Reconnection and reincarnation of pets in the river of life

Like many of us have already noticed, our pets can reincarnate, too (just like us), and they can sometimes come back to us from the magical Rainbow Bridge.

They might not look exactly the same, but the soul essence in their eyes is always the same.

The eyes are windows to the soul and they really are one of the best ways to recognize the soul of your dear animal friend, who is wishing to return to your family.

(I myself have a cat who returned to me – after thousands of years. I felt something “click” in my heart when I looked into his eyes in a photo. I had no idea what hit me, but I knew he was supposed to be with me. We had an energetic connection and there was no question about it.)

Many people sense that their new pet feels “oddly” familiar, but they are not able to put their finger on it… Or the idea feels way too scary for them. The reason why pets come back to us, in a new body, is their love for us. They love us so much that they wish to be at our side over and over again. Many of them have shared different lifetimes with us. They belong to the same soul family with us, their energy is quite familiar to us and helps us to recognize them.

It is good to remember that love will always find a way. And if there is a will, there is a way.

Thoughts create energy and energies tend to manifest of a physical level.

Ask your pet to come back; if that is what s/he wishes, and ask it to happen for the Highest Good.

Then wait for the magical stuff to happen… :o)

(Remember, it is not always a young puppy. For example my cat was 6-years-old when he found me. — With the help of Facebook. Obviously sometimes social media and magic are at the same page…)

I have browsed Brent Atwater’s book “Animal Reincarnation” lately.

As an energy healer I do understand how energies work, but it always amazes me how simple everything is in the world of energies… Brent gives many good ideas and instructions to people who wish to reconnect with their pet. This book can also give you great consolation, if you have just lost your pet. (There is also a new video on YouTube from Laura Stinchfield about Animals, Death and Afterlife, for those who ponder this kind of stuff.)

Many animals wish to return to the earth, sooner or later. (Just like humans.) This is the ultimate playground of the soul after all… :o}

And when you begin to do your magic, when you cast your wish to the Universe,  the most important thing to do, is to trust in the process. According to the law of attraction, YOU create your life with your thoughts – so keep thinking and imagining how things work out: the intention behind your thoughts (wishes) is everything. Trust in Love and keep your eyes and heart open, so that you are able to recognize the signs the Universe (and your pet) is showing to you. (BTW: Animals know exactly how the law of attraction works – we talked about LOA with animals in one of our e-issues of The Power of Silent Wisdom, so let them show you the way.)

Trust, trust and trust. It is all about trusting your heart.

Luckily, many animal lovers are not afraid to trust the silent whispers of their heart – because they have shared their lives with such a great teachers: animals!

Well, pet loss is never painless and frankly speaking society hardly supports you when you lose a dear animal friend… but there are people in the world who do understand you and are willing to support you through the grieving process. Seek for them! Tears come, but they also go, and there is nothing but magic on the other side of the tears… On a soul level, there is nothing but Love… Animals show us how much love there actually can be… because sometimes we humans forget how big love can be… And sometimes we humans are way too clever for ourselves – we think of love as a curve ball and think that it might hurt us – but love is very simple. Love just is. Loving is very easy. And we all are capable of love, if we want to love, and death does not take love away. The connection is always there between souls. The energy is there and energy is the basis of life.




Prayer to find your pet: I ask the energy formerly known as ____________to lead me to your new being in perfect timing. So be it, it is done. Thank you.

How do I find my pet? Listen to and trust when and where your inner guidance leads.  Do not delay the timing and guidance of your inner urgings when your heart compels or incessantly nags you to search for your new pet. Act immediately!

You will instinctively “know” whether to look for a puppy, a rescue animal, in an animal shelter, on an internet search or in a newspaper ad.  Follow your heart. Your pet may just wander up and appear out of “nowhere.”  Someone may call you to “come see” this wonderful fur, finned or feathered creature that they saw, have found, are fostering or was “just turned in.” GO!

Haven’t you left yet? If you are new to listening to your inner guidance, let’s say this again:   Never overlook the little details and just pass them off as not worthy of attention. Follow through on all information presented to you, at the time it is presented and trust it is correct. All those signs lead to your pet!  There are no coincidences!

Do not be discouraged by hearing “he’s already taken or been adopted,” or sold or not available. If you KNOW in your heart that this is YOUR pet, be steadfast, keep going forward and do not be deterred by what you perceive as current roadblocks.  Kim and Sidey’s adventure are a great example of this principle. If you don’t have  that “certain knowing” in your heart and or the details don’t work out for you to get a particular animal, then the Universe is letting you know, it’s NOT your reincarnated pet! If the Universe casts doubt in your heart, then there is a reason.

Ask God/ the Universe to show you the information for your highest and best good.  And no matter what, TRUST!! When your pet has made all these efforts to return to you, all things will just “work out” in some of the most interesting, amazing and unbelievable ways so you can be together again! An “adopted” pet may never get picked up, a deposit never honored, people change their minds! The Universe will see that you are reunited one way or another! You CAN’T mess it up!

Atwater, Brent (2010-12-19). Animal Reincarnation: Animal Life After Death Answers all Your Questions about  Pet Loss, Angel Animals Immortality & Rainbow Bridge (Kindle Locations 976-1003). www. Just Plain Love® Books. com. Kindle Edition.


A good book for those, who are curious, spirituality lovers or animal lovers – or brave enough to wish to reconnect with their pets once again.