Patiently purposeless on purpose

I remembered the story of Samhain the cat the other day. I saw the story on animal communicator Kazuko Tao‘s page years ago and translated it also to Finnish back then for other people to read who are wishing to hear about the wisdom of animals in Finland.

My role as an advocate for the intuitive interspecies communication has lasted  for 5 years now. It is so very dear subject to me and I do feel “alive” every time I am spreading the awareness about animals and their role on this planet, in these exciting (understatement of the year) times that we are living right now.

However, I have struggled with my personal life purpose recently in my mind & heart.

I have been unable to make the choices that crave to be made.

I do not consult mediums about my life purpose very often – I know my life is exactly what I make of it, because the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and we create everything with our intentions, the good, the bad, the ugly and especially the beauty. — The universe does not really give a shite whether our intentions are positive or negative – they materialize nevertheless. So by whining we get more what we whine about, and by counting our blessing we get more that we are grateful for… It’s simple as that but not as easy as it sounds like, if you have lived as a human being on Earth for decades.

I can tell you that much.  The theory of LOA is simple, but I am not saying that it is easy for everyone to grasp in practice.

But anyway, even though I hate to ask for “help” and try to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies dictated by others, I got desperate enough and consulted fantastic woman from Australia, Elizabeth Peru, and heard from her, among other things, that I have lived a previous life as a Buddhist.

Maybe my adventures as a “peace maker” continue in this life. I sure believe the animals are the true peace makers in this time and will show us what unconditional love truly is – not humans (hell no) – so I crave for a soul fulfilling purpose and a chance to work by their side. I believe in the power of love, compassion & forgiveness and those only. There is no power in fighting against something, not even in the name of “good” or “God”, because whatever you fight against, you will get more of.

That’s the law of attraction. You only give more energy to the thing that you are fighting against.

Concentrate on the positive, that is the way to make change happen.

Animals are always positive. They do not dwell in fear, revenge, destruction or war against each other.

They love nature and silence. That is a big Plus. I will always choose animals over humans.

So, why on earth did I choose this planet? There are 7 billion humans here! Not good.

sacred birman yawn

In addition I have been without a pet for 15 years. (I have no idea why.) (Well, yeah I do. I lost one and it hurt way too much.) But that status changed last year.

Exactly one year ago, when Mr. Purri, my Sacred Birman suddenly moved to my cave, he told me via medium friend(s) that he has waited for us to meet again for thousands of years – implying that we’ve met in ancient Egypt, in a cat temple of all the places.

I had no reason to doubt him, he came to me in such a powerful way, with only 12 hours or so notice and I felt deep heart connection with him from the moment our eyes met (via photo) and he still makes me easily laugh or cry, simply with his intense eyes when he sends me his cat energy by staring at me. And he stares me a lot. He said that he would.

He is a cat master, in every sense of the word; a retired super model, who is filling my life with love and joy in ways that no human ever could… His wisdom is yet to come, since even though he is one of the most verbal cats I’ve ever seen (=heard), he has not confided with me with the help of animal communication – not yet.

He is a mystery to me.

I am a bloody mystery to myself.

I have no idea at the moment how to unveil these two mysteries.

Fortunately, my mystery man, who decided to spend six years on earth, patiently waiting for me to find him – right after he had been waiting on the other side of the veil for eons – is with me. There is no better teacher in patience and love than he is.  I kind of hoped he would help me to find my purpose, and maybe he will, eventually.


Such a magnificent stories the animals in our lives have to tell, so many lives we have shared together, in different times and different bodies… It is a shame that we do not remember our previous lives. We would be much wiser, indeed. We could shake the gravity of karma from our cells and DNA immediately and just – move on.

Thank god for animal communicators and other intuitives who can enlighten us about – modern or ancient – stories of animal wisdom, and lighten up our paths a little in this fickle moment of now. I salute every one of them. Life would be pretty dull without them. They show us where the magic lies. It lies inside all of us – we are just not aware of it – yet.

Patience… is a swear word.

What it comes to me and my path, no matter how much I crave to see the purpose in all the things in my life – or the lack of them – I still feel that this is something I have to find out for myself. Nobody else can help me to find what I came here to be. Or what my cat came here to be. Sometimes the biggest lesson and support animals can offer us is simply l-o-v-e. (I know I have lapful of that – it is asleep on top of my book shelf at the moment.)

How come I am not able to communicate with animals myself, one might ask. (I ask that regularly from myself. I am 150% believer of this thing, after all.)

The time is not ripe for me yet. My third eye is in the process of opening, but maybe I am still blocking it myself with my limited beliefs concerning my gifts. Trusting yourself and trusting what you get is everything in animal communication.  So, you can say that the reason why I am not communicating with animals intuitively right now, is me.

I know I am going to communicate with animals some day. I hope it will be big part of my path & purpose.

So one more time: patience.

When I do, I will ask Mr. Purri why he is here with me. As a love & purring machine, or as a guide or a teacher or an angel — although I think I know the answer to all those questions already. But I will ask anyway, just for the heck of it.

Sometimes I also wonder what kind of blessings (or curses) I have in my baggage from the previous lives.

There are at least 3 of them that I know of, and probably dozens that I do not know of.

Maybe that is a good thing.

Life is here and now, no matter how purposeless it some days might feel like.