Haters gonna hate


I have been following animal communication stuff on a regular basis in social media, and in the whole Internet, for a few years now, ever since I started to translate AC stuff for Finnish readers. To me it seems that there are more professional animal communicators out there than ever before.

For example, new Facebook Pages advertising about animal communication services are being born every month. I have seen new faces among the animal communicators of the world, but I have noticed that there are more haters, too. And they are pretty aggressive ones… For example on Twitter, there are much more negative tweets about AC stuff than there was a year ago.

But haters are always gonna hate.

When people come face to face with something that is unusual, unthinkable and way outside their own box – or comfort zone – they often get angry, frustrated – or just plain offensive. Nothing you can really do about it… Exdept to let go of judgement and let them keep their empty opinions, because that is what they are after all, because they do not have an idea what they are talking about.

Forming an opinion is not for the faint of heart… ;o}

“What would Jesus do?” in front of all those aggressive tweets, full of anger, spite and empty opinions about pet psychics…? He always knew how to handle tricky situations with Love, maybe he would say: “Forgive them, because they have no idea what they are talking about.”

In the end, those who have used the services of animal communicators know that it works and the way they view life has changed for good. To all those, who desperately hate animal communicators, I can only say: if it doesn’t make sense to you, it does not mean that it does not work… The universal laws of love work, with or without our little human opinions made out of anger or fear.

There are usually two kinds of thing in this world: 1) things that we consider as “love” and which are dear to us and 2) things that we consider as “crap”.

Sometimes another person’s “love” is another person’s “crap” and vice versa. 

Learn to live with it.

Your opinion about something that you hear for the first time in your life, and what you are not able to wrap your head around, means nothing. Opinions are just… opinions.

Small talk.

Small talk often comes from Ego. Ego always wants to throw stuff on people you do not understand. Heart, instead, is loving and curious about new things and explores them a bit deeper, until it begins to throw opinions out to the world – and when it does it does it with love and respect.

Before throwing shit at other people, it would be also beneficial to remember that energetically We Are One, so what you do to others, you always do to yourself. 

Some words are angels, some words are devils.

Doreen & Grant Virtue have written a great book about the power of words, called Angel Words.

Choose your poison, You  have a free will to do so, but you do not need to throw poison at other people, every time you are scared, confused or overwhelmed about something that you do not understand.

That is my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Yeah, I know, some people will never get the idea of heart talk, the idea of animal communication, the idea of energies that connect us all together, now and forever. Or the fact that words are artificial and also very fickle tools of communication.

With words you can lie. Heart never lies.

And I think that some people are also very afraid of the idea that they might not be able to hide their thoughts from animals (or people for that matter). To some people it might feel very uncomfortable to admit that also animals have feelings, thoughts and opinions.(I asked a question about this fear from the Eurasian eagle owl in The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine, issue 2.)

Earth is the only place where you can lie… and afterlife is a whole new dimension to those who are lying to themselves and lying to others on a daily basis… so the joke is always on us. We are only fooling ourselves, if we do not live our own Truth and do it with Love and Compassion, not hate and judgement.

Animals are our mirrors and in them we see the lies we have said, as well as insults and also all the words of love. They show us what we are and it makes them great teachers. I am grateful for their lessons every day.

Ahh.. This is my opinion today. Opinions happen. Also to me.

Sometimes they change, because they evolve.

Empty opinions do not really matter… but they can hurt, too, that was what I wanted to say.

Maybe the best opinions are like onions, you get to peel them, one layer at a time, in the comfort of your own heart, while taking the risk that it might make you cry – or surprisingly so, laugh – with its core content, but they always leave you standing with faith, understanding and Your Own Personal Power (free will) and also full of respect towards the one who formed the onion opinion.

I must admit, places like social media and other “cocktail parties” out there, are good if you need to kill some time on this planet. There is plenty of it over here, and here we are killing time, even when time does not exist…. Humans. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

Enjoy your social media and have fun, but let me tell you that animal communicators are people, too!