Listen with your heart

That is all you ever need to do in life. Your heart knows what is best for you, your heart knows where you are going… it knows what is your purpose. Heart knows what your soul is craving, in every moment of life. So always use this magical filter in your chest, no matter what kind of messages or books or people you meet in your life.

Like always, when messages from the spirit world are being delivered, they are also being filtered through different hearts of people, with different life experiences, with different beliefs… Our own beliefs can have an impact on the messages we channel. We leave our own heart prints in everything we do, and that applies to animal communicators as well. They are different people, too, with different personalities. (But basically they are exactly the same than you are: make no mistake about it: you have the same gift inside you, you just might not use it, or you are not aware of it – yet. But you can rekindle this ability to communicate with all life – if that is your wish. In this sense, we are the same. Nobody is better than another.)

I was reading Maia Kincaid‘s book the other day, and saw a message from a horse. This horse was answering a question about the human ego… and she said that animals have egos – but they do not use it in the same way than humans do, because they are in balance with it, and they love themselves deeply…. here is a quote (page 14, The Joy of Being Human – From the wise counsel of plants, animals, insects & the earth):

The way we see it, when a being of life loves itself and lives its life from this base of self love, life is harmonious flow of joyful adventure. Yes, we have challenges and what you humans would call tragedies at times, but we thoroughly enjoy ourselves anyway because we feel such love for ourselves and we relish the opportunity to travel through our particular physical bodies and all the individual and unique situations and circumstances of our adventures. We take what we’re born with and we go for it! We live life to its fullest no matter what vehicle we’re given to travel in, no matter where we live. We feel grateful for what we have and we enjoy being creative in our expression through our particular circumstances.

Another message from a horse was heard in our issue of The Power of Silent Wisdom 9 this year. Leyla, the horse in spirit, who is our main teacher in this e-magazine, said that animals do not have egos at all! Well, don’t panic… :o} This only shows that also horses have different personalities and they also give us teachings in a best way they can in that moment and context… and they have different methods in delivering their point to us humans. Their messages always come from the heart and they share with us the wisdom they think we need in this time – or moment.

The messages from animals can be different, there are many reasons for it, and like in everything in life; you have a free will to choose the most suitable wisdom for your own heart. Do not take everything so literally… there is much more to life than the physical eyes can see… Messages from the spirit – and from the animals – are not exact science, because there is no exact science. (The ego would love the exact science.. and your ego would love to tell you that all these people, these people called animal communicators, are liars… but they are not, and your heart knows it, because your heart can feel the love in every message from the animal kingdom.) Life flows and life changes… continuously, and it never stops. Nothing stays the same in life.

Also beliefs change during your lifetime many times, and that is only natural, because you are growing as a soul.

Love flows, and love speaks with different words sometimes, however, the main thing here is that the point of the message is understood and that the love is felt in the heart. Let the love flow and take what your heart is able to take from any message/book you read, and enjoy it. Use it for the Highest Good. Let your soul take flight. You are always in the right place at the right time. So you can relax… no matter what the ego tries to tell you.

Keep calm and use your heart.

That is the only way you can navigate in this world, or in the world of spirit as well. We are different and we use different words… we use different languages. (My native language is not English, yet I am speaking to you here, in this way, and hoping that you get my drift…)  Animal communicators read different energies when they deliver messages from animals, then they have to put that energy into words… it is not always easy… but what I know by now is that there is always love and great wisdom in animals and plants and the earth.  They will never harm us with their messages. They do not judge, humans are the ones who do all the judging on this planet! Animals – and the whole nature – are the balanced ones, and we humans are the only ones who have huge, sometimes very harmful and chaotic, agendas on this planet. We are here to learn from the animals – fortunately they are willing to teach us how to calm our unbalanced egos.

Listen to the animals with your heart.

Don’t sweat the small stuff… feel the love they send to you!

They do love you, you know.