The Miracle of Love ~ A horse story

“And when you said I am a magic horse, I remembered that too! And suddenly, I could see the angels again. ” Words are magic… ;o} Thank You for posting this.

Tofino Psychic

One beautiful thing about the CARE Fundraiser, is that some people who can afford it are gifting readings to other people who don’t have the budget for this service.  One reading was gifted to a kind woman named Betsy, who rescues horses.  They sent me a picture of the 22 year old mare, Nana, who they wanted me to read.

Nana has a very sad story, which I will not burden you with, because it is behind her.  As soon as I saw Nana’s picture, I knew she was special – and I immediately replied and said so.  The story of her background and current condition was in stark contrast to this beautiful soul I saw in the photo:


A few days after we booked the appointment, Betsy sent out this email to her contact list, to update people on Nana’s condition:

Today Nanna came running over to me for…

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