Animal Communication Interview

Trish Scott is a person to follow, if you are on Twitter. :o} And her book An introduction to animal and nature communication is a good choice, is you wish to practice the innate animal communication ability in You. We all got it. Some of us are just more aware of the process than others.


Awhile back Richard Silverwood, a freelance writer, asked for an interview about my work with Animal Communication, specifically in relation to teaching others. He is using parts of it for magazine articles but It’s interesting to me that someone asking specific questions brings about explanations I would have never thought of on my own. I would like to present the interview here in full as it is different by far from what I usually present when speaking of my work.

1. How did you first realize that you were able to communicate with animals?

Those of us who are drawn to animals do have a natural sort of communication going on but it usually takes something to push us to pursue conscious communication. I had never even heard of consciously communicating with animals until Sonya Fitzpatrick did the TV show Pet Psychic. That was fascinating but nothing that would push…

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