Remember Paul, the psychic octopus?

Janine Wilbraham (from Wales, UK) communicated with Paul The Octopus in her book “Can You Hear Me?“.


This book contains many communications from horses, but there are other animals also. Paul just might be the most famous of them all and here’s an excerpt from the book from this magnificent creature:

In September 2010, I was contacted by a man called Alexandre Philippe on email. He had read about me and thought I would be the ideal psychic to do a reading for an octopus called Paul as he and his team were making a documentary about him.

I must admit to being surprised (and it did cross my mind that it might be a hoax), but in no time at all I was speaking to Alexandre on the phone and arrangements were being made for the film-makers to come to my house to film me doing a reading for Paul. This was after speaking to my son Ashley, who informed me that Paul was indeed a psychic octopus who had correctly predicted the outcome of eight matches of the 2010 World Cup, including the final. I checked out Google and glanced at a little bit more about him before I stopped reading. I didn’t want what I’d read to influence me in any way.

After some delays, Alexandre and his cameraman arrived. They had come from America via a journey across Europe, including Germany, where Paul lived, and other various people in connection with the documentary. The living room was set up with lights and they opened up a picture of Paul on their laptop so that I could focus on it while doing reading. The filming started.

I had done communications before for birds and lizards but never an octopus. Tuning into Paul, I immediately received a series of emotions and feelings. All the time I was reading for him, he was communicating with me and sending me healing.

Paul explained to me that he was psychic – although as he wasn’t sure of the words, this was explained in feelings. He showed me the aura, and explained that he was able to read the energy from this. While he had absolutely no idea what football was, he knew when asked which team would win. He also told me he wasn’t the only octopus that could do this. And, after they had stopped filming, they told me that people in Germany were training another octopus to work psychically. They didn’t go into detail and I didn’t ask.

Patrik Stollarz / AFP / Getty Images
Patrik Stollarz / AFP / Getty Images

I asked Paul where he was born. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting him to name the place, but he did give me the description, and he showed me a white beach and warm seas. So I guessed he had come from somewhere in the southern Mediterranean, like Italy or Greece. I was asked to ask him if he would like to retire, and so I showed him as best I could what I meant. For his answer, Paul said he wanted just to relax now and enjoy the life he had left. From what he said I had the feeling that he would die sooner than he perhaps should. I asked him what he would like to make him happy and he gave me shellfish and said that he needed to procreate.

I then got an overwhelming feeling of sadness as I understood he was telling me that his life was ending. I tried hard to stop the tears from flowing – I was wearing my usual black eye make-up, not a good sight on film! I sent love and healing to Paul, and he sent love back to me. When I looked into his eyes in his photo it was as if he was a person, and to this day I cannot say what came over me.

I was asked to ask Paul other questions, but due to channelling the information I cannot remember what was said – only this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I asked him if he was happy, and he said he was. He liked the people doing the filming and said that one of them had put his hand in the water and he had wrapped his tentacle around it. Alexandre confirmed this, and also thought there was something special about Paul.

Paul asked if he could see me, and I replied that I would come in the New Year. Paul was unsure what I meant by the New Year, and once I’d managed to show him in my own way the concept of the time, he seemed sad and said it would be too late. I didn’t understand what he meant by this as he was only two years old and octopuses live to be three, and I had been invited over to Germany the next year to see him and be filmed with him.

Two weeks after the filming, Paul was dead. Sadly I never did get to meet him. He was right, time ran out. But I will always be thankful I was given the chance to speak to him. For people who doubt or find it difficult to understand how you can communicate with a creature from a totally different species, I would say this: remember that everything is energy and it is the energy they are giving off that I am reading. It does not have a language, it is universal. That is how we psychics read for people.

Was Paul psychic? I would have to answer a resounding yes. He was also very special. He told me that there were lots like him in the oceans who could do this, and we humans will one day believe it. I hope we believe sooner rather than later.

Wilbraham, Janine (2011-12-26). Can You Hear Me? The Psychic Animal Communicator. (Kindle Locations 887-928). Kindle Edition. 2011.


It is the same thing with animals, like it is with humans: some are more psychic (=tuned into the Web of Love) than others.

Basically, it is only a matter of choice.

If you choose to listen to your inner wisdom — or if you choose to follow it or ignore it. (I have done my share of ignoring it (my Heart) and now I am trying the other way around. Because this old way really s-u-c-k-s.)

We, just like any other living beings, are powerful, sensitive beings of light and nothing is impossible for us. And yup,  quite often animals are much more aware of this than we are. They never cut the cords of their precious heart with God/Source/Light completely, like we humans so often tend to do. For starters, we are quite trapped in our concept of time – even when the time does not even exist..

Obviously, the concept of time and the rest of the ignorance of man is something we have chosen to do collectively, as humanity. We are in the middle of a profound learning process here… I, for one, am not able to predict who wins this game: time or us, but I keep my thumbs up for humanity and raise my humble flag of Love here on Tailbook.

Many animals in this time come to support us and help us open our hearts, once again, and let the light of our souls pour in enlightening us after eons of oblivion, but just like humans, also animals are learning different life lessons on earth and some of them are more spiritual by nature than others. Some of them are here solely to learn more about humans. They can be just as curious about the ways of humans than we are about their ways.

It would be foolish to generalize. Animals are personalities and souls with all kinds of life missions, just like we are.

However, the lessons they give us, are lessons of love, they do not wish to make us learn the hard way. They teach about love, trust and faith. Faith in ourselves. We seek way too much for solutions from outside ourselves.

Anyway, it is great how Paul gave us a small glimpse of the future; Janine said in the end of the Paul chapter that according to Paul there are much more beings like him in the oceans and some day humans will believe.

Hopefully without fear this time. Fear is the way of the Ego, and love is the way of the Heart.

Paul lived/talked from the heart but many people reacted to him with fear, ignorance and/or laughter, when he was alive. Probably numerous people thought that he was/is ugly or “just an octopus”, hence not really worth even to look at, not to mention to listen to… so Paul was often bombarded with negative energy, and what many people really expected from him was to get more money because he could predict the winner of some football games. Obviously the film crew gave Paul a lot of joy and pleasure and I am impressed that Alexandre Philippe made the effort to document his life. Paul had a mission… mission of the heart and he surely had the guts to go for it.

When you finally get over the fact what he looks like physically (God/Source did not send Paul and the rest of the octopus bunch here to be ridiculed, hated or just for our entertainment), tune to him with all of your heart, maybe then you can also feel what Janine felt coming from him: love, wisdom, beauty, healing…

Heart is all we need, and that is all we seek, consciously or not. Keep on seeking!

Brave are the ones who admit that they are seeking for the wisdom of the heart… like all the animal communicators in the world.

Thanks to them, and especially Janine in Paul’s case.

Rest in peace, Paul, and thank you.

You are lovely.

I have no idea what the handshake with you feels like, but I know there is no reason to be afraid of you, or the other members of your species, or to hate you.

I choose to respect you as an important part of the Bigger Picture — without judging The Puzzle by the looks of one sole piece of it.

See the trailer of The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus on YouTube.