Thinking outside the box just might open your heart

never mind boxes

The day you begin to explore animal communication books and other stuff related to this silent language, is a day you step outside of your box. (Often in life, we learn our biggest lessons, when we have the guts to step out of our comfort zone.) It is the first day of the rest of your life and it changes completely the way you see the world.

Never mind what others might think.

Give animals a chance to show you the way and listen to your heart.

All the magic lies there.

When I read my first book about this subject, I felt in my heart that it was magical moment. It changed the way I see the world  – the universe –  and all the animals in it, dramatically so, and I am very happy that I grabbed that book. There is no returning back for me.


My heart opened up to the wisdom of animals for good.

I am ready and willing to be their student in the web of love.

In The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine, issue 9 (PDF), Finnish animal communicator, Maria Karmi, told us what happened to her, when she finished the same book…  The book was Straight From The Horse’s Mouth by Amelia Kinkade.