Communicating with your pet with the help of tarot deck

I The Fool - The Original Dog Tarot
I The Fool – The Original Dog Tarot

Tarot decks are fun and great way to do some soul searching.

Why not to do it together with your pet?

The spirit is always eager to send us messages – with the help of our intuition – that it makes no difference what kind of tools we use in our communication down here on the earthly plane.

We all are intuitive – there is no question about that – but some of us are just better to see the clues and signs than others. If we do not hear the silent whispers of our heart then the universe finds another way to really get your attention. Sometimes human heads are too thick to get through, but don’t worry; spirit always finds a way.

For example your angels might send you a message to the question you have been pondering about for days simply in the form of a song lyrics when you “randomly” reach out your hand to find another radio station in your car while driving to work. The Universe is clever enough to find the way to your head… if your heart misses a beat. If you have a strong feeling that there is a certain message in a certain situation, especially meant for You, then there is!

The universe has no limits when it comes to imagination. Expect the unexpected and let yourself be guided. Your pet can be your guide, too, (and s/he probably IS) and what a guide s/he is: a guide who kisses you and licks your face with pure unconditional love whenever you are in need of a little – or big – wet kiss.

Angels can’t kiss you (and it pisses them off) – but pets can – and they are very good and eager kissers with very big hearts.

So I am going to tell you that you can be sure that if you have some questions to ask from your dear pet(s), they might find their way to answer you and get the message to your mind in numerous ways. If the message comes as a song, or as a line in a newspaper that stops you in your tracks or as a tarot card, accept it gracefully in your heart.

I have dozens of tarot decks and spirit animal oracle cards and I enjoy their company almost on a daily basis, but not many of my numerous decks make me laugh so much than The Original Dog Tarot with its witty dog wisdom.

Let me remind you here that I do not have a dog myself…

I have a sacred Birman called Mr. Purri and he actually walks like a dog in a leash, so he is close enough.. ;o}

I did not hesitate for a second to communicate with him with the help of this fantastic deck. Mr. Purri is quite verbal dude, however, sometimes our skills to communicate with each other have left the building and then I ask for clarification, more or less desperately, from the tarot decks.

And it does work!

The results I got with The Original Dog Tarot were amazing, like always when you pick a tarot card and listen to its message with your heart. Even though the texts talk about dogs they gave brilliant advice & laughs for me and my cat master, who is always happy when I laugh, so the joy this deck spreads with it is a great bonus.

Animals love to see us laugh. Joy is one of their biggest mission on earth.

Heidi Schulman has done great job by fine tuning the texts in the little booklet that comes with the deck. (The booklet is printed on a quality paper and it will last for years and years when you work with your pet(s). There have been some decks to help you to communicate with animals earlier, but this is such a brilliant & natural choice for dog people. (Well, I am a cat person and I do love this deck. I think it is one of the best animal tarot decks there are out there.)

Animals are intelligent, thinking and feeling creatures, always with a purpose among us, and there is no need to feel frustrated if you do not “hear” them with your heart like all the animal communicators out there do: use tarot deck as a helping tool and you can hear you pet, too.

Like always with animal communication (if you are practicing it yourself) trust what you get. Trust what the card says! Ask an additional question if you do not get the message. Sleep on it to see if the dreams give you some clues how to move on. Keep your eyes and mind open. There are signs for you… always.

I bet you enjoy the card game with your dog with this particular tarot deck  – or whatever pet you use it with.

One of the cards is called The Hangdog (XIV). Here is his message:

” The Hangdog asks, “Which of my hideously Homo sapiens habits is perplexing or puzzling my pet?” Do you and rocket leave the house each morning for your walk, only to return two of three times to make sure the stove is turned off and the windows locked? Do you go out, the leave her dragging her leash for 25 minutes as you look for your lost keys? Do you fill Django’s dinner bowl with scrumptious offerings and leave it neglected on the kitchen counter while you take a phone call from your best friend just back from her astrology reading? If your precious Bosco continually stares at you with a bewildered expression, cocking his head, eyes darting left to right and back again, consider that your spaced-out behavior and mixed signals are to blame. Dogs like order, and you are turning your pooch’s canine world upside down. The message for humans who draw this card is: Remember your actions affect others. If you want your dog, or other people, to understand you, try being less of a ditz. If you don’t like an effect, don’t cause it. “

Great text, don’t you think?

Whatever card you ever pick, you always know inside you what the Message behind it is.

You know, there is a place inside you that knows stuff.

More than you can ever imagine.

That place is your heart. Hear your heart!

And if you need some tools outside yourself to listen to your heart (your pet always talks to you through your heart) tarot cards are one option. If you have a dog and you wish to understand your soul contract with him/her better, The Original Dog Tarot is a deck for you. (Naturally you can use whatever deck you have at home at the moment! The message is there, believe me, no matter what the deck.)

I am sure Mr. Purri agrees with me.

While waiting for the Cat Edition, we are simply using the Dog Tarot… because it is fun and good for the soul.

Mr. Purri on one of his evening walks.
Mr. Purri on one of his evening walks.

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