Why is my dog/cat/horse so fearful and sensitive?

Great stuff about the sensitivity of animals in Wendy Wolfe’s old blog (new blog can be seen at http://wendywolfe.com/). Also animals react to unexpected energy changes that are taking place on Earth & the Universe right now. We are not alone: we walk through these energy shifts together with our animals. Patience is needed and it is crucial to listen to your heart in order to see the reasons behind “strange” behaviors in animals. In humans as well. Sometimes the energies are overwhelming for us all – we just might not be aware of their impact on us consciously – and we like to blame others (animals or humans) for our own inconveniences. Concentrate on Love. Love heals all the energy heaps. :o}

Wendy Wolfe's Blog

This is probably one of the most frequent questions I receive from communication clients.  They have an animal that seems more fearful or sensitive to noise, movement, people, energy, etc.  They may be more prone to illness or allergies too.  Of course there are many reasons this can happen.

Certainly experiences of trauma can cause an animal to be more fearful and being raised under certain conditions can also promote more sensitivity or fearfulness.  But I have found more often that the animal has just been born more sensitive.

People expect there to be a specific reason for the fear or sensitivity but very often it is because they are wired differently. While I would say that all animals are sensitive empaths by nature, some of them are definitely more sensitive than others, much like those of us humans that are highly sensitive empaths.  Frequently they come into our lives…

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