Puppy stuff excerpt

puppy talk

What about our voice tone?

Well, sometimes you think if you sound mad that we get it better, that we were bad or something like that.

But see that there is no bad in dog.

There is only your idea of behavior that you formed for us, and we have nothing to do with that after all, and are simply innocent bystanders, momentarily mirroring your distress at something impossible to comprehend for us.

So we mirror your sounding mad for bad but it is only a mirror, saying ‘see how you look and feel inside about what you are thinking about me, the doggie that adores you.’

It is such a mismatch you see, to think you could make dog feel bad about anything to do with you, for we only see the best bits of you for the most part, and ignore what doesn’t matter to us, which is everything else.

So growl at us if you must, we will mirror the exact thing you need to stimulate thought in you to change that tone or thought about us which is incorrect, incongruent and impossible for us to believe you could think about such an excellent, precious being sent to love you!

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