Teresa Wagner: Conversations with whales vs. one way psychic readings or archetypes

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Some good reminders once again how humans draw empty conclusions when they are not truly listening to their hearts. (I have written about this a lot lately.) It is easy to make assumptions on the grounds of what other people talk about, but it takes guts to listen to the heart – or the gut feeling. What it comes to whales as “keepers of the earth’s wisdom” I always thought that we all do it in our own way and we all are equally sacred a-n-d important. We are also personalities and different souls having different experiences/lessons, so it is not fair to generalize. No race, no species, no gender can be better than another. Different: yes. Difference is fun and that’s what the Earth is all about. Big, crazy, diversity. –Lea, Tailbook.

Help! I'm Sensitive!

Our last guest post-er for Animal Communication Month is Teresa Wagner, one of my animal communication mentors, who is passionate about being a voice for the whales and wants to share this very important lesson.


Whales seem to speak a form of consciousness we are beginning to re-explore in our own inner natures. They help us chart our interior wilderness. We can hear whales singing. If we pay attention and let them live, perhaps we will hear them speak, in their own accents, their own language. It would be an extravagant reward to experience, by empathy, a different band of reality. ~ Joan McIntyre, Mind in the Waters

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The “extravagant reward” is available to us all! Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Penelope Smith and those who followed her, many, many humans have remembered their natural telepathic abilities to speak with animals. I have been talking with whales for over…

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