Bearberry Deva speaks



Numerous animal communicators communicate also with plants. Since I have been exploring the world of animal communication for years now, I know that communicating with plants, or plant devas, does not really differ from communicating with animals – or other entities as well. (This might not be an easy concept for you to grasp, if you have not walked down this part of your spiritual path yet.)


But if you are familiar – and in peace – with the concept of intuitive animal communication, Thea Summer Deer‘s book Wisdom of the Plant Devas is a natural step for you. This is Tailbook’s book of the month in January, 2013.

The quote in the picture is from Thea’s book and you can hear the deva of  Bearberry – Uva Ursi – speak.

Another step to the direction of plant wisdom is naturally Robert Shapiro’s Plant Souls Sppeak, which includes pretty interesting plants, like Coffee and Angelica Angelica archangellica, a plant that is said to be able to cure many types of  cancer – if it is alive and you meditate or pray with it and ask for its help!  (There is a long review of the book on Amazon; and you can see what other plants share their wisdom in Robert’s book.)