Aunt Julie rocks!

Interesting excerpt from Julie Rich’s first book.(Click to make it larger and readable.)

So it happened that I uploaded the first book of Aunt Julie‘s  3 books to my Kindle Paperwhite yesterday.

I did take my time to grab her books. I have seen them online for a long time, but somehow they never “clicked”, until now.

(Her all three books were published after her death.)

I find it hard to put it down. It is filled with enlightening information about animal communication, animal communicators (some call them pet psychics, but Aunt Julie was not a big fan of that word and neither am I) and animals. I am joining the posthumous fans of Aunt Julie and will definitely read all of her books eventually.

She rocks!

Among other things, I enjoyed the chapter “Do animals watch TV?” a lot, since I have heard about pets who actually do watch TV and also my own cat seems to get stuck in front of TV screen at times. However, it seems that TV might leave same kind of energetic footprints in our pets than we (careless) humans often do.

Like I’ve said before: we need to be aware of our thoughts and feelings in their company!

But it seems that we might want to be careful what kind of  stuff we watch from the TV when our pets are in the same room.  Or at least we can explain them that it is fiction, not true, and everything is alright. Animals can get quite anxious or confused because of some TV programs.

(Well, some us still insist to watch the bad news… every morning, every day, every night… I quit watching news several years ago, because they are always so damn depressing and do not show the truth behind the illusions anyway. The real news is: life is magical! If you haven’t heard that before, now you heard it from me. :o)

In addition  Julie Rich tells us that animals have shown her “clips” from TV series or movies more than once in the middle of an animal communication consultation. They catch amazing things, every day, as they live by our side. Sometimes they do not understand and they get confused by the things they see. So, no wonder if behavioral problems occur, because they might have no one to talk to about these mysterious things they see and feel.

Animals are sensitive. And extremely psychic.

And we humans are also psychic, it is an innate ability in all of us, some of us just are more aware of it than others.

No matter what the word you use, psychic, intuitive, medium, whisperer…

I do not use “pet psychic” very often, because people who are new to these things always get scared. They think psychics are weird, spooky or crazy or at least definitely different than all the rest of the bunch. Well, they are not… I know enough of them to tell you that. (BTW: See an interview of “Aunt Julie” and Rae Ramsey in Village Voice in 2003.)

Please, do not be afraid of the word “psychic”.

It is the same thing if you were afraid of your own soul.

Now, where did I put that Kindle?