In the middle of Purricane

Sacred Birman called Mr. Purri

“I don’t have a pet” has been my pretty good excuse not to practice animal communication for years. Instead, I have translated material to Finnish to spread the word in this country and to help other people to see that animals are much more than meets the eye, or hand, when we gently stroke our beloved animal friends.

I was faced with Mr. Purri’s picture on a complete stranger’s wall on Facebook. He needed to find a new home as soon as possible, because someone in the family was allergic to cats. I had no intention to get a cat at this point of my life. Nope. Then one medium said to me that he is coming to you. Well, it made me wonder if there is something behind it and went back to take a good look at his eyes.

I felt his energy immediately. I have no idea what it was, but there were soon tears in my eyes.

I made the decision in my heart then and there. I contacted the person and Mr. Purri arrived to my “cave” 16 hours later. I could sense his energy even better when he was close to me. Couple of people confirmed that there is a connection between us that goes back to ancient Egypt – we both have lived there. I was stunned about this beautiful, sweet soul of a cat, who I first thought to be the reincarnation of my late cat. But there seemed to be more to all this than that.

I felt blessed and amazed at the same time. I am very grateful for this super model. I know he will help me to  communicate with animals some day. I have a feeling that he has a lot to say.

Well, we soon became friends and when he is purring on my chest in bed his high energy makes me laugh. (I have laughed more than I have during the last few years with him. He knows how to make me purr.) He is staring at me with his blue eyes all the time. There are moments, when I am sitting on my computer, and when I raise my eyes and look for him, I only find him staring at me from his own bed.
A couple of weeks later another medium I know channeled several poems from different animals from Rainbow Bridge. (She makes memory bracelets for pet owners and they often come with a poem from their late pet).

One of the poems was from Mr. Purri. Here’s what he said:

Thousands of years
I visited your dreams
From my own rainbow
I thought about you
Hoping so hard that
I could be born again
With the permission
From the Lord of Karma
I sent you a dream picture
So that you would be the only one
Who recognizes me
So I came to you and
Messed up all your plans and
Now I watch you so very
Gratefully for ever…

Copyright Ruusukristalli © 2012

It feels like he knows something that I don’t know… I surely hope that he will enlighten me some day.

There are often encounters in life, when you know that everything has changed, for both sides.

This is one of them.