Wandering wisdom

I thought there is more than meets the eye with the wandering herd of elephants in China. Last night I had a deep knowing inside that one of the animal communicators out there (hundreds of pros out there!) is going to talk with them. Less than 24 hours later my inbox told me that Sandra Mendelson shared a message with us. Yay! (I am still surprised every time my intuition kicks in. :o)

Go read what the herd said! This is probably not the last time we hear them. I hope they get to say everything that needs to be said to the humanity in this time.

“How will the people respond to us? Will they speak up and use their voices, or continue to accept blindly what business leaders and the rulers of their nation choose from greed and the lust to dominate? Will they SEE us? Will they SEE themselves?

The wandering herd of elephants in China via Sandra Mendelson (2021)

Tone it down, says Laura

I love it how hard they are all trying! :o]

Animals do get the joke vibes, I agree with that 100%. When I joke to my cat and begin to act foolish she goes nuts in 3 seconds and parkours all over the place. It is that fast to make pets crazy with your overenthusiastic energy. They sense our vibes and mirror them back like emotional boomerangs… What it comes to singing, I do sing to my cat and she curls up and looks very cozy when I do; because the lyrics go like: I love you. How about you? Do you sing to your pet?

I hope Howie and Lola are doing fine. Loved the curious look on the other dog’s face; what is this foolishness that is going on here?!

Hello from the Animal Kingdom

Shawndra McWhorter‘s book is available also as an audiobook. — If you think it is too short (2+ hours) for you and you have loads of time on your hands and a curious mind, check out this book as well. Dying to Live – Death and the Afterlife by Colette Brown is more about hellos from the other side; some pets are included.

In the meanwhile in Taiwan

Every once in a while you see articles in mass media about animal communication but it is often quite clear that they do not know what they are talking about and they definitely do not believe in it. It is a bit sad. Why do you even bother to write about something that is not your cup of tea? In the end that cup of tea (aka article) usually remains lukewarm. The Washington Post article about Taiwan and its pet psychics does not offer much to me but at least it is nice… You can’t say the same about the comments. They are boiling with anger, so nothing lukewarm there! :o]

Well, you might think that there is nothing new in the world… People hate everything they do not understand just like they have always hated. But things are changing on this planet… The birds say that to Sandra Mendelson in her latest blog post. — If you decide to click only one link on my post today, make it that one. At least the birds know what the web of love is up to. They do not write about that in the mass media. Which is understandable. Talking about love on this planet is scary shit. You might get killed for it. Just think about what happened to that dude with a beard long time ago. ;o}

We’re bringing you a report from the field; every bird taps into this network. Well, there are bumps and hurdles and resistance, yes, but delicate changes happen first. Little bits of love are being added to the pot! There’s more softness in the air: so many of you have stopped running or at least have slowed down. Pockets of gentleness are growing larger across the globe.

— Birds via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson

Lovely, soulful earfuls

Tammy Billups has published again and her latest book is going to be published tomorrow on Audible. Yay! (If you enjoy your books as audio books, just like me.) Well, I used to like reading books. I have some sort of photographic memory and I do remember things better if I see them written – especially what it comes to the English language. — But something happened. I got old …ish. I enjoy audio books so much more these days. I like to knit while listening, that is one thing for sure. Or late at night I just want to put headphones on and enjoy every lovely soulful earful that I can get! :o)

Annoyingly so, animal communication and animal wisdom books are quite rare over Audible but I hope things change now that audio books are much more common. With this post I lure you to check out this duo; ‘Soul Healing‘ audio book was published in 2019 and ‘Animal Soul Contracts‘ will be out in 2021: April 6th.

Be sure to check out Tammy’s website for more so you know what she is all about.

There are more animal communicators in the world than ever. These precious professionals help and guide us to connect with pets and animals in a whole new way. We have made cool soul contracts with many souls before we came to play on this blue marble with each other. — Our beloved pet/animal souls included. They are big part of the puzzle… and their super power is unconditional love. Get ready for an adventure.

Happy reading – or happy listening.

Guide to animal communication

There is a new animal communication book out there for those who wish to practice this innate ability in all of us. If you have too much time on your hands while staying at home these days… the best thing you can do for yourself (and the world) is to connect with your heart. There lies magic!

While I’m here let me suggest another read for you.

