the Song of the Earth and they are connected to Archangel Gabriel. Part of their soul mission is to work with him to try to harmonise people and animals to the true notes of Lady Gaia.

Spiders from a different third dimensional universe are working with sacred geometry. They build their webs against gravity and are showing us that, when we hold a vision with determination, anything is possible.

Ladybirds really do bring you luck and open new doors for you in the universe.


Source: Diana Cooper: The Archangel Guide To The Animal World



Saving the bear

In the world full of bad news it was great to watch this one. Sitting on the edge of my seat.

Meditating with animals

Animals are very good at meditating. They are perfect guides and company to do it, so go for it. You might think that this is just another coffee table book, but the reviews on Amazon seem to praise it. Great gift idea for animal lovers, even if you do not have pets. — I bet you can just as well meditate with a fly, or a spider, if you have the guts for it. And why wouldn’t you? Spiders might spend hours sitting very still in one spot. They meditate the shit out of you in no time. :o)  Kindle Edition (US). (Hardcover is available as well.) More about Pamela. (If you need more reading material for the summer, check out the latest finding in Animal Communication Books blog, if you like whales & elephants.) Animal wisdom is just a breath away… Relax, breathe — and listen.

A really nice hind end

How can you not love what they say? I have read Laura’s old blog lately. It is really hard to resist this handsome James Bond with great temperament and a really nice hind end! Put that line on Tinder and it is a date night for you! :o]

A dog from Titanic

I translated this animal communication session with a dog from Titanic today. It might be unclear who the dog’s human daddy actually was, but the story was very touching. It might make you cry. (If you are like me and you have a sensitive bone in your body.) Nevertheless, thank you talented Laura for this interesting post and thank you, sweet doggy. May the angels scratch you behind your ear! 

Laura Stinchfield can be found via these days.

Wish upon a star

See the rest of the wishes Spring Farm animals made in December, 2016. The animal communicator who communicates with these lovely animals is Dawn E. Hayman. Her book is filled with animal wisdom from this very same farm.

Needless to say this Kindle book is on my wish list now, so I am making wishes just like these sweet and wise animal doctors ordered. Have a good day and enjoy the wisdom. I know I did. I have spent the whole day translating these words for my Finnish readers. :o)