Animals and crystal healing

The sun is not what it used to be on these latitudes.

The nights get longer and the days, well, they get shorter.

It is time to raise your eyes to the starry sky and the full moon (and sometimes to the faint and shy lines of aurora borealis can be seen, however, the best aurora borealis possibilites lie in Lapland – and that is hundreds of miles away from me. Which is good. Lapland is a cold place. Beautiful, but cold.)


As the fall deepens I turn to crystals for light.

I have boldly slept with crystals all over my bed for years and I am in the process of learning to know them better, because I just simply love them and their magic & beauty and find it an important fact that animals (and plants) enjoy the energies of crystals just as much as we humans do in our homes. Especially cats, who always work their energy work in mysterious ways in our homes (and gardens), find crystals very beneficial to them and their surroundings. (Attach the crystal to your pet’s collar or leash in a way that s/he is not able to swallow it: some of the crystals are toxic when eaten. There are useful lists online where you can check if the crystal is toxic, before you, for example, charge drinking water with it.) If the stone is toxic or you are not sure about it, put it beside the water jar to charge it and use your intention to energize the water. The water will know what to do, because water reacts to different energies & thoughts immediately.

crystals for animals

I have sought for advice from Nicole Lanning’s book “Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips and Techniques for Animal Companions for quite a while when practicing healing on animals. (There is another book as well “Crystal Healing for Animals“.) (More about Nicole you can find from and they are also on Facebook, sharing a lot of interesting stuff about energy healing.)

I know that books do not tell everything about crystals, the best advice to working with them, is to listen to your intuition and just grab the one that feels right. That is the basic way, and it works… but books are good to have around, for the rainy days, when the intuition seems to let you down.

It happens.


I find it fascinating that many people are able to connect with crystals (they have consciousness as well), just like they are able to connect with animals and plants.

Animal – and crystal – communicator Nancy Windheart says:

‘ I communicate telepathically with crystals in much the same way as I communicate with animals, plants, nature spirits, and the many other beings in our world—as sentient beings, with consciousness, wisdom, awareness, and individuality. In this way, the crystals themselves have taught me the most—who they are, what they are here for, what energy they carry, what they can best help with, and how to use them. This has been a fascinating journey for me, taking me beyond what is available in any book and helping me to realize the tremendous beauty, flexibility, and power of our crystal and mineral friends. ‘ Read the whole article over Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

BTW, Hibiscus Moon is sharing a lot of fun stuff about crystals on Facebook & Twitter.

I find her to be one of those sparkly people, who are not afraid to follow their bliss…

Thumbs up for all, who are not afraid to follow their bliss.

That’s the way to live.

But first you have to know what IS your bliss…

I try to find mine before I freeze my ass this winter.

And if I don’t, at least I have lots of frozen water crystals to play with.