Animals talk about dying in unhappy situations


Can you help us with feeling sad and mad about animals dying in unhappy situations around the world? 

Oh, we knew this would be here and we are empowered to help you in such a profound way now!!!

We know you have not felt this excitement in our story until this question, and this is the thing that will rock your world for you, here now in these words. Listen very carefully, and no, you do not get to skip to the last chapter…

We understand from our depth of deliverance from God, what is before us, in all things.

We understand our greatest contracts are in the perception needed for change related to anything, but especially to negative energies like sadness, cruelty and abuse, needless dying, tears, horrors – all of that.

We are so deep, deep, deep in our spirit in these things, having lived on the forefront for eternity with it. We know it exists, we know it is part of being animal.

We accept it from our deepest soul.   We accept it as being the thing that is the only thing ever negative in being animal.

If you can but see that the change is one we agree to, if you see us participating in this horror of situation, or cruelty, or death, and it is so far and away above in positivity for change, that the blip that is the cruelty moment is just a blip for us.

And knowing the benevolence of the true God, know that never ever is one iota of our being traumatised in the deliverance of the blow to physical or mental or emotional, for spirit looms so largely in the moment as to disembowel those things to us.

They are removed from our vision and our experience, as if they were wiped on a chalk board, then washed with water and polished – gone, gone, gone from memory, and never to be mentioned or given attention to from us again.

See it for message to the world to change how animals are treated, and to recognise our level of consciousness that in that moment is so much higher than the people in there with us.

This is what yanks your chains and rattles your boards, the difference in consciousness where the animal has superseded mankind.

Such a division in conscious recognition must shake you, for your inner beings know it is in such contradiction to what man is truly, at his core.

So see the horror that rattles your heart, as the thing that moves thousands and millions to do better.

Can you begin to imagine our completion at being involved in one iota of this transformation that brings mankind back to his trueness of being, to his brilliance of care and kindness and benevolence that is and always will be him?

We are there because we chose to be a part of a conception and perception so BIG it outrivals all space in eternity. You saw us, you felt the rift in consciousness, but then it grew from there, only because we agreed ahead of time to the dance in it.

We have choice, we have power, and we have such benevolence of heart and souls that we agree to the change in you, the personal you, in the perceiving of the rift.

This is the simplest way to explain our participation. Know that we agreed because the positive so enchanted us, the negative barely drew a glance from us, and God in his bigness, in his benevolence beyond benevolence, took anything horrific and cancelled it out, cancelled it permanently, so no memory, no experience was felt, or made, or endured.

It was a version of us so small, like a little bug no-see-um crawling on your arm for a brief moment, before your big God-like hand brushes it away.

This is truth in its deepest relevance here. And we know it has changed an energy in you, dear reader, for we feel it now ahead of time as it carves its way on the page.   Know we agreed, we barely noticed, and God made it all better. And now you have the answer that drew you here the strongest.

Seabrook, Cathy (2013-03-23). Survive Saying Goodbye To Your Pet (Animal Communication by Cathy Seabrook D.V.M.) (Kindle Locations 824-874).  Kindle Edition.


“This is what yanks your chains and rattles your boards, the difference in consciousness where the animal has superseded mankind. “


Consciousness of animals is much higher than ours – until we really begin to listen to our hearts instead of our minds (Egos).

Nothing more to add today.

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