Agreements of unconditional love



Let me show you the list of Pet Accords from Chapter Six, in Tricia Working’s book “The Fur Agreements”.


All these accords are discussed thoroughly in the book.

Needless to say, the reader will be profoundly touched by these texts.

This is one of the most beautiful animal communication books out there and it is not likely that you read it with dry eyes. ;o}

Just by counting all these accords with your heart you will see what I mean.


Tricia, the author of this book, says:

In receiving these Pet Accords, we are given knowledge of the roles that the animals have come here to fulfill on our behalf – knowledge for setting right some misconceptions, offering validation of what some have felt and known on an intuitive level about the animals, and clarifying the true purpose and role of the animals – those in our individual lives and those who inhabit the Earth whom we may only hear about.

Part 1


The Accords from the Animals  Who Act as Our Pets to Us  


“As your beloved pet, I agree:”


To love you unconditionally

To stand beside you always

To be the soft, safe, sacred space for your spirit

To always forgive you when you disappoint, hurt, forget, or abandon me

To understand your bigger picture

To heal your heart

To break your heart sometimes

To stay until my work is done

To honor your desires, even when wrong or harmful to me

To respect you as my companion, not my Master

To walk with you

To teach you to love and to have an open heart

To absorb your negative, harmful energy physically, emotionally, and psychically

To protect you

To guide you in the ways of relationship to Spirit

To assist you in awakening to your spiritual path when and if you are ready

To show you that there is no death

To return to you when and if necessary

To hold your dreams

To always listen to you

To comfort you when the world weighs you down

To show you possibilities

To find you when you are “Lost”

To never give up on you


Part 2


The Accords from Us to the Animals Who Act as Our Pets


“As your beloved human, I agree:”


To respect you as a sentient being with a soul, emotions, and a destiny

To provide for your care and safety

To do no intentional harm to you To communicate lovingness toward you

To honor your spirit

To be the home you can always find in spirit and in actions

To listen to you and consider your needs before my own

To honor your wishes during your transition

To be responsible for you, even in the face of inconvenience, frustration, or destruction of home and hearth

To recognize that mine is a lifelong commitment to you

To ask forgiveness when I in my imperfections cause you harm or distress

To always seek to understand you

To provide medical, psychological, and spiritual care for you as I would any member of my human family

To show compassion toward you

To look for the messages I am given by you

To protect you from harm, internal and external

To speak and act with kindness and lovingness toward you

To be open to your lessons meant for me

To see the Divine spark in you

To celebrate your life always

To be open to your love and relationship in all aspects

To be willing to raise my own consciousness through you

To keep my heart open always to you


Working, Tricia (2013-03-04). The Fur Agreements (Kindle Locations 1595-1628 & 1774-1815). Love Your Life Publishing. Kindle Edition.


Is it any wonder that we love our pets as much as we do?

They are our angels in disguise… deep inside our hearts we have always known that.


Do you think we are ever going to be able to return the favor to pets, collectively, as humanity?

And even if we were never able to, they still see only the goodness in us.

Never judging us. All is forgiven.


Big love, damn it. So big.


My heart still skips a beat every time I read this list through.

I can easily see all these accords in my cat’s eyes when he is waching me from the distance. (Because I have been way too long on the computer.)

Kumari Mullin, another animal communicator,  says this about Tricia Working’s book: “The Fur Agreements has clearly captured the depth and breadth of the Spiritual consciousness that flows so readily and so complellingly through our animal brethren. This important and powerful work calls us to a higher awareness and commitment, not just to our animals, but to ourselves, for as we glimpse life through the mirror of their loving eyes, we strive to embody the unconditional nature of their love and forgiveness.” — Kumari Mullin, Animal Mystic/Intuitive Healer.


By the way: Kumari is an amazing healer – both for pets & humans.

Me and Mr. Purri received a free energy healing from her in last month. It was such an amazing healing session that the socks were rolling in our feet.

The wool socks in my feet and all the four, white socks, in Mr. Purri’s paws.