This one is super interesting, stunning memoir of an intuitive called Suzan Saxman. I loved this book so much I had to begin to read it again the very next day I finished it. (That does not happen very often.)

The narrator is very gentle for your ears, if you wish to read it as an audiobook.

I am one of those people who feel like ‘I’ve seen it all – nothing surprises me anymore’ but I do admit I learned something new from this lovely, lovely book.

Keep reading good books! Life is way too short to read bad books… ;o}

Can I come back as your cat?

The libraries in Finland have rarely something to offer me. I haven’t been to any physical library for a decade or so because they do not have any animal communication books on their dusty shelves. I guess they are pleasing the masses, not the curious minds or hearts… IMNSHO. It is a bit sad and frustrating but I got over it.

I have Amazon. Amazon has more than enough books about animal wisdom.

But somehow the other day I managed to find one lovely ebook online from my local library. The book is about fairies, nature spirits, imps, dragons, unicorns, and the like. [It is useless to tell you which book it is because you probably do not speak any Finnish. (If you do, you can see the book in my personal blog.)]

I loved the book and got inspired by it the more pages I turned on my tablet. But it was the story about the spirit cat that blew me away. While the author was visiting England her friends found a newborn kitten from the yard that was already dead. They decided to have a wonderful funeral for the teeny tiny cat. The author felt in her heart that she had to attend and as she did the cat spirit of the guest of honor so to speak, was bouncing around her legs and asking: Can I come back as your kitten in my next life? She was one happy cat and even purred on the woman’s palm as she lifted her up.

Can I come back as your cat in the next life?

–Angel kitten at her own funeral. She died right after her birth.

That’s one of the best lessons of the death of a little kitten. She did not even think about death – she was already making plans to come back. Death is not a big deal for animals. It is just a pause between adventures and an opportunity to make new plans, according to your soul’s needs.

Never fear death. It is an illusion, among so many other illusions that we carry around every day in our human heads.

Your Pet Called

Monica Diedrich‘s latest book has a lot to offer for anyone who loves animals. I am sure it soothes your soul if you have lost your beloved pet.

Seems like a lot of reading material. Don’t just take my word for it: click on it! I surely need to get this as soon as I have finished some other books I am planning on reading.

Today is a good day to read as any: my new cat friend got spayed and she is sore and confused and I have to helicopter over her for a while. At least those damn hormones are gone that made her sing opera on my doormat in the evenings…

The silence of the minds

Stop your inner dialog when you go to the forest, folks!

Noisy human minds are being silenced by Covid-19.

It is a stunning fact the animals have shared recently via various animal communicators. (See recent posts in this blog.) They have noticed the quietness all over the world and there is a lot of healing happening everywhere.

I came accross this stunning quote (above) from the book Telepathic Communication With Animals – Introduction and Conversations by Mateo Paz López. (In Spanish: Comunicación telepática con animales: Introducción y conversaciones.)

(So worth reading!)

Those words from the deer kind of makes you want to begin to meditate… Or then you just want to say: “I am sorry about my noisy, stupid human mind. Listen to my heart instead.”

Human thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming to the animals. (They are sensitive empaths.) We do not see it but the inner dialog, that neverending, unproductive chatter in our heads, often makes us only feel worse. It rarely helps!

The last time I heard about animals trying to avoid human chatter and anxiousness, it was a fish in a tank at the hospital. — Luckily for animals, they are able to tune out from the noisy human minds. That is the biggest barrier between You and Your Pet when you are trying to communicate with him/her nonverbally/intuitively. They have no idea that you are trying to communicate with them, really communicating.

You can read what the wise and quite overwhelmed fish said in Eileen Leskovec’s blog.


As an empath & energy healer I have to agree with Mateo wholeheartedly when he says in his book: “Thoughts have effects on our body and on that of others (of people and other living beings). In fact, we are constantly influenced by the thoughts of our families, our friends, acquaintances and even the community. Most people do not recognize the origin of their thoughts, because many times, we get them from others with whom we identify and adopt them as our own.”

So it is worth to think before you think. That is another pandemic out there… We are responsible of the energies we spread around. They are contagious and can do either good – or harm. If you think that you do not give a shit about others… well… In the big scheme of things We Are One, so what you do to others, you do to yourself. This is what animals are very aware of.

