Do animals use swear words?

Do animals use swear words, you might ask.

Well, yes they do… at least some of them.

Years back I almost peed in my pants when I saw this tweet, posted by Bridget Pilloud, a professional intuitive and an animal communicator.


The tweet above also made me think that we should always ask for the opinion of animals before we make too many assumptions what is “good” for them and what is “bad” for them.

They know their likes and dislikes much better than we humans.

But f-words…!

It seems that sometimes animals “take notes” and learn words from people (also from TV or radio) just like children…  And  so they do know how to emphasize their messages with powerful language when they feel stressed of frustrated enough (with human behavior…). Come to think of it, animals can even pick up a dialect or other lingo from their surroundings!  See Jamie’s I talk with animals-page. She says:  “A donkey spoke to me with a Yiddish accent, using Yiddish expressions to express herself.”

Ahh… An “idiot” is a word I have heard from the mouths of animals more than once, so consider yourself warned… ;o}

We also met swearing Mr. Badger in The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine, issue 7,  and he was also emphasizing his message about humans with one power word. He said: “If you knew how to take care of each other, also by laughing a little and having fun and being in joy and enjoying it, the life of humans would not be so bloody serious and joyless.”

swearing mr badger

Well put, Mr. Badger. Indeed.

I will never forget how Mr. Badger ran to me on one of my evening walks, exactly 3 years ago.

He was so happy and I felt like he was singing to himself la la la la la…. as he suddenly approached me on a narrow country road.

Little did I know at the moment about what he was going to share with our readers.