Truth is always stranger than fiction

cat wants and gets glasses
The cat in this picture has nothing to do with the cat story below.

Animals are not stupid.

They see and hear everything their humans do.

They understand much more about life than we care to believe.

Or what do you think about the Facebook status medium & animal communicator Amanda De Warren posted a few hours ago on Facebook:

kitty gets glasses

When people begin to practice animal communication they typically are not able to trust what they get. They always think that “I must have made it up myself in my own head“.

The stranger stuff you get, the more sure you can be that you did not make it up…  This kitty is one perfect example of that.

It is important to keep your mind open and leave all preconceived ideas behind if animal communication is something you wish to do. It helps to learn to meditate. By meditating you can clear your head from any expectations your (anxious) Ego is trying to make up.

A heart never makes stuff up – heart only hears.

Frankly, I never would have imagined what this kitty said to Amanda, even though I know animals watch humans very keenly and know everything about our human ways. Sometimes they ask to have same things they see humans wearing.

This story has a very happy ending, indeed, and the kitty can see again.

I remember reading about another cat, who was asking her human to wash the windows because she wanted to be able to look outside through clear windows!

I have kept my windows clean ever since.

For my man, Mr. Purri.