When is she going to hit me?

Animal communicator Claudia Hehr tells many animal stories in these two  videos.

One of them is especially enlightening, at 10:44 (Part One). A dog who had been severely abused for the first six months of his life, was actually, in his new home, after one and a half years, still wondering: “When is she going to hit me?“.

So, if you rescue a dog with a history as bad like this dog had, talk to him or her very clearly and explain how things are now, in this new – forever home – and how nobody is not going to hit him or her anymore. Explain everything that s/he needs to know about his or her new situation.

They change in an instant and they never dwell in their history after that. From that moment on, all is love, and love only. (Well, there are cases, like we heard in The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine, issue 3, where a dog still had nightmares about her previous experiences – even when she was living with an animal communicator! – but that is understandable. We humans have nightmares, too. They are sometimes part of the healing process.)

Folks, talk to your animals. Make them part of your whole life and always let them know what is happening, so they do not need to live in fear or expect big surprises every day.

You do not need an animal communicator to talk to your pet.

It is the receiving messages from animals part what most of us need the services of animal communicators for… ;o}

Talk clearly to animals, like you were talking to another human being. Try to make an eye contact, too, if possible.

Not baby language, please. That is just plain confusing and very confusing energy in general for animals.

They read our energy and the more clearer & calmer we are, the clearer the message sent to them is.

It is magic. Very practical magic and we all are able to do it.