Many Happy Returns

Many stories in Many Happy Returns — Reuniting With Our Pets are written by those who have had these experiences and how it has helped to heal their grief. (I am also wondering at the moment if Mister Zorro has made a cat comeback. That painful cat-shaped hole in my heart has been healed by a brave new kitty. I will tell you about her later.)

Anita Curtis is one of the first professional animal communicators out there and her name is familiar to many, including me since the very beginning. Obviously, her career has evolved and she has turned a new leaf that sounds just as important as animal communication. — Her new webpage is called Nonverbal Communications. She has been communicating with people who cannot speak due to Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, autism, or other reasons. She has helped the caregivers to have a completely different level of understanding!

(FYI: There are also animal communicators who specialize in communicating with (unborn) babies. Very helpful! One of them is Laura Stinchfield.)

Loving Animals

Several people review this book on Amazon saying that it is the perfect introduction to the world of animal communication if you are a newbie. (100% of the proceeds from this book are donated to animal rescue organizations.) Jeannie Lindheim is a teacher and professional animal communicator. She says that her trust in spontaneity, wonder and intuition is invaluable for animal communication work. She has also written a book called Trusting the Moment: Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination. (Creativity, intuiton, imagination & passion is what we need in the post-Covid-19 world… The old world as we knew it is never coming back.)

Animals, angels & fairies

While browsing books this evening these two fantastic books came up. I think I am going to bed with one of these tonight. Really hard to decide which one… Yes, there is animal communication involved… and energy healing work.

Also, angels and fairies, if you believe in such a thing. 🧚

Even if you do not believe in them that does not make them go away. They will always be there, minding their own business, taking care of the natural world, and definitely working for the greater good.

Maybe someday even humans will work for the greater good of us all. (Somehow I have trouble believing in that. It is much easier to believe in fairies…!)

More about Zoë on her webpage.

More about Maggie Hamilton.

Every soul deserves a breather

Interesting and intriguing post seen on Facebook. Sandra Mendelson is working on another book and I am very keen to see it when it is finished! Animals have a lot to say — when someone finally takes the time to listen to them.

We often hear stories about past lives when we discover them. (I know a few of mine.) Has anyone ever wondered what will be your next incarnated adventure? Would you like a little breather? It could be great to float around in the warm, vast ocean… — Without all the plastic bottles floating around, of course…

We will always find what we leave behind right in front of us. Even those damn plastic bottles! :o}


It’s great to be blogging once again. I’ve been gone way too long but soul searching takes time. (If that’s what I was doing.) I have some cat news for you! Later.

Humanity unleashed

Like always, nothing happens without a reason in the web of life. (You might find from my previous posts something about how important the role of viruses is in our spiritual evolution on earth.) As hidden as the meaning of coronavirus at large might be in our (limited) human eyes/minds, we can see and feel deep in our hearts that it is changing the world dramatically.

The old normal is gone for good. We have lost some of the things we thought were important for us (mass tourism, drinking in bars etc…) and we are grieving for our loss inside our homes and in our hearts. It seems that we have to look deeper. We have to face – or need to face – our own thoughts, fears, dreams, and passions, maybe for the very first time. Life takes a new turn for many. It can be challenging. It can also be very rewarding and profound.

For eons, we have forgotten our connection with all life in the Web of Love. But it is coming back with a bang. This is the time we all have been waiting for. You were born to experience this time of turbulence! This is the biggest change (modern) humanity has ever experienced on this planet.

Guess what? Animals, Plants, and Earth – they already know it! Check out what wonderful black and white cat called Simone said to animal communicator Maia Kincaid.

What we (the Animal Kingdom and all life) are experiencing is like this! You are static! You are buzzing! You are coming to life! You are making noises. You are realizing what is most important to you. You are realizing your fears and the way of living which doesn’t feel good. You are realizing more than ever your oneness with all other human beings on the planet and how important each one of you is to each one of you. The choices each one of you make impact other human beings in life-threatening and life saving ways. It has always been this way. All beings of life are impacted by each one of you each moment. We are happy you are waking up!

–Simone the cat via animal communicator Maia Kincaid

These are very stressful times for some of us. Trust that there is a purpose for everything that happens. Trust that the Web of Love that you are a very big part of is helping you to move on. Love works in mysterious ways and sometimes it has to do very big and scary things in order to get the message through. Change is the only permanent thing in our lives. Let’s not fear it, let’s just go with the flow and support each other – from a safe distance.

