Animals talk about the tsunami in Japan 2011

Two cats and a dog told Laura Stinchfield, how they saw and felt the tsunami that took place in Japan couple of years ago. She also spoke with the dog on the video:

“We are both safe. I feel many people thinking about me.  I have food and water and veterinarians have treated my paws from the sores that I have.  I will tell you that for many days before the quake I felt my head hurting and a ringing in my ears.  I felt anxious.  It was so bad that my friend and I ran far away from home. That is why we survived.  I have never run away from home before, but the rumbling noise in my head was so intense that we needed to get farther away from the noise.
I still do not know if my kids are alive but I feel my mom and dad’s hands on me petting me and telling me it will be ok, so I know they are now Angels in Heaven.  There are so many spirits trapped and wandering around not knowing that they are dead.  They look for their houses and their loved ones. The animals and people who have died and crossed-over are coming back in Angel form so that they can lead their loved ones to a safer world.
I was knocked over by a wave but we scrambled up a hill and on to some debris so we did not get the full impact of the wave.  The aftershocks are frightening and there is a terrible smell in the air. The people are thinking about transporting us out, but it is taking longer than they would like.  I know I am going to be ok because so many people are taking care of me.  They are sharing their food with us.  I know they are starving and thirsty themselves.  When I close my eyes and try to sleep I hear people screaming, the ringing in my ears, the rumble of the land and water, and the collapsing of buildings.  I see faces filled with much fear.  I am brave because that is how I survive.  I would not leave my friend because my friend is the only thing I have left and he would not leave me.  Loyalty and love are what is at the bottom of my Being when everything else has been stripped away.”

Laura writes a column in Santa Barbara Independent. (This same story about the tsunami was published also there.) There are many wonderful articles over there.

This particular post about the earthquake and tsunami in Laura’s blog  is just one example of the fact how sensitive and intuitive animals are. They know what is happening to other animals on the other side of the world. They also know when people send them love. They can see our thoughts & intentions in their mind’s eye.

They are truly connected in the web of love with each other.

So are we.

Animals are just more aware of the fact that they know what the web of love – web of life – is up to.

Humans hardly give it a thought.

Instead of listening to our hearts and our inner guidance, we just keep on watching shallow news on TV, and we have no clue what is really happening in the world, behind the illusions, on an energetic level… Is it any wonder that the world is in such a chaos?!

We are seriously blinded by the mass media  (or our inherited, strict belief systems, which do not serve us very well) or maybe we are just afraid to think with our hearts, because that would make us different, or we could lose our face… and we are so ridiculously keen to seek for the approval of others. So, just because it is so simple, we keep on believing, practically everything that we see on TV, or in the newspapers, instead of listening to our own “gut feeling”.  It would be too complicated to think different.

As the energies of the earth rise higher and higher, our humans hearts are eventually able to pop open. They rise from the mud of oblivion, to the surface like bubbles in a champagne glass, to see the light, the light that has always been there. We just simply forgot.

Maybe then we are able to stop ignoring the deepest needs of this planet, animals – and our own.

Everybody needs love, compassion and respect. Sometimes Mother Nature forces us to care for each other by reminding us painfully, how rude we have been. And every time this kind of catastrophes happen, animals are at our side, dying, suffering or surviving with us. They know why things like this happen and they forgive. They also forgive us our stupidity and blindness in the web of love. I think we also need to forgive ourselves and move on to a wiser future. I suggest we listen to animals as we do so…

They will help us to make our lives better. They already do, but they have much more to give and teach to us than we are even able to imagine – yet.

We have not respected nature and life in all of its glory in a very long time.

It would be nice, if we did.