Drinking from the water cup is for sissies


Mr. Purri, my Sacred Birman, hardly ever drinks from the water cup I keep beside his food plates.

Neither did my late cat, Luciferia Luttuoso (ahem, Mr. Purri in his latest incarnation), when she was still on earth. (I was young and stupid and gave her unbelievably stupid name back then. I am so sorry for that. — When you are in your twenties and listen to AC/DC you think that a cat called “Lucifer(ia)”is something cool. – Gladly, I know better than that now. – And I thought it was a boy…! It was a she in the end. Boy, I got great lessons about cats from her.)

Or any other cat that I have ever seen.

They seem to look for adventure or challenge and rather drink from the floor tiles after shower, from the tap or rainwater outside.

Quite often cats drink from my water glass, on the table, preferably by sitting on the newspaper while I am reading it.

I’ve thought that maybe drinking from the most obvious place is boring,  maybe the water cup that is put for them in the kitchen is only for sissies


Jeanne Miller reveals the thoughts of one certain cat in her book Pet Chatter in the quote above.

It is fantastic news that Jeanne has published her second book this year, because I absolutely loved the first one, The Pet Psychic Diaries.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in these books for inquiring minds and hearts.

Enjoy them – it will be kind of an adventure for your soul this time – and you will look at your pet with a pair of brand new eyes afterwards.


One quote was posted earlier on Tailbook after I saw it in Jeanne’s blog.


Update: You can get both books as “The Pet Psychic Collection” in Kindle Store. (2.2.2014.)