An energy exchange between humans and animals is evident

Art by Julia Watkins.
Art by Julia Watkins.

Wow! Great quotes, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“We will assess your intention in your energy field first, and try to maintain a balance of tolerance for what you are bringing into our intimate space regarding ‘us’ first and our feet secondly.”

“We wish for politeness first and foremost and then quietness of mind if any co-operation is to be had.”

“A busy mind where we are not as present in thoughts compared to work or drudgery will give us difficulty in cooperating with you.”

The wilder the buzz in your energy as you approach us for anything, the more we wish to evade the interaction, so get as quiet as possible, and refrain from buzzing substances, for we feel them keenly in your aura.”

Once you touch us we are stung, so to speak, with electricity from your buzzing system – so coffee and blacksmiths never go together ideally.”

They are so beautiful expressions of the energy exchange that takes place between animals and humans. We really need to take responsibility of our own energy, if we wish to work with animals in harmony and not by forcing them to do what we want with the help of fear.

One of the reasons why animals love children is that their energy is so light and innocent and pure and their intentions are good.

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Update: Obviously the link above has died. You can see Cathy’s books where these quotes are from here.