Your strange is my normal!

Do not fear the words like psychic or medium. They are just words, these words do not make people who wear them more special or more talented than you are. (Personally, I prefer to use the term animal communicator.) Sometimes people get weird or offensive when they hear the word ‘psychic’. In my own language (Finnish) people who communicate with animals are called with the name eläinkommunikoija.

Everybody is intuitive (or psychic, if you like to use that word) so we all can communicate with animals, if that is what we choose to do. It is an innate ability in all living creatures. All you need is an open heart and mind.

The language of the heart has never needed superficial words in order to work! Words are manmade tools, the language of the heart is what we are truly inside. The ability to communicate in the web of love is our birthright.  In the world today have been “civilized” out of this ancient ability, because our parents and spiritual, social, economical, scientific and so on “authorities” have told us repeatedly what is possible and what is not possible

However, it is possible. And it is not that difficult. The only limitations in this, and life in general, are your limited thoughts, beliefs and attitude. Check them often to see if your heart has enough room to fly!

You can contact your local animal communicator or seek for more guidance from the internet or from the hundreds of books about animal communication. You can use your intuition just like anybody else. You are also gifted and nothing in life is impossible… Stranger things have happened, you know.

Remember, that something that is strange to you, might be normal to me.

It is all in the attitude, in the way you view the world.