Jumping into conclusions is not fair


Animal communicator Reisa Stone commented on my post yesterday on Facebook.

Well, she has a point there by saying that the goat who got injured (years ago) should have been taken to the vet instead of just “watching him” for a few days.

Like Reisa, I admit that I have also noticed, to my amazement, how lightly people tend to make conclusions and assumptions about the state of their pets every day, even many times a day – and never ask from the animal itself how s/he truly feels.

Needless to say, humans tend to make BIG assumptions and conclusions about their fellow humans or neighbors as well… Usually wrong ones.

It is a “human nature”, we say, but it is a lousy explanation in my opinion.

Human nature or not: it is state that is disconnected from The Heart.

The subtle truth  we so eagerly seek for and think that we “know” can be seen, felt or heard only in the heart.

There is a spiritual reason, therefore a solution, for everything that ever happens on a material plane.

If we make assumptions. solely in our minds, instead of listening to our hearts, we easily ignore the most powerful law in the Universe = Love.

Love always works in mysterious ways…

This is something I could talk about for a long time.

But let’s get back to animals.

If we just took the effort to be silent – for once – to listen to the animals in our life, with open hearts and minds, we could know so much more about them and their state of mind, body and soul. We know our pets well, because we have lived with them for years. We can communicate with them, if we want to, and there are  many tools we can use for help: tarot cards, pendulums and so on, if we are not able to consult animal communicator or medium or other kinds of (medical) intuitives out there.

The vet is naturally the first step we all want to take if we ever doubt there might be a physical trauma in our pet.

It is quite arrogant from humans just to decide that the “animal is okay” if s/he shows no visible trauma in his or her body.

Animals are very good at hiding their illnesses. It is kind of a survival instinct to them.

In addition, numerous animal communicators have reported that animals hide their pains and diseases from their humans, often because  they do not like to worry their humans or because they hate to go to the vet.

So, it might get tricky sometimes…

But whatever the case, it is not fair to make assumptions about animals without asking themselves first.

I hope in the future, when humanity finally grows up, we could ask from animals whenever we build roads, buildings or parks – in addition to the simple questions: How Are You? We need their opinions and visions in order to live in harmony. The road of arrogance, fear and ignorance towards our fellow beings on this planet can not go on forever. We are One, and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Simple as that.

Animals do have the answer to all of our inquiries. And they are willing to share it with us. We just need to ask and be open to receive.

The goat in yesterday’s book excerpt had been emotionally traumatized because of his injury for years. He might have had severe pains. However, he probably felt better and was finally able to begin to heal himself after he was able to share his thoughts with his humans and the animal communicator, who was available at the time. He was probably able to let go of the emotional pain finally, and that is the beginning of every healing process.

Animals have a very good memory and every incident, trauma or injury leaves an imprint in their emotional body. (Hello, the same goes for humans as well!) And as all the energy workers know, emotional body is where the illness begins. Emotional body, or our light body, might be “invisible and untouchable energy” for most of us, but nevertheless, it is there and it is crucial part of us. It is pure arrogance to ignore it just because it is “invisible”. (Love is invisible. Yet all of us can feel it in our hearts, easily.) Many illnesses can be seen – or felt – in emotional body years before they actually manifest in the physical body.

Reiki is a good way to balance unbalanced state of emotional body. Emotional wounds can be healed with reiki relatively easily what it comes to animals. In cases when you have made sure your animal has no physical problems. but still seems to suffer from a traumatized mind, reiki is one of the best ways to help him/her. Animals accept the healing energy in an instant. They are the best, the most grateful and the most graceful healees I have ever met.

They are simply brilliant! I love to practice reiki on animals.

You can see many amazing stories about reiki and animals for example in books like “Animal Reiki” and “Reiki for Dogs“.

Whenever my cat gets scared (of loud noises, etc.) I offer him a little energy healing session or give him a chance to balance his energy with the help of crystals or Rescue Remedy. All these methods are gentle, easy and natural ways to help animals to balance their energy systems. (Plus I always explain to my cat what is going on (with the loud noises, etc.) and tell him that all is well, you are safe.)

Like I have said earlier, animals are natural healers, but they are very good at healing themselves, if we give them a chance to do so and respect their ability to follow their inner guidance. Sometimes just a gentle nudge is needed.

It is said that all the answers we ever seek in life can be found inside us.

This is something animals know…

…when humans still make wild guesses.


Listen to your intuition – listen to your animals!

Make it a new habit.

Talk to them:

Good morning, Gentle Paws! (Listen to his/her answer.)

How are you today? (Listen.) (Wait if you have any sensations in your body that s/he is sending you.)

Do you like this food? (Listen.)

Would you like to sleep here, or there? (Listen.)

Would you like to wear a coat when we go outside? (Listen carefully. Most animals simply hate clothes. Alas, not all! L-i-s-t-e-n silently.)

Good night, Dearest Dog! (Listen to his/her answer.) (It is there. It always is.)

And… even if you do not hear the answers in the beginning, the very gesture of asking these questions show them that you have respect for them.

Respect is what animals (nature) ask from humanity. There was a time when we had a great respect for nature. We can do it again.

The change to that direction begins from your Home and your Heart.