Plays With Faeries

When animal communicator and intuitive counselor Bridget Pilloud asked this cat, if she was happy (just in case – like everybody, we want our pets to be happy, too) this was the answer:

She is very happy. She said she is not so much shy as she just likes to keep to herself. She said she has a lot of fun with the fairies. She said that her life may seem boring, but it’s really quite exciting. She makes it sound like you live in a magical place! (What do you think? Do you see her looking and/or talking at something? Have you seen them?). She and I tried a bunch of different words before settling on Fairies. They aren’t Nisse or Gnomes. They are light and tiny. I think you may have a more Finnish term for these little creatures.

Can you imagine that? And we thought that she was bored… Nope. This was my first personal contact with an animal communicator, and it brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears, of course! Lovely, lovely world of cats opened up in front of my eyes, it was magical, indeed.