Animals already know how it works

We are kidding ourselves, if we think that we are the ones who teach something about the language of the heart to animals.

They are the ones, who are going to teach us…

However, they are students in the web of love, just like we are, and they are always keen to learn why humans do this and that and what is going on in their world. Animals have their own spiritual paths to walk, and sometimes they are here to learn more about humans (and life on earth in general). So explain to your animals what is going on and what you are doing: what they hate most is to be completely ignored. They wish to be part of the family, too, and do their own part in our every day lives, just like any other family member.

They might not know what for example TV, mirror, hospital, hotel, supermarket, PC or car is. Simply explain these things  to them! Aloud or in your mind – there is no difference. Your thoughts are energy and animals see your thoughts/words as pictures in their mind.

It is very simple process… Animals have no difficulties with this one, humans might have. :o}

The greatest mission of all animals on earth, is to love unconditionally, and they are very good at it. If you open up to their love and learn to accept unconditional love (it is not as easy as it sounds like) (you need to do some soul searching), you are very close indeed to learn to communicate with animals – intuitively – with the help of your heart and the web of love, where all live is connected.

We are One.

We have always been, and always will be, no matter how you might feel or think about it.

Like I have said before: If it doesn’t make sense to you it doesn’t mean that it is not true.

animal communication

comunicacion con los animales


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