Animals and our thoughts

Yeah… Animals read us and our energies. We are open books in front of them, but just like with difficult books, sometimes they do not get what they see and you need to explain them. Animals do not like to be ignored, so talk to them and tell them what you’re up to. Like you talk to a friend.

Renee Gallegos - Animal Communicator

Yes, animals do know what you are thinking. The classic scenario is when the cat disappears moments before you pull out the carrier, the dog is at the door ready to go out for his walk. When you get the thought in your head they hear it loud and clear.

Warning, be careful what you think! If there is a behavior issue and you always focus on the negative behavior, they will pick that up and continue with that same behavior. It’s what you are showing them. If you focus or give them a picture of the positive behavior, they will pick up on that and will get a better understanding of the goal. For instance, say you have a cat that starts to pee on the bed, there’s a reason she’s doing that. First things first, get a check up with the vet to rule out a medical issue…

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