Bite this book!

Bite This Book: the book you read to your dog!

Animals often love to listen to a good story. 

Have you ever tried reading to your pets?

Many people choose to share their favorite stories with their animals, for example in Gentle Barn, where many rescued & abused animals begin their new lives, the volunteers read to the animals, just for fun or to help the animals to learn to trust humans once again. It is a good way to spend time together and it is often very healing experience, enjoyed by both parties, the human reader and the animal listener. In addition reading to animals can be a good way to gently nudge children to read books — and to spend some time with animals.

Since animals read us by seeing our emotions and thoughts like “motion pictures” in their mind’s eye, it helps if you visualize the text you read in your mind as well as you can. But don’t worry about it too much: you will notice soon enough that your pet is listening and enjoying him/herself – if s/he does not have any distractions.

It takes a quiet moment to read together — like books always do.

Bite this book is a book especially written for dogs, but the pictures are beautiful and people of all ages can enjoy it.

See their site, their page on Facebook and a review by a cat. The book has gotten only 5 star reviews on Amazon so far.

Animal communicator Pamela Marks says: “Bite this Book will help dogs feel more understood.

I think it is a big news in the world of our canine friends! Spread the woof!

Don’t be a stranger: share your experiences and share with us what kind of books you have read with your pet together!

Cats and horses seem to tell stories to each other, according to Cathy Seabrook. Cats mention the connection they have with horses in Cathy Seabrook’s book Kitty Stuff by Kitties:  “We revel in stories with horse and no other creature gets us as good on earth as they do. See how the barn is the perfect place to tell tales of glory and history and play, for horse has play all over his face and CAT and horse sync up and away we go into fantasy land inventing new play together, reliving old play in history, and making plans to take over the world with play.” — Seabrook, Cathy (2012-09-05). Kitty Stuff by Kitties (Animal Communication by Cathy Seabrook, D.V.M.) (Kindle Locations 1193-1197). Kindle Edition.

Update: Today BBC has filmed Juve and the author of Bite this book, Lony, for 3 and a half hours for a documentary!