What do puppies say about puppy mills themselves?

puppy mills by puppies

When you ask an opinion from an animal, they always look at life from the viewpoint of love, no matter how much our human eyes saw nothing but sorrow, pity or horror in a certain life situation… It is also good to remember that all the negative feelings (energies), like pity for example, (animals never pity themselves and they never ask us to pity them) more harm the one you pity than help them to move on with their life. If you save a puppy from a puppy mill, love him with all your heart and be grateful that you have found each other, according to the soul contract between the two of you. A dog always chooses its home, just like any human puppy chooses his or her family on this earthly plane… Puppy is a puppy made out of love, no matter where it was made or when, through the eyes of the soul there is nothing but love and only that.


“What about puppy mills?   We have a comment here on this situation, but it is very, very serious now.   Most people dread this word, but in fact puppy mills provide puppies to people who need puppies.   And the sorrier we look the better we are taken care of, and the prouder people seem to have rescued us from such a start.   It is, no matter, a start, and all puppies crave a start somewhere.   We know not the difference it seems, whether puppy mill, or backyard breeding, or shelter of lost – we all begin somewhere and know our stories with you.   So it is but a short wait to find you generally, and nothing we begrudge our beginning with.   See it as the place our love story began, for your intention with us overrules our memories so completely once we find you, all we think of is our ‘now’ with you, not the ‘then’ before, which is blurred already with tears of happiness in our hearts.”

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