Oohing and aahing

Animals never ask for pity from humans.

They only ask for love, respect & friendship.

Pity does not come from the place of love, it comes from a place that is much lower in vibration and lower vibrations always hit the energy bodies of animals like a truck. Try to remember that.

We respect our human friends, so we should respect our animal friends.

I have never been very good at “oohing and aahing” myself, so that’s why I wanted to share this little reminder about it from Joan Ranguet‘s book “Animal Communication 101”.


Saying “poor baby,” ooohhhhing and ahhhing in a sympathetic way seems innocuous at first, yet it’s unconsciously saying, “you are sick, you aren’t able.”

Ranquet, Joan (2012-02-02). Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals – Hear, Heal and Talk with Your Pets to Know What They’re Thinking FREE BONUS of Communication with all Life Guided Meditation (Kindle Locations 222-223). Communication with all Life University Press. Kindle Edition.

Animals deserve to be respected and they deserve to be listened to.

Intuitive animal communication is one way to respect animals: then we do not jump into conclusions anymore. (Generally, human assumptions about animals are rarely accurate.) (Remember what the cat said about  meeting/hunting other creatures: it is a blissful thinking… However, most of the people insist on calling cats cruel and evil because they “play” with their food while hunting. Well, they might play, yes, but both souls agree to play the game and it is always played in the highest possible love & respect for the other soul.)  When we communicate with animals, we do not need to make any assumptions about the state of their mind, body or soul; we listen to their opinions and accept them for the way they are – whether we like them or not.

Because sometimes animals say things that we do not want to hear – but if we want to see them as friends we have to learn to respect their opinions and let them be who they truly are,  without our judgements clouding their light that they came to shine here, on this precious planet.

That’s what we do with our human friends as well…

We love them, even if they have different opinions about life than we have, don’t we?  :o}

One way to stop (energetically very harmful)  oohing & aahing, is to begin to practice animal communication, with the help of these two books from Joan. (Her first book was “Communicating With All Life“.) Workbook (grey cover) gives you practical tools how to begin your journey. Journaling and meditation are two good ways to begin: they connect you with your unconscious and gently warm up your intuition muscles.

We are sensitive, intuitive beings.

We have always been…


I have a student that, in the course of a weekend workshop, said that every animal she talked to was ‘terrified’ or fearful. Two of the animals are mine and, I know for a fact, they were not terrified or fearful. I gently had the student look at some other possibilities and reminded her that she operates from a fight or flight place herself in her own personal life. Again, her “feelings” were getting in the way of a clear reading. Many of us are not even aware of our mental loops – the fact that we think the same thing over and over again and this is an unchanging pattern in our head.

Ranquet, Joan (2012-02-02). Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals – Hear, Heal and Talk with Your Pets to Know What They’re Thinking FREE BONUS of Communication with all Life Guided Meditation (Kindle Locations 307-312). Communication with all Life University Press. Kindle Edition.

The other day I thought to myself that one good way to notice, if the thoughts are coming from the animal or yourself, is to see if they are negative by nature. Animals hardly ever speak in a negative tone. If you get negative sensations & words, they might come from your own Ego and not from the heart center, where the intuitive interspecies connection truly happens.

Just like in life, also in animal communication, the Ego gets on the way… Try to drive over it – but do it with Love. :o)

There are many, many books about the subject out there and guides about “how to” communicate with animals.

(I share some links on Animal Communication Books on Facebook.)

But remember: all it takes to communicate with animals, is an open heart.

An open heart operates in the Web of Love and sees and hears everything that your physical eyes and Ego might miss.

Heart hits the target every time. (I know my intuition is always right – whenever I have the guts to trust it.)

No book on earth can help you to open your heart wide open, if you are not ready to open it… Do you think you are ready? And if not, why not?

Too much emotional clutter? Let the emotions come and let them also go…  It is safe to let them go – you are not your emotions.

And next time, when a cuteness overload hits you right between the eyes, say:

“What a precious, strong and wise being you are!”

” You are beautiful!”

“You can make it!”

“I love you!”

“A pleasure to meet you, will you be my friend?”

Instead of “Poor Baby!”

Be the positive energy you came here to be. Oohing and aahing & poor babying is not positive energy. It is not life supporting and it’s harmful for both: the sender and the receiver. It has no love in it, it is more like self-pity and animals never pity themselves. Never, because they know better how the energies behind the words & intentions work.

Sooo, if you have nothing positive to say (or think), then it is better to say (or think) nothing at all.

Silence IS golden.