Tailbook moves…

Animal Communicator

Simply put.

Tailbook supports intuitive animal communication awareness and the wisdom of animals awareness.

If you wish to write to Tailbook, as a guest writer, and share your animal communication stories, let me know.

I can help with editing and posting your stuff, by adding linkage to your text, to help people find your spot in The Universe – if blogging is not your favorite thing in the world. (I know it is my favorite thing to do.)

Now, as The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine does not exist anymore, I am willing to start a new animal wisdom related project.

To get the word out. There are more professional animal communicators out there than ever before.

But we need more.

And we need more animal wisdom awareness to change this planet to a better place for all living beings, once and for all.

What kind of moves do you have in the world of interspecies communication?