What do pets talk about during an animal communication session?

Couple of years ago our family dog had a chance to say what she had to say via Finnish animal communicator, Maiccu Kostiainen.

You can never really know what the animal is going to say to you beforehand – but frankly, very often and quite soon they begin to talk about the most important thing that there is: love.

Sara the dog made us cry and laugh – and the tear alert is very real for you too.


Sara The Dog Speaks

Listen to Sara:

” My dear people, I wish to say some things to you that I carry in my heart and also some things that are important for you to know in this stage of my life. You do know that I am not a young girl anymore, don’t you? I have dignified amount of years behind me, but that is not a reason to feel any pity or sorrow. I am as old as I am supposed to be in this moment. I am in a respectful age and I have had a chance to share all the wisdom I was supposed to share with you in this life, and the wisdom that I thought was important. There are not many things left to tell you, or teachings that I haven’t already given to you. Now, as I am in this point of my life, I wish I can teach you the most important lessons of my life. Especially, when you grow old, do remember me at this age then.

Enjoy your lives, relax, have some fun and pamper yourselves. Eat whatever you wish to eat, cream and sugar. I would like to eat minced meat and ham and maybe some small sausages, it is time to feast and enjoy, it is not a time to be sorrowful.

(Maiccu’s Note: This little lady here is obviously using this opportunity for her own advantage, and she hopes to get some sausages and treats, but that’s fine, it shows that she has a sense of humor. Sara has a big, wide grin on her face, it looks like she is giggling inside, thinking ‘people are so easy to bluff’.)

I sleep when I am sleepy and I am awake some part of the day. I am not keen to listen to your drivel anymore, there is nothing really that I haven’t already heard. And my hearing is not as good as it used to be anyway. It doesn’t matter if I miss something. I like to lie down and be rubbed. People, do not worry about my condition. I continue as long as I can, and when the time comes to move to the other side, you will surely know it. When I want to leave and I do not enjoy my life anymore, you will see that from my eyes; I am asking for the permission to leave. I tell you, I hope that I can make my transition gracefully. You do not need to wait till the day when I am not able to get up or move anymore, that is why I say that I want to go with my own feet. That is my wish. And even if you waited that I reach the end naturally, that is your decision to make and it is just as right as any other solution. I am not saying what is right or wrong, it is just my own wish. I have sometimes hoped that The Christmas ham would fall down to the floor, but it never has. So I do know that not all the wishes come true.

I still have time left and a lot of love to give to you, a lot of affection to receive. Do not cry for something that is not yet here. We cry together when we apart, it is never a final goodbye anyway, so the crying will not last forever. Sorrow is just sorrow and it is one part of life, it teaches and it cleanses us. I know the time will come, but there is no need to think about that right now. Crying always cleans us and gives us a relief. Sometimes I have been sad to see how you people cry and fight… How small, meaningless things they have been sometimes. I do not worry for too long, since there is nothing I can do about such things, all I can do is just to be present and to console. I have been like a comfort giver, that has been my role down here on Earth. I have been happy for the opportunity to be near you and share my life with you, to share all your joys and sorrows. I have understood more than you can ever imagine. I have not always been very easy dog, especially not when I was a young girl. Now I am old and wise. I remember with joy my younger days. I run after rabbits in my dreams. Dreams are wonderful, I can be just as I was when I was young, in a good shape and full of energy. It is enough for me that I can be young and fast in my dreams. But I am not a senile yet, I am still able to delight you from time to time with my fits of energy.

I do not have much pains, all my tumors are caused by my old age. They are visible, and that is exactly what they mean: that I am quite old. Old age brings many things into our lives and it does have an effect on our health, too. Many people and animals have plumps in their bodies as they grow old. They all have many explanations, they are caused by stress, or worries or whatever negative thought that you have made. It is just life, there is no need to analyze them too much. There is no need to feel guilty if I have partly taken some of your burdens to carry. I have had a great mission here and I am going to talk now with very big words, when I say, that I have been as HAPPY as possible. I have nothing to regret and neither do you. Life as it is is perfect and you will understand that when the time comes to understand. Maybe when we meet each other in another dimension. Everything is perfect, my home, my people, everything.

One very important moment for me is when you people come back from the grocery store. I am so anxious to see what kind of treats you got there? Let’s live in this moment, so there will never be anything to regret. There is something for you to ponder today. Regret, what is it? Love conquers regret, it conquers everything and you know it! Love, that’s it. Let’s feast and enjoy as long as we have time, and that is unknown and to know exactly how much time there is, is unnecessary! “