Cats are soft healers – of the harder energies of humans

In Kitty Stuff by Kitties: question & answer book cats tell Cathy Seabrook how they heal their people by absorbing their harder and heavier energy – and this is the reason why sometimes bladder crystals & stones manifest in cats.


What is the solution to this, according to cats? “Treat the people, heal the bladder stones. Simple!”

I also read Cathy’s book The Spiritual Nature of Horse Explained by Horse recently. It was mind boggling. These answers & questions books are a must for all animal lovers… Cathy used to be a vet but after she met her magic horse, Dante, she eventually became an animal communicator.

It is so damn interesting to hear what is the spiritual side of animals, and their diseases and so on. (Because there is always the spiritual side.)

I am in the middle of ‘Kitty Answers’ at the moment and I can hardly put it down.

I had the same “problem” with ‘The Spiritual Nature of Horse’.

Choose yours from many (Q & A) books written by Cathy & animals!  You won’t regret it.

If you are not a horse person, or cat person, then maybe you are a pony person or puppy person? (BTW: There is more horse stuff in books: Train Your Horses by Horses and   The Spiritual Nature of Horse Training Explained by Horse: An Incomparable Conversation with One Exceptional Horse and His Human.) (FYI: Heart Hole Piece Named Horse is a children’s story.)

If you have pain in your heart, because you have lost a beloved pet, read Cathy’s book Survive Saying Goodbye To Your Pet… Or check out  the webpage with the same name.)

In addition to many webpages, Cathy has also Facebook Page.

Like I have said before – we need to be more responsible and more aware of our personal energies. When we heal ourselves, we heal our furry friends around us. So many of their illnesses – and behavioral problems  – derive from their humans. The change comes from within – within us, people.

I feel so blessed and grateful in front of these words from animals… They are truly speaking straight to our hearts, nudging them softly and helping them to open up to Love that was lost in the winds of history and frankly, in very annoying spiritual devolution, a way back in time.

Animals bring us back to our future with their love & wisdom.

Because time is not linear… :o}

Heck, I am getting back to my book. Later.

Just wanted to share something interesting with you. Have a nice day!