This planet is a home away from Home for all of us


This planet is not our home.

It is not a home for animals or plants either.

We are all aliens here.

We are home, yet far away Home… And some of us are far more away from Home than others… because they do not live from their heart. I find it ironic that humans are so keen to find intelligent life all over the space – and at the same time we have more intelligent and more profound fellow beings – than we are even able to imagine –  right beside us, purring in our feet, sleeping on our couches or swimming in our garden ponds.. We feed them, love them, care for them, but lack the will or ability to really listen to them…  If we did, this whole world would change in an instant.

Luckily, we have people who are not afraid to listen to the silent wisdom of animals and they write it down for all of us to enjoy. Jacquelin Smith is one of them and I have chosen her book to be the book of the month in April.

Jacquelin Smith‘s Star Origins and the Wisdom of Animals book shows us the same than many other animal (soul) communication books: animals do know where they come from, and they know where they are going when their bodies eventually die. They know what kind of energetic work they came to do on this planet, they know they are important and beloved part of The Web of Love and they are proud of the (spiritual) work they do.

Many of them came here to teach us, and this book also has many amazing, wise and friendly teachers, who speak about love and life. For example, you hear (excerpt from the book in a photo above) what a giant tortoise from Galapagos Islands has to say to us humans. (Other animals in this book are, for example, owl, cat, dog, roach, turtle, bat elder, sea horse, llama, firefly, bee elder, gorilla elder, electric eel & raccoon to mention a few.)

I felt calm and happy when I finished Star Origins & the Wisdom of Animals. It made me very happy — just like Amelia Kinkade‘s* book made me happy when I read my first animal communication book ever about 5 years ago. After that particular day I was hooked on the wisdom of animals, and I still am. They never fail to educate and/or entertain me and they also make me cry sometimes – in a good and cleansing way… Animals are healers –  also on the pages of books.

However, Jacquelin’s book made me understand, maybe for the first time, that we are in the same boat with animals (& plants) on this Funny Little Planet called Earth, because we all are nothing but aliens here: this is home away from Home for all of us, we have come from other places or planets to live here, to play here and to learn amazing soul lessons in flesh and bone, as spiritual souls, who are having – more or less – brief physical experience.

And most of all: we have all come to l-o-v-e here. Love always remains as the biggest lesson of all. Aye, some human lessons about love are learned with great and definitely unnecessary human drama (IMNSHO), but well, what can you do? Enjoy the ride… ha ha. On a personal level, I have to say that as much as people have hurt me and forced me to close my heart, in order to protect myself from additional pain, just as much the animals (and nature) in my life has been able to open my heart. It is easy to let animals love you. Humans? Hmm.. Not so easy. That much I know to be true from my own experience and I know it is true for many others as well.

You just gotta love the way animals act as heart openers on this planet. You can see examples of this every day, even if you do not own a pet yourself. Just take a look around you. Their unconditional love gently opens up our human hearts and it can also open our minds to much bigger possibilities in the web of life, bigger than we ever could have been able to even imagine in our very restricted human heads…(After all, human rules are just that – human rules. Nature has none. Nature has Love and love is always unrestrained & almighty.) It is crucial for us to widen our understanding of the magic of life, otherwise we keep on disrespecting and destroying life, thinking greedily that we (humans) deserve to have it all, no matter what.

We are greedy and needy bunch, if we keep on living outside our hearts. We can’t keep on studying love, by dissecting and analyzing it to death, forever. We just need to love… And yes,  it seems that the illusional days of separation from All Life, are finally coming to an end what it comes to humanity. Animals are big part of the change that is taking place in our own consciousness right now.

The energies of Earth are like never before.

We are going to take Love from theory to practice.

We will be so surprised… or at least act like we were. ;o}


* Oh, yeah, the next book of the month will be from  Amelia: she has published again (!!!) and I know that when I get her new book in my hands, I will have to read it immediately. She is one of the best animal communicator authors there are in the world. There is no question about that – in my book.