Intuition or ego?


The ability to communicate with animals is innate in all of us, and it is not that difficult, than you might like to think. Do not worry about the words “psychic” or “medium”, those are just words and people who wear them are not different from you in any way. We all are intuitive, psychic, sensitive or whatever word you like to use about it. It is literally our birth right. When you are willing to take your first steps on the path of heart talk, and you start to practice animal communication yourself, you need to see when it is your heart doing the talk or your ego (mind) doing the talk. Steve Pavlina offers some tips with that. Remember, that all you need is your heart. Your heart is the link to the web of love and all the knowledge is available to you in that web – if you keep it open and free of expectations and prejudices. So, fear not, when you are ready to navigate in the web of love, just go for it. You are not alone there.