Animal Whispers from Madeleine Walker

animal whispers by walker and crookes

Madeleine Walker‘s deck Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards from Findhorn Press is a beautiful new deck for those who wish to connect with their animal spirit guides and to work with them. Like animals in our lives are able to share their valuable wisdom with us, with the help of animal communicators, so are the animal spirit guides always near us, whenever we happen to need them, waiting for us to ask for their help or to just enjoy their magnificent energies.

Madeleine Walker is an animal communicator herself, and she has written several, profound books about the wisdom of animals. I just noticed this Animal Whispers-deck yesterday online, so I haven’t seen it yet. I will surely add it to my collections later, just like Animal Teachings, a guide to the wisdom of animals, written by another animal communicator, Dawn Baumann-Brunke.

Dawn and Madeleine are among my all time favorites: their books are beautiful, insightful and profound reading experiences, their books do change the world, because they change the reader inside – and the change comes always from withinWe need to change in order to change the world. We can only change ourselves – we have no right to try to change anything outside us, because there is a free will out there.

All living beings have a free will on this planet.

Tricky lessons for the soul, huh? ;o}

For those who wonder which animal totem or animal spirit guide they might have, I say what I always say: listen to your heart.

Whatever animal you are drawn to, is at your side at that moment. And when they appear on your path, suddenly, out of nowhere, in a spirit form, or as a picture or as a living animal, then they have a tail to tell you and you should go deeper inside your heart to hear it properly. The message is meant only for you, and you are the one who can interpret its content – inside your heart.

Remember that spirit guides come in all shapes and sizes. They might not seem real to your rational mind, but nevertheless, they are as real as they can be.

Beautiful and inspiring animal tarot decks always help, and they can inspire you and teach you more about the energies & qualities that the animals present. Animals speak the language of the heart and you never really know how, where and when they choose to speak it to you, but it is the most powerful language there is… Deep inside you already know how to speak it, so trust yourself.