Heck of a lot of brand new ideas and things are on their way for us. Let’s embrace them together. And yes: listen to your heart.

Your heart does not miss a beat…

I just might write about that next time.

Animals talk about corona

People harm themselves with constant fear. Fear is more contagious than anything else.

One or two mediums have shared their insights about coronavirus and those messages are quite intriguing… Whatever the truth is, it will never be told to us by mass media. (I just leave these links here, you can do with them whatever you like.) Take only what your heart resonates with (I said your heart, not mind, mind you!) as you swim in the sea of media/mediums.

Whatever information you come across online, do not take shit from anyone… take only love! I like people who talk and walk love and do not spread BS or fear. That’s why Tailbook is my favorite place in the world. Animals talk love and love only. (Animals are people, too!) Like I’ve said before, I choose my wisdom dealers wisely; I might listen to mediums talking about current affairs, but in the end, I always return to animal wisdom. Animals know their shit and they do not have hidden agendas. It is as easy to trust them as it is easy to love them.

I have been waiting for someone to talk to animals about the current situation in the world and today it happened. Animal communicator and author Sandra Mendelson talked about coronavirus with several animals and you can read her fantastic blog post here!

“We feel an increased stillness across the world that is profound and healing for us – for all animals.”

Tiger, via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson

These are the times of big changes and many of them are very positive, indeed. All the animals in the world are tuned to the human race, to see if we finally stop running around and begin to follow our hearts and our inner wisdom instead. The coronavirus brought a big potential of love and unity with itself. Magical things have already happened.

Remember what the viruses said via Penelope Smith earlier: “We are the cleaners. People may call us parasites, but we are equalizers or restorers of harmony.”

Penelope adds: “Looking at viruses and other microorganisms as helpers in our mutual evolutionary journey and in the natural process of cleansing and restoring balance changes the way we feel and act. By communicating with viruses that are working within our bodies, we may find ways to assist our health on all levels. This may require changes in lifestyle, such as getting more rest, eating more wholesome food, spending quiet time in meditation, taking walks in Nature, and paying more attention to our feelings.”

The animals actually said something similar in their message via Sandra Mendelson: “Tell others to use this time [of isolation] wisely – to reevaluate what truly matters vs what has been sold to them as “necessary” by those who see only profit ahead. Tell them to look at their basics: the quality of the food and water they consume and feed their animal partners, and the things they use that cause harm (chemicals), and to simply seek to do none [no harm]. We are hopeful indeed….we are hopeful.

‘Animals walk in love. So too, must you!’ (The elephant via Sandra.)

“We have known this would come: the human response is all part of the veil of duality. Humankind’s imbalance – its belief in the illusion of separateness – causes illness. Those of you who light the way have to surround yourselves in an aura of love, not fear. — The virus will not harm animals as they walk in love. So too, must you. Keep picturing waves of love washing over you; ask your team of guides and helpers or whoever you believe in to pitch in: tell them you want to feel it.”

An elephant, via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson

As an energy healer, I can see very clearly why animals respond so well to energy healing, reiki, and other vibrational healing methods: they are love and they know it. It is that simple. Humans are made of exactly the same love but most of them quite clueless about it. :o} I got one big lesson from the power of love just a couple of weeks ago when a cat friend of mine got very sick. The vet said we should wait for a couple of days because of the stress factor of the vet visit. (This cat does not like humans.) The last and only time ever she went to the vet she shed her hair for weeks afterward. So I sent her energy healing like crazy, for several days in a row. The energies were so high I was practically shedding tears while at it…! It worked. Horrible nausea went away and the cat began to eat again. Now she is back in cat business and as good as new. She did not shed her hair and I shed only some tears (because of high levels of love), so all is well. The cat said via animal communicator that she was very grateful for the healing energy. I was very grateful for the healing as well! It reminded me of what is important in life: cats + love!

Love is our superpower. It heals, balances and shows us the truth, so hang in there.

Wash your hands and keep love very close to you. Fear, not!

Communicating with fear

People tend to freak out when they are scared about something. Fear creates a lot of chaos in our minds, so the heart gets lost in translation and we just panic. The media loves panic because it sells. It is a vicious circle and often far from the truth.

We tend to scare things – or animals or other beings out there – that look different from us or simply seem weird in our eyes. We like things that look comfortably like us. When somebody looks different, we begin to think that he has some evil agenda. Like spiders. We kill spiders because of it all the time. Some people kill cats because they are trying to take over the world. And because they are evil. Come to think of it, we even kill people who think in a different way than we do.

