Straight from the dog’s mouth

Energy healing duo called Reiki Fur Babies has done amazing work among animals.

They do energy healing and also communicate with animals in the process. In addition they attune animals to reiki energy – I have done that also – and I think that it helps the animals to channel healing energies much better: which is something they do naturally and anyway whenever they are close to us.

Many animals are natural healers and energy workers and they do understand energies much better than we humans!

Brownie does not get girls

I just remembered a picture Reiki Fur Babies posted on Facebook a few months ago. This is a perfect moment to remember it, because the Valentine’s Day is getting closer.

Meet Brownie. The text on the picture said:

” Asked Brownie if he wanted to go for a walk he said yes. As I applied Chapstick he said I don’t get girls. LOL! 

See the picture on Facebook.




What about you, do you get girls?

I admit, I don’t get boys very well…