Laughing with animals – not at them



Animals have a good sense of humor.

You will notice that soon after you grab one of the dozens of animal communication books out there. You can also notice it by taking a closer look at your own pet. S/he is a specialist in making you laugh. Let him do his job and enjoy the ride!

I love to laugh with animals… not at them. (Well, maybe I laugh at my cat sometimes. But he knows I love him to the moon and back.)

The last time I was laughing in front of the words of animals was yesterday. I was looking for something online and suddenly I found myself in the middle of animal quotes, straight from the mouths of animals and doing LOL after LOL.

The reason behind my LOLs were some excerpts from pet psychic Jeanne Miller‘s next book. (She is obviously publishing again soon.)

Squiggles here, (in the pic) with his words,  shows that we should pay attention to what we talk in the presence of animals/pets…

Because they understand everything.

Fortunately animals do not dwell on stuff like this – like humans so often do.


What would you think, if somebody told you that your face is ‘pushed in’? 

Thought so…



Notice that Jeanne Miller’s first book is available for free in Kindle Store at the moment!