Remember: all species help one another


Dr. Laurie Moore‘s cat Jessie Justin Joy shares 111 messages to humanity in a cool Kindle book and even a few bonus messages. One little, big bonus message is #113:

“We work together— the cats, that is— when we work with you. Once again, you may trust us. We are troubled by anything in your consciousness that is not harmonious, such as disease, negative thoughts, and old memories that do not please you, for we know that you yearn to feel good and whole. Let all that go. Let the grace of Mother Earth and the angels above take all from you that is no longer meant to be. Let it be washed and cured and purified. Purge or simply release. Give it all back to the ethers to send to the light. You do not need karma. This is the age of instant karma release. Bodies have carried the karmas of living for a long time. Now it is time to easily let it go. Give it back to the one that can transform it. Let yourself remember that you are light. Let yourself become light. We will help to remind you to do so, and we will show you how. If something arrives in your consciousness that does not belong to you and does not delight you, just acknowledge that and let it float on, or suggest to it that it may return to the light. Remember that we are doing a massive cleaning on Earth right now, and who it all belongs to is irrelevant. Sometimes the purer beings feel more filthy during the cleanse that comes and goes so rapidly. Keep turning toward the joy and love and let everything else be cleaned and cleared through focus on love and through grace. The stars, moon, and sun will help, and you are all here to help each other.  All species help one another. “

Moore, Laurie ; Joy, Jessie Justin (2013-06-18). 111 Messages to Humanity: From Jessie Justin Joy, a Cat (Kindle Locations 479-491). Kindle Edition. 2013.

So, remember, when in doubt.

All species help one another, under the beautiful sun and the moon.

Nobody is here without a reason.

Everybody has a significant role in this time. (And in any time for that matter.)

We all carry a unique, special energy & knowledge in our DNA.

Everybody is important…

Every ant, every cat, every frog, every dog – every human being.

Even on the days when you do not feel important at all and everything feels blaah.

Then it is time to have some fun with your pet.

S/he helps you to remember what is important: the love you share with each other.

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