Going to the dogs, I hear


Going to the Dogs – An incredible True Story is a book written by M. Louise Heydt.

The best part, from the viewpoint of ‘Tailbook’ is, that the marvelous Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield is also in this book, and doing exactly what she is so good at: talking with animals (dogs & horse in this case).

I have watched Laura and her work for years and she is making a huge difference in the world, so I can say that I highly recommend this book for all animal (dog) lovers – even before I have read it – because I know Laura is so very good at what she is doing. — Maybe not better than any other animal communicator out there – they are all good – but I like Laura’s style a lot and she just happens to be on the pulse of the Internet, so to speak, in places where I like to hang out, like for example The Instagram and Facebook or Twitter.

[I listened to Laura only yesterday on Pet Psychic Radio; in their latest show, because there was an extremely interesting story of a cat called Twig, who is bringing sticks inside, even many times a day, and the reason why he was doing that was quite unusual (from the viewpoint of human, naturally) (from the viewpoint of cat’s instincts/memory it was the most natural thing to do). (Twig’s part in the show begins @ 14 minutes; if you are an anxious cat person and not able to listen to the whole show. :o)  Check it out!

Another program that you can listen to  (if you are a radio person) is The Real Dr. Doolittle Show™ where an animal communicator Val Heart interviewed Louise, the author of Going to the Dogs.

I admit that I am not a radio person.

Just between You and Me: I don’t like radios, really.

I ♥ books .

So I’ll add ‘Going to the Dogs‘ to my wish list and maybe I get it for Christmas this year.

*Adding it to the list I send to Santa.*