Beautiful human hearts

I fail to see the beauty of humans probably every day, so I do envy animals a lot because they see our true colors so damn easily. Many of us like to hide our light. I’ve done my share of that also. I’ve been told that I keep my light hidden by a psychic medium. I am not surprised. I like hiding in the dark places. My shadow side of me is much more familiar to me than my “light”. The good news is that this is the world of a) free will and b) polarities. You choose how you spend your life, you choose your poison. You decide what kind of life you manifest for yourself (with your thoughts). The polarities are also crucial part of life: we need that dark side for balance: there can be no light without the darkness. They complement each other. (We all do have that dark side. No use to deny it…) Maybe it is a question of keeping your heart safe from all the harm that might come to you if you walk carelessly, bathing shamelessly in your own light. If you are brave and wish to open up, seek for the company of animals. We are not afraid to open up in the company of animals. (The things we show to our pets in the safety of our own homes! Duh! Horror!:o}) We shine like there is no tomorrow!! Merlin the parrot tells you more about it via animal communicator Dawn Hayman. What a lovely message! Like always with animals, it is all about the heart. Let it shine. Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

Have a little healing dear

It would be so easy to say that animals are stupid. If we ever even dared to consider anything other, we would be faced with our arrogant actions as humanity and yes, even with our deepest fears. The fear that we really are not alone. If there was someone else out there, or here with us, we would have to take responsibility for our unthinkable actions. We would have to humble down a notch, admit that we were the ones who were stupid, not the other species.

Sure. We like to think and fantasize that there is intelligent life out there. (We would love to beat the shit out of.) ‘Stick to this planet for now’ is a clear message for example in Animal Souls Speak by Robert Shapiro. Even if the truth is that most of us came from other planets, animals and plants included, there is so much unknown territory on this planet that we really need to stick to this planet and learn to know it. To reaaallly know it. I agree. We need to dive deeper into the earth, metaphorically speaking, not leave footprints on the moon or Mars for god’s sake!

Another huge unknown territory lies in our heart. We are still completely clueless what unconditional love is… Well, that’s where animals come in and that is one of the reasons why I love to write and translate animal communication stuff for people to read. I have gotten so much from all the AC books, much more than I ever got in public school. Animal wisdom is very soothing, healing — and profound. Human “wisdom” that I have come across in life does not even come close. Spirituality and science need to hold hands for starters, until I can return to that department…. But that is my problem, not yours. Sorry.

We modern people spend our time laughing at animals because they look funny. Cats use most of their time in ridiculous positions while meditating away and the Internet cannot get enough of it. We almost crapped our pants when FB and IG were down for 6 long hours and we lost so many cat videos during those dark minutes. Oh the agony. We need even more cat videos afterwards, just to soothe our panic…!

We love to call animals that move slow or look alien (ahem, everybody is an alien on this planet), ugly and stupid and disgusting and much worse. We call animals bad and evil and it is totally accepted. Wolves are evil. Snakes are evil. Yes, especially the effing crocs are evil! We would love to kill some of those… We would like to kill them like we kill bugs. Without giving it another thought. What makes you think we would act any different if we actually got visitors from out of space? — In the meanwhile we have highly intelligent creatures among us. They have a lot to teach us even when they do not talk our artificial languages or read fancy books or write. We have civilized ourselves out of the big picture, nature and everything. Go figure.

Then march in animal communicators like Penelope Smith for example, who has been talking with thousands of animals for decades. Pet psychics blow our plans to rule this planet, this Universe, and bring us back to where we belong: to love. That is also why I am here, writing this for you. I am not so sure if my mission is to be an animal communicator… At this moment in time I am here simply because I love the message of love from animal kingdom, I recognize it and crave for it with my beating, beaten human heart, and I know that it is healing for others as well.

We create our reality with our thoughts. * Thoughts arise from emotions and the more we watch news the uglier our thoughts become and nothing really changes. At this time next week people are still stupid and arrogant and calling other species stupid. Throwing stones at squirrels. Laughing at cat videos. (Well, animals are also here to make us happy and to make us laugh but we humans laugh in so very awkward moments.) [Can you really expect something else from people who also laugh at fat/thin people, disabled people or poor people who wear so very untrendy clothes?!] We have no idea that if we turned off our computers, TVs and other lame gadgets, the whole world would shift and change in an instant… Don’t get me wrong, I love my gadgets like the next nerd but only because they enable me to read books that matter and they enable me to write this post.

Aaaanyway, then comes in this sweet and a little bit clumsy tortoise called Mo, who likes to work with the whole planet and all the planet dwellers. He is completely aware of everything what is taking place on this planet, in here. He chooses to create good and healing vibes in a place full of bad vibes and misunderstanding(s) and turtle-kicking humans. He is on top of the things. Blimey.

He [tortoise] felt the need to be above the soil to focus his energies around the Earth to heal and balance and to help people evolve in their relationship to all life on Earth. I could feel layers and waves of energies he conducted being tuned like music in concert with Mother Earth and all beings helping in this great transition. His work reminded me how I feel celestial light energies coming in and being grounded through my body and through the Earth to benefit all beings.

Penelope Smith in her blog

Animals are energy workers, they are healers! Their work is invisible to our thick human heads but it can be felt in our heart. Just like love. We feel love but hardly understand it… Love makes the modern world go round — because you can make shit loads of money with the conditional (or romantic, religious etc.) love we humans loooove to mess our heads with! In truth, unconditional love is the most powerful force there is and thank god every animal knows it… Behind the scenes all is well and love prevails. Love is the biggest learning curve for us as human species for sure.

