If you want to communicate with animals yourself…

…you got it all installed inside you already.

What you probably have to do, is to update the innate software inside you. Basically, meditation is one of the best ways to begin and to clear your mind from the never-ending monologue you got in there.

If you keep on chatting with yourself, you are not able to hear and pick up the feelings, thoughts and impressions (=energies) around you! So, you can always begin by looking for the best way for you to meditate. (There are many kinds of ways to meditate: anything can become meditation practice, if you stay in this moment: never underestimate the power of now. For example, sometimes I love to meditate while washing the dishes or while sitting in the sauna in the candle light.) There is no right way or wrong way here – there is only the way that works for you.

You need to become more aware of the energies around you and find out, which ones come from yourself – and which ones from others. We are  multidimentional beings of light and extremely sensitive, so we are always picking up emotions from others, even when we are not very aware of it.

But we can learn to be more aware of the process.

Animals talk about the energies around them all the time.

One of the latest guides to animal communication that I have seen is a small Kindle e-book from Joyce Leake, the founder of Animal University,  but there is also one, a very good one, available for free.

Animal Communication e-book by Trish Scott (2007)

Trish Scott is one of the animal communicators, who is offering a free e-book about communicating with animals and nature. You can ask for a copy from her or read all the good stuff she has available on her new webpage.

I translated her e-book to Finnish and there are about 200+ excited people reading it in Finnish! That is fantastic! :o)

(Thank you, Trish.)

Finnish Edition (2013)
Finnish Edition (2013)

There are so many cool, brave souls out there, who dream about listening to animals!

About really listening to them and talking back.

The more aware we all become about the wisdom of animals, the better and more balanced this planet will be for us in the future.

We are in the same boat here, sailing the seas of limitless universe and all the love it has in store for us. We just need to open ourselves to it… We need to re-member the love and wisdom we are. (Animals are angels in fur and they are helping us a lot in this time to find the big moves we have hidden inside our hearts.)

Living from the heart is crucial.

We are not limited in any way – only our minds tend to set limits by dictating what is possible and what is not possible.

Mind you, everything is possible.

Think positive thoughts and see how the world (including you) around you changes.

Concentrating on the positive is the key – while practicing animal communication  and in everything else in life. The energy flows where the attention goes and we always get what we ask for. So think, before you think… ;o} The law of attraction is the most powerful universal law there is.

Animals talk about LOA quite often, too.

See what kind LOA pearls of wisdom  a horse said about healing on Facebook:

I was talking with a horse the other day who had undergone surgery a few days prior to our communication. I commented on how well he was doing. A human would probably still be laying in a bed or taking it easy in a recliner. He said, “We, (animals) do not usually give much energy to that which is uncomfortable or is displeasing. We try to stay focused on that which brings us pleasure or joy.” — Via PS Animal Communications on Facebook (Animal communicator and author Patty Summers).

healing horse quote

The horse obviously knows that concentrating on the positive triggers the optimal healing process – not the complaining.

So, don’t give up, don’t nag inside your head how difficult things are – or how difficult it is to listen to your heart (=informatio n from the web of love) – think how easy it is – and easier it will be.

We are natural animal communicators.

Repeat after me: I can communicate with animals!

Begin practicing today, if this is your dream.

And have fun while at it.

Joy opens the heart center better than anything else.