Enlightening and ecstatical explanations from a cat

magic cat explains creation

One of my summer readings is dictated by a cat. A very special cat.

Magic the cat reminds us in one of Yael and Doug Powell’s Say “Yes” To Love

 Books that God is not IN everything, God IS everything. When we live through our heart we become one with God – make love with God – and that also makes us Free, free to return Home… It is one heck of a reminder to people who are slaves to their chattering minds, cell phones, radios, TV-sets and so on. Magic the cat says that heart is the only intelligence there is… and when you live from the heart, every encounter, in this very moment, is pure bliss.

Here’s a little excerpt from “Magic Cat Explains Creation”:

“I greet you as the presence of God/Goddess, our Beloved Creator. What joy can we share together in this moment?”

This is how those in the natural world introduce themselves. This is my greeting to everything and anything that I meet. If I am on the deck and a fly comes tinto my field, I stop. I hold very still.  And I sense that fly with my entire being. I sit within the space of our meeting and I honor the fly. In the moment of our meeting there is nothing else. There is only the acknowledgment of life. Life meeting life. God meeting God.

We speak then, in the languages of energy. I marvel at the movement of its wings. I hear the little engine of its heart. I note the direction of its intent.  Then I am expanded. The energy pulsing around our meeting, which is a warmth and a buzzing of vibration, expands. I take in the larger deck, the other insects, the trees and sky, and the many nuances of this meeting of Goddess. This then grows into an aw
Then I turn my head. The experience shifts. If there is no life form in my view with which to commune, then I become anamored of the larger patterning – the energies swirling above that you would call angels – the beautiful, oh, so beautiful voices of the wind – the glorious touch of the sun. And every one responds to my acknowledgement. With every connection of my consciousness with another, a very real conversation will ensue.areness of being cradled in the Great Presence. This then grows in an awareness of being cradled in the Great Presence. Then our meeting is complete, for in that larger framework I experience it. I experinece it. I experience the wholeness of our meeting.  I acknowledge God before me and Goddess within me. I see if there is a larger message for me in Goddess’ language as fly. Whether there is a direct message or not, there is always a meaning – a meaning as the weavings of Love soflty join and caress and then join again in another way.

And through every single one of these, Goddess shows myself to me. I am cat. I am cat grand and all powerful. I am cat, beautiful and decorative. I am cat, the angel’s messenger, as I rise to come to you. I am cat, the serenaded, as the wind sings me Love songs. I am cat, the Magic one, as you look at me. And in each of these, I know myself in all my possibilities – for this is the blessing that Goddess gives us in this glorious universe. We are ever discovering. Discovering our Creator in all Her majesty. We are ever in Love with Her as we merge in passionte embrace with every form of life.

This is LoveMaking. Oh, I live a grand life of ecstasy! I live in the great LoveMaking of God (or Goddess , or whatever words describe them, the glorious positive and negative energies of All That Is). To us in the natural world, this is how it looks. If we are male, as I am, then Our Creator is She. And in every encounter with any other energy within Her being, I am merging with her.

With every being and every energy I encounter, I am joined in ecstatic holy embrace. I move forth in openness and I am absorbed into each and every part of Her. I am merged in my being in a beautiful melding of heart and spirit. In this joining, I experience completely who this being is in Goddess, while we are joined in a passionate embrace of spirit. Thus I know that being, be it fly or mouse or butterfly – I have become one with it.

I know this must be the same experience that you humans have Making Love with your SoulMate. It is a complete melding of being in which I am one with them. In this moment of oneness, my consciousness expands to take in the whole of Creation as it relates to the union I am experiencing. This moment is pure bliss. “Ecstasy,” I believe is what you might call it. This joining is a thrust and an acceptance, just as in the physical act of sexual union. And it is experienced with 100% of my entire being – my body, my cells, atoms, rivers of blood, sparkling nerve fibers, flashing twinkling lights of expression and feeling.

This becomes expanded into the explosion of Creation. So you see, I am Making Love with God. Or, actually I guess I should say, I am Making Love with Goddess, because when the Creator takes me into each experience, it is what you would call sexual, for Creation itself is ever pusling with the original explosion of Creation.

I have observed carefully human orgasm in LoveMaking. And I got it! It is the exact same thing! The pulsing waves of ecstasy and feeling that humans have is the very same thing that is happening eternally with Goddess. And the moment I “enter into” a communion with any form of life, I experience the same thing. The moment I allow myself to merge with Goddess, at that moment I experience the “waves” of ecstasy. There are pulsatios that lift and thrill and bless every fiber and particle and energy of my being. I experience this always when I greet, in Goddess, another being or living energy. Ths is a LoveMaking. However, is seems to me that it could be just simply experienced with Goddess, rather than with Goddess as mouse or Goddess as tree or Goddess as wind. Ths I don’t know because for me it is always as a communion with another entity.

The reason I am sharing this is to help you to “get out of your skin”. I want to assist you to go beyond your belief that orgasm is two people, and begin, together, to join the ongoing LoveMaking that is God/Goddess. I know that you, dear human friends, are on the verge of something very, very big, because you have a special relationship with God. So when you can leap that divide, “get out of your skin” sense, and join in this way of greeting and experiencing life, you will be universal citizens. You will also, at long last, finally begin to grasp the amazing mindboggling beauty of Nature and the gift of this world you live in.

We of the natural world have watched with disbelief your display of selfishness. But, ever loving Goddess began to show us how to see you with compassion and Love. She showed me how limited your vision is and said to me, so gently, in that way of Hers, “Magic, can you imagine living life like this`” This She said swhile showing me how most of you believe that everything you are is locked inside your bodies. No glorious permeability. No sense of singing wonder as you touch energies with your aura. No view of the scintillating wonder of living vibrations of light that we see everywhere. Well, I certainly found my eyes opened.

Magic Cat (an enlightened animal) explains Creation – Through Yael and Doug Powell. Pages 147-151.

So here is something for you to ponder, the next time you meet a fly, or a cat, or a dog, or even a crocodile. Not to mention your Beloved One.

Everyting that is, is energy.

Everything that is, is love/God/Goddess… including us.

Looking at life through the heart center means that you see the truth and nothing but the truth – there are no lies in the Web of Love. That is how all of nature sees the fellow beings they meet and greet. We humans might learn something from this, even though we sometimes seem to be slow learners… We keep on pondering theories about “the big bang” – instead of just living the life of “big bang”.

But we have great teachers around us, almost everywhere we go; the are beside us, sleeping on our couches or purring in our feet… Our sweet and forever faithful animal friends.

And life truly is ecstatic and magical, when you concentrate to your heart instead of your mind (Ego).

I have seen glimpses of that ecstasy and it is way beyond this limited human experience we are way too used to on this planet.

Bliss is not what it seems to be, but what is, when we have such a limited way to see and experience life? We need to open up, we really need to get out of our skin more often.

Life is mindboggling when you get the hang of it, and I would say this whole book is also mindboggling… Cats are masters of energies and it is very interesting to hear how they experince life and its many expressions of energy on earth — and how much we humans can learn from this knowledge.

I highly recommend this book to those who are drawn to it. (E-book is $8.00 USD.)

You know who you are…