Cabbage and mole in the jungle of life

We listen to the Earth is refreshingly different animal and nature communication book, yet it carries powerful messages for the reader. The e-book is published by meditation school called Suseonjae. (They have other spiritual books as well.) They are urging us to listen to the messages from the earth, its animals and plants.

See this cool conversation with a cabbage and a mole about a sticky situation.



Cabbage & Mole speaking here.

In fact, many animal communicators can connect with plants & rocks as well, not only animals.

Never forget that the Web of Love has no limits whatsoever. It is all about Love and the silent (energetic) language of heart. Every living being is made of pure energy and the energy goes where the attention goes.

It is not a big deal.  Life IS simple, really. (Only our Egos like to get complicated & messy.)

The connection can take place in a split of a second when the intention to connect is made. And the fun part is that there is no room for lies in the energies of the Web of Love… When you talk straight from heart to heart the lies and complicated or empty explanations/excuses (Ego) simply fall away. That’s why I often say that ‘Spirituality is not for the faint of heart’. It takes balls to be honest in a world like this, where lies, excuses, deception and so on, are accepted widely, more or less on the grounds of economical motives in the spirit of making money, not love…

Alas, I am not saying that money is bad. It is not.

(It is pretty cool tool in one’s life and a big lesson for humanity.)

But if money is the only motive [even illusion, if you like (just like time)]  to do anything in life, without one thought given to love – your passions and inspirations – the soul “dies” and  your heart turns into a dry, (e)motionless raisin!

Been there, done that.

What about you?

Have you any idea why you do the things you do on a daily basis? Do you love what you do?

It is a jungle when you step into those ideas in your head heart.

And you are all alone there. You are the Key, so to speak.

And there might be a place in there, where the cabbage and the mole speak to you…

Can you handle it?