Well put, Miss Puss and friends


I bumped happily into Untamed Voices, a book full of magnificent messages from animals,  written by animal communicator Debbie McGillivray and Sue Steffens.

Hilariously so, there Miss Puss said, what I tried to say earlier this week, with just a few words.

Her words of wisdom, with the words from many other animals, can be heard in Untamed Voices: If you listen… They will speak (Volume I). The title is inviting and leads us to the world of many big cats, but there are other animals in the book as well, from various animal sanctuaries.

It is one of the most fascinating animal communication books that I have come across this year.

You can get Kindle Edition or paperback from Amazon. (A portion of the proceeds from every book sale will be donated back to the animals.)  Book Depository has a great offer, too.

Note that Debbie is the author of Complete Idiot’s Guide To Pet Psychic Communication.

Zena said some very big (cat) words about love that caught my eye:


Love is tricky for human consciousness to grasp… That is something animals tell us all over again.

Kazuma, the cover boy, (rescued lion) says:

“Humans have a great capacity to love, animals have a great capacity to forgive. Humans can join together for something they love and miracles happen. I am an example of this. All too often humans think that to love too much shows weakness when in reality it shows great strength.”

To me it seems that love, in human case, has so many rules and labels on it, that the core of the thing itself gets easily forgotten.

It is the same thing with Christmas. Nobody remembers The Idea…

(I have Christmas on my mind this week, don’t I?)

Animals love and forgive, where we humans are barely able to love.

Yo, I notice that also in myself, so make no mistake about it: I am not here to point my finger at you. Me, I’m not big on love. My family has always loathed love. It was something never shown, talked or even whispered about. It takes a lifetime to learn how important love really is after a lesson like that. But I lived to tell and I “found” the best love guides on earth: animals. The reason why I am here are the animals, not my family, even though I learned many other lessons from them. It was not all in vain… all the pain in the ass. ;o} I’m sure many (spiritually oriented or not) people agree with this when they think about their own Chosen Family.

Thankfully, animals can be teachers, guides and/or healers on our side as our epic spiritual evolution continues, both individually and as a humanity — hopefully it does (briskly) continue.

I think we have been cave men and cave women  long enough.

Maybe we get Volume II of this great book to help, when we are finally ready to shed our fox or deer skins or whatever (fake) skins we are wearing…. By the way, it was Benny who said that he wants to see humans walking naked:


Benny was actually the brain (or George Clooney) behind the book, says Debbie in her Behind the scenes post.

As always, super dooper animal wisdom!