Margrit Coates guides in animal communication & healing

This book is one of the books that can help You to hear animals. — To the question “Why talk with animals?” Margrit answers very well in her book: Communication is the best way to move from ignorance to wisdom.

Awakening to animals

I hear your voice

those silent whispers that nevertheless

are clear, loud and profound

I hear your love

which touches my heart with a soft kiss

whenever I am with you

I hear your soul

guide me as I walk through the maze

of ignorance and greed on planet Earth

I hear you as an equal

for I am nothing without the whole

and you are part of the miracle that is the Universe

I will hear you always

knowing how you hear me in your mind,

in your heart and in your soul

Margrit Coates

Coates, Margrit (2012-05-03). Communicating with Animals: How to tune into them intuitively (Kindle Locations 62-73).  Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

‘Margrit Coates is the world’s leading animal communicator and healer. Her TV and radio appearances include Pet Nation and Animal Roadshow (Animal Planet), and she is the author of such highly acclaimed books as Hands-on Healing for Pets, Angel Pets and Horses Talking.’

See also these two books: Connecting with Horses & Healing for Horses

Angel Pets is available in Italian as Piccoli Angeli (Kindle Edition). On iTunes.

Note that Margrit’s books are available on Google Play, to be downloaded to your nearest Android gadget.

You can find Margrit on Facebook as well. She posted in August that her guide to communicating with animals has just been published in Chinese. Good news! The book is available in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Happy to see the wisdom of animals spreading all over the globe.

It is magic that opens the hearts wherever it goes.