The Daisy Sutra


I know my life changed when I learned about animal communication.

But not immediately.

I have a thick head.

I read my first book about it when I was 20 something and have to admit that I was too young and too foolish to let it sink deeper in that moment of time. I was more like staring at my late cat suspiciously for couple of weeks and wondering what the hell was she thinking.

Yeah. I know.

I love the fact that animals accept us with all our flaws and gigantic stupidities…

But then I got over it and forgot all about it.

Couple of decades later I was introduced with the theme once again and when the wisdom of animals really sank into my heart, I was a sold cave woman. I had lost my cat more than a decade before, so my reason to fully dive into the world of animal communication was not pet loss per se, like it often is; because the pain of losing a  pet is so huge that it leads to asking questions, and more questions and even more questions.

(Well, we did have one question for our family dog couple of years ago, and her communication session was a big thing for all of us.)

Author and translator Helen Weaver has written a book about the messages from her dog, before and after she made her transition to Dog Heaven. This might be a good read… The book was actually published in 2001 but I just saw it for the first time online.

Better late than never….

Before I order the book online, I insert here what Penelope Smith, one of the first professional animal communicators says about the book: “The Daisy Sutra is a deep and touching story of the soul bond of a human being and her dog through death and beyond. How the author discovers that we can communicate with each other, no matter what our species form, opens a gateway for us all to a richer, feeling experience of our life on Earth.” Penelope Smith, animal communicator and author of Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication .

The Daisy Sutra: paperback on Amazon and Book Depository. Also Spanish Edition on Amazon.

Frankly, my heart flies on the sky as happy as an eagle every time I find a book about animal wisdom.

book dwelling

May your heart find the answers it seeks this weekend.

If it doesn’t, you can always read a good book while killing time on this weird planet/dimension, where things sometimes sink in veeery slooowly.