Most animals do meditate. They might look funny while at it…. Just like you look funny when you have sex but you probably do not want someone to laugh at you in that particular moment, ha ha. The day when humanity learns to use the gadget called our human heart, then we truly know that we are not alone, we have never been alone and we never will be… That would be the perfect moment to laugh, wholeheartedly.

That day is not here yet. This is just another earth day and this is just another blog post for you. I just wanted to let you know that you are an energy worker as well. Get comfy and think big thoughts and do not worry if you look funny while at it. Your cat is not going to laugh at you. :o} Of course you are always welcome to post it on the bloody TikTok!

Send some love to earth with your thoughts.

I think she deserves it.

She has been working a lot lately.

Letting out the steam, so to speak.

I love that Mo the tortoise.

He gives me hope!


* Typical. :o] Just when I was thinking that we need to take responsibility of our a) actions and b) thoughts, I came across Elizabeth Peru’s lovely blog post where she is also pointing out that we are going to have take responsibility of our thoughts and how we affect others with them… This blog post is very interesting indeed. It also covers the current global pandemic and how it is just one of the things helping us as we evolve spiritually.

Book bundle for your Kindle

(Buy all 4 for your Kindle.)

Oh, there’s one more. Away To Me, My Love (A Sheepdog’s Tale of Two Lives) has gotten wonderful reviews. [Free Preview might not work here but when you go to Amazon, you get a glimpse of these interesting books.] More about Naomi. She is working as an animal communicator and a shamanic healer!

What They Want Us To Know

I listened to this audiobook the other night. Maybe you should try it, too. (It is easy and quick read if you are new to this thing called intuitive interspecies communication or animal communication.) There are several animals sharing some profound and insightful wisdom via Shawdra but I loved especially the beautiful words of rattlesnake. He literally rattled my cage. Like always, it is mind-blowing to hear what the animal kingdom thinks about the ways of humans and how clearly they see us, yet they never judge us harshly like we often do with animals, especially the likes of rattlesnakes or spiders… We tend to think they are “yuck” but they are made of love like we all are and we are connected with them, whether we like it or not — or know it or not.

Wandering wisdom

I thought there is more than meets the eye with the wandering herd of elephants in China. Last night I had a deep knowing inside that one of the animal communicators out there (hundreds of pros out there!) is going to talk with them. Less than 24 hours later my inbox told me that Sandra Mendelson shared a message with us. Yay! (I am still surprised every time my intuition kicks in. :o)

Go read what the herd said! This is probably not the last time we hear them. I hope they get to say everything that needs to be said to the humanity in this time.

“How will the people respond to us? Will they speak up and use their voices, or continue to accept blindly what business leaders and the rulers of their nation choose from greed and the lust to dominate? Will they SEE us? Will they SEE themselves?

The wandering herd of elephants in China via Sandra Mendelson (2021)

Tone it down, says Laura

I love it how hard they are all trying! :o]

Animals do get the joke vibes, I agree with that 100%. When I joke to my cat and begin to act foolish she goes nuts in 3 seconds and parkours all over the place. It is that fast to make pets crazy with your overenthusiastic energy. They sense our vibes and mirror them back like emotional boomerangs… What it comes to singing, I do sing to my cat and she curls up and looks very cozy when I do; because the lyrics go like: I love you. How about you? Do you sing to your pet?

I hope Howie and Lola are doing fine. Loved the curious look on the other dog’s face; what is this foolishness that is going on here?!

In the meanwhile in Taiwan

Every once in a while you see articles in mass media about animal communication but it is often quite clear that they do not know what they are talking about and they definitely do not believe in it. It is a bit sad. Why do you even bother to write about something that is not your cup of tea? In the end that cup of tea (aka article) usually remains lukewarm. The Washington Post article about Taiwan and its pet psychics does not offer much to me but at least it is nice… You can’t say the same about the comments. They are boiling with anger, so nothing lukewarm there! :o]

Well, you might think that there is nothing new in the world… People hate everything they do not understand just like they have always hated. But things are changing on this planet… The birds say that to Sandra Mendelson in her latest blog post. — If you decide to click only one link on my post today, make it that one. At least the birds know what the web of love is up to. They do not write about that in the mass media. Which is understandable. Talking about love on this planet is scary shit. You might get killed for it. Just think about what happened to that dude with a beard long time ago. ;o}

We’re bringing you a report from the field; every bird taps into this network. Well, there are bumps and hurdles and resistance, yes, but delicate changes happen first. Little bits of love are being added to the pot! There’s more softness in the air: so many of you have stopped running or at least have slowed down. Pockets of gentleness are growing larger across the globe.

— Birds via animal communicator Sandra Mendelson

Lovely, soulful earfuls

Tammy Billups has published again and her latest book is going to be published tomorrow on Audible. Yay! (If you enjoy your books as audio books, just like me.) Well, I used to like reading books. I have some sort of photographic memory and I do remember things better if I see them written – especially what it comes to the English language. — But something happened. I got old …ish. I enjoy audio books so much more these days. I like to knit while listening, that is one thing for sure. Or late at night I just want to put headphones on and enjoy every lovely soulful earful that I can get! :o)

Annoyingly so, animal communication and animal wisdom books are quite rare over Audible but I hope things change now that audio books are much more common. With this post I lure you to check out this duo; ‘Soul Healing‘ audio book was published in 2019 and ‘Animal Soul Contracts‘ will be out in 2021: April 6th.

Be sure to check out Tammy’s website for more so you know what she is all about.

There are more animal communicators in the world than ever. These precious professionals help and guide us to connect with pets and animals in a whole new way. We have made cool soul contracts with many souls before we came to play on this blue marble with each other. — Our beloved pet/animal souls included. They are big part of the puzzle… and their super power is unconditional love. Get ready for an adventure.

Happy reading – or happy listening.