Manure is a great source of information

Art: Debra Saum.

One of the most amazing animal communication articles I’ve read recently is Debra Saum’s article on webpage. What a blast of information. Debra is specialized in communicating with horses and she finds the connection between humans and horses especially profound. Listen what she found out about horse poo from a horse named Alana:

How many of us have watched our equine friends smell the leavings of their fellow horse mates?  Alana’s explanation said it all.  Checking out manure isn’t just about getting a whiff of the neighbors’ poop; it’s about gathering information.  One good sniff creates an instant pop-up picture of not only where that horse lives and what they had for lunch, but how they feel about their lives, their neighbors, their owner and whether or not it’s friend or foe.  You can be sure the longer your horse sniffs, the more information he/she is processing.

Animals are sensitive – much more sensitive than we give them credit for – much more sensitive than we are… but all we need to do is to practice listening to our hearts and we can learn to be sensitive as well. Can you smell feelings? What do you think they smell like for us humans? Poo or roses?

We humans are quick to judge poo with words like “shit” or “yuk”. We see it only as a bad thing, something filthy. Animals never do that, and there obviously is a pretty good reason for it. So, consider this magnificent article by Debra next time your dog or horse is sniffing poo and just… let him sniff his heart out before you start to scream “no” or “bad” or “yuk”.

Oh yeah, and sometimes dogs use the very same technique …on people.

Talk about ice breakers… ;o)