[That’s why I’m not using my name online anymore. I think differently! Besides, the mob has already killed me for it in a previous life. I am not walking down that path anymore. Consider the lesson learned…]

What makes the fear go away? The moment we begin to talk and communicate with the weird dudes. It takes just a few minutes to see that we are the same, we’re all here to learn different life lessons before we leave this planet and maybe even make some plans to come back from other planes of existence when we are ready… Like we have already done so many times. (Recycling our physical bodies as we do.)

The same goes for animals… even species that extinct. So don’t panic. (Screenshot via animal and nature communicator Penelope Smith. More later.)

Also, let’s not forget that we all work for the bigger picture. Life is never just about one single life on earth. We work for the highest good of all. (Also the creepy dudes.) Somehow humans completely forgot about that. In addition, we forgot that karma is a bitch. Sometimes it is karma kicking your ass. Even your thoughts create karma…! Karma has a very long memory. It keeps on going forever. Karma is much worse than your mother-in-law. Trust me. Karma. We never remember that one, do we?!

Animal communicator Penelope Smith has done what I wanted people to do years ago: she communicated with viruses. The viruses and bacteria and the like are creepy looking (living beings) we can only see with microscopes. We fear them like there is no tomorrow. What is up with them?! Penelope has posted about this subject again because somebody was asking her about the corona-virus.

Read and think about it. Give viruses a chance. They are doing their work, they are helping us to evolve and they are also clearing and recycling, trying to restore the balance, just like any natural catastrophe out there.

Are you thinking about Australia now? Well, Penelope is ahead of you. Check out what Spirit of the land of Australia had to say… It is a long post and it makes you think even longer, so go and make yourself a cup of coffee first.





Virus talk: my post about the same subject in 2018.


Ask The Cow

The most amazing book ever is available in the Kindle store! This is great news and I just found out and now I am telling you. I love, love, love this book and have been thinking about re-reading it. Consider it done. Join me! Valentine’s came early this year!

The Universal Cow of Love. Art by me.

Rita M. Reynolds has written an amazing book based on the conversations she has had with her beautiful and wise cow, Christina. Christina did not ask if Rita wants to take her into her life: she just came and stayed – like any teacher who appears, when the student is ready.

Read an excerpt on her page called “Build me a snowcow“. ‘

This is one of the best books I have ever read… You will never look a cow with the same eyes you did before you read this book. That is the beauty of all animal communication books: they open your eyes. If you are ready to open them… and probably you are, if you are willing to grab a book like this!

‘Ask the cow’ is a perfect book to remember in this month of February, as Valentine’s Day is getting closer… You will see why after you have read the excerpt I chose for you below…

Have you ever thought that animals might sometimes draw something, like hearts?

Or that they might also meditate?

Expect the unexpected every time you open the door to the wisdom of animals. Things are not as they seem to be.

Human eyes do not always deliver the truth, it takes a heart to see behind the illusions. Leave your preconceived and/or old ideas behind and open your heart to surprises.

Here’s what happened to Rita on one day in October when she went to see her precious cow:

I found Christina in front of the barn, deeply involved in drawing an enormous heart with her nose. So complete was her concentration, at first she didn’t notice me as I walked up beside her and stood quietly, admiring her work. What an elegant heart! A simple depiction of such an universal symbol, yet with all the appeal of the most ornate heart ever created. She blinked her long white eyelashes and swung her head toward me.

“What do you think?” she asked hopefully.

“Lovely.” I replied. “But may I ask, why a heart?”

“It’s a valentine,” she stated.

While I tend to lose track of time, it seemed to me that we were eons from February the fourteenth. But to be polite, I asked, “A valentine for whom?” “Earth,” she said quietly. “She’s having a rough go of it right now; I thought I would let her know I was thinking of her.”

“That’s thoughtful of you. Is it like a card for Earth?”

Christina didn’t answer me. Instead, she began to walk around the heart, drawing a circle with her left hoof. When she returned to her original starting point, she looked skyward, closed her eyes, and pointed both her ears forward. “There,” she said opening her eyes. “Delivered- and received. She was most grateful.”

Rita M. Reynolds: Ask The Cow; A Gentle Guide To Finding Peace, Page 43.

Update and Repost